Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Its 10pm people. Lines are now closed.
Who have you sent home this week?

Did you guys come out of your shells and support talent, or will the whole 'popularity' index still reign?

Bottom line - did Singapore make the right choice?
(funnily enough, since the show is totally based on votes, ideally whatever the choice is, it should always be 'right' right? Since its totally democratic :))
Lets keep watching to find out!

Who will be joining Syltra (who has now been reduced to a 'cut out' white blob in the picture - for lack of more er, 'skilled' picture editing on my part. Sorry girl!)?

Keep checkin' my tweets/pics from the studio at Caldecott Hill. I'll be following the Idols on to keycheck thereafter. See y'all later!

xoxo, s.

ps. fyi, i'm tweeting from my mobile, so I don't get to see your 'reply' tweets til I get sorry can't interact :P


  1. Justin did NOT deserve to go. He's a great singer.

    This is what he would have sung if he made it through to the Top 11:

  2. hmm..

    personally i feel justin, albeit a great singer, was one of the weaker ones of the bunch..

    but im just surprised that there wasnt even a mention of the "Judges Save" when he was eliminated.

    dunno if its hindsight on gurmits part or producers told him to leave it out due to shortage of time? in any case i feel that it was abit rude.

  3. the save can be used once - it's obvious that the judges already have their own favourites - whom they are waiting to save or have reserved the save for.

  4. Although I'm rooting for a female idol win, I can't deny having gut feelings that the judges will only use the save on some of the female contestants as this year, they are in favour of a female to win. Honestly, the favourism shown towards the female contenders was so obvious that I wouldn't be surprised if the votes were fixed so that Justin would leave sooner than Malaque - he was never in their books to win (remember the judges' harsh comments). To be honest, if I am the judge, I probably think he should study medicine and become a doctor - a profession that can substain his living and feed his family and even grandchildren - whereas as a singapore idol, the post idol success isn't very certain. And moreover, to constantly keep up to the game as an ever-appealing singer is a very difficult profession. There are many talented singers who even have problems making their careers last - as the record company will expect their albums to meet their sales projections - otherwise they will drop the singer. Most of the time, a singer gets his/her full-time income through organising gigs (getting sponsors) and travelling to places (or based at different pubs to sing) - as much as singing is one's passion, it can never offer the financial security a doctor profession can bring. Most people tend to sing part-time (just like artists).

    I like Justin's personality - as much as I miss him and really think he shouldn't be eliminated, I have to think on the bright side that winning SI is not necessary a good plan - while the show can provides one exposure and some fame but to substain the post idol success can be a tough thing. A singer who is popular for a few years, can fade or be forgotten when another new appealing singer emerges.

  5. Hey Summerr, I would like you to delete my post. Although that was how I truly felt, I realise that it's not appropriate to mention here. To be frank, I feel sad that Justin left the competition earlier than I expected - he seems like a very nice guy and can sing though he may not have the idol look (and somehow, I was confident that he has more fans and hence I thought he would have got alot of votes.) So, I think his elimination was really a shock to me. But to look at the bright side of things, I am glad for him that he has the option to study medicine and sing part-time for some gigs. Again, sorry for my earlier post which suggested about the judges' obvious show of favouritism. I might be wrong, even though I sense it. Well, I am happy to move on and look forward to watching my favourite performs next week. Perhaps you can edit or delete the part where I mentioned the judges' favouritism thingy.

  6. to laura:
    actually wad u say is not wrong; the judges favouritism is super obvious. i also quite sad justin have to leave the show so soon. and they also never ask if the judges wan 2 save him so i think is quite unfair to him. my whole family supports him alot when he sings but i guess he haf a better future even without winning singapore idol. be doctor is better la. singapore need more gd lking doctors who can also sing like justin.

  7. To the Anonymous above, I appreciate your positive feedback to my sincere opinion, and that you understood my point. The way how Singapore run the Idol franchise has been disappointing in my opinion. While I favour a female to win, but I still feel that the show needs to reflect more professionalism and transparency - and I don't think they have addressed really well. As I understand that Summerr works voluntarily for Mediacorp in updating us with her blog, I afraid my comments might upset her when I questioned the transparency of the show and the voting results. Aside from that, the post idol success of Taufik (whom I believe is a deserving winner) seems more limited as compared to that of Kelly Clarkson's) - some of my overseas friends (including Americans and Brits) expected him to go far (but was surprised that he got more involved as a spokeman endorsing 7-11 and well-known brands). No doubt that Taufik has also cut some albums but this took quite a long time after he won SI. While he enjoyed some success but it was modest as compared to American Idol winners. I can only think it's unfortunate being a Singaporean (while we've many talented local musicians, it's still tough for them to penetrate the western markets) and in Singapore where the market for English songs is small. A book distributor has enlightened me that the reason why Singaporean books/works/music tend not to meet the demand of the western market well - is because our demand for their music is already strong and also because they have already been aggressively marketing their music to us. If we buy more of our local music or works and buy less of theirs, this may help in the long run in boasting the demand for our local talents.

  8. wahlaoeh, 3rd time posting this reply - am running out of steam. sigh. for some reason after i submit my comment it doesnt show *bleah*

    hey laura, dont worry am not upset, i think your comments are constructive, objective and not totally unfounded.
    the judges do have their favourites and I know they only do so because they have the show's best interests at heart - and singapore's music industry's too.

    as for taufik, wel he's been focusing on the malay market so perhaps thats why it looks like he's disappeared? but actually he's churned out a few prtety good malay albums, all with chart topping singles. He's also been nominated at the malay grammys consistently (anugerah planet muzik) and also at the mtv asia awards.

    i totally agree w your book distributor friend about the whole demand thing. And its disheartening. What to do...hopefully more platforms like idol will emerge and the arts and creative scenes will grow and more local talent will be recognised. I have hope la. can't giev up right?

    I'm generally an idealist - so I always hold out hope that things will get better and ppl who deserve credit will get that credit and recognition in due course ;)

    in the meantime, lets support our idols! :)

    thanks for the comments Laura, let me know if you still wanna remove your first comment, although i think you don't have to - its fine :)


  9. Hey Summerr, your nice reply makes my day :) Thank you so much for allowing me to voice out my sincere thoughts. Honestly, I would prefer to leave my first comment intact here.

    Like you, I am also an idealist and still hoping that more of our talents to shine like "Corrinne May" - who is able to penetrate the western music market - she is a great inspiration to me :) I guess she is also a bilingual singer. Another girl Daphne Khoo (past Singapore Idol) is very promising. Lets hope more of our local talents will be famous in the world soon...

    Have a good day Summerr, thanks so much for your excellent work did on your lovely blog.