Tuesday, September 29, 2009

More random vids from Keycheck

NOTE : I prepared this post yesterday afternoon, but it took FOREVER to upload the vids, so here it finally is more than 24 hours later pfft.....

Last week at Keycheck after the show, I got some vids of the guys singing the songs that they're planning to sing for this week - then I ran outta batt!

So here's the 2 vids of Airi I recorded before my cam died and Mae's reaction to finally getting to sing her #1 song choice :) Enjoy.

Its a hot and lazy monday afternoon - I am sans babysitters today, so won't get to join the Idols at their choreo session today though :(

They've been at mediacorp all day for radio interviews, wardrobe imaging (this is where they sort out what they will be wearing on Idol Day) and later choreo with Zaki @ 5pm.
Group song this week

Iz is with them (all day every day :)), so look out for his tweets and pics here.

xoxo, s.

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