Thursday, September 24, 2009

Singapore : What Have You Done?

*What to expect in this post - I rant and ramble a little, make an appeal, then calm down and post videos. But you gotta read the rant first*

I mean, seriously, Syltra's out?! ....What?!

If you think I've gone deaf, don't worry, I haven't. My incredulous tone refers to Syltra's shocking exit on last night's show.

In my opinion, she was one of the best voices and musicians on the show.

What is UP Singapore? Are you not interested in Idol anymore? Do you not care anymore? Why aren't you all picking up the phone and voting? How could you let THIS one go? tsk to you.

I'm not talking about your average tween girl here, we KNOW these girls are voting.
I'm talking about everyone else who watches the show.

Don't forget Singapore, Idol is not worth watching if WE don't contribute. WE are the ones who make the decisions - not the judges (they only get ONE measly save), not even the producers (they just select camera angles and assign voting numbers).

WE are the ones who DIRECTLY affect the musical quality of the show. WE, THE VOTERS are DIRECTLY responsible for keeping the TALENT on the show.

First season, Jeassea K. Thyidor. Need I say more?
I geddit, most people assumed she would get votes - she was the total package, and so everyone worked to save the others. I get it. Stupid mistake. New to the show bla bla bla.

Singapore,..... how come you never learn wan ah?

Syltra was already a Judges' Save. Which means the votes weren't enough to put her through. Doesn't that tell you something? She needed your votes.

At the rate this is going, we'll be down to just the boys in 6 weeks. I can't bear to watch. Mae, Tabby, Sylvia, Amira, Nurul and Malaque are just waiting to be cut. Not that the boys aren't talented, they are. Its just that, I want to see a fair fight. (Ok, I can hear some of you say, 'fair' doesn't figure in this kind of competition.)

I'm sure Idol's viewers aren't just 14 year olds with so much allowance money it puts my grocery budget to shame, right? If you're at home watching, please, please, please, if you enjoy the show or any of the performances, please vote to show them your support and help them achieve their dreams.

Singapore Idol is such an amazing platform for local music, but it will soon become a laughing stock and a farce if this wonky voting continues. Don't let that happen.

The Straits Times lambasted the show even before auditions began and now it looks like people are just following that sentiment blindly without giving it much thought. I took issue with that because I think those 'Idol-trashing' articles were driven more by media rivalry and politics, than based on the actual show.

For all the 'rigging' people think happens on the show (and there really isn't any, they sing, you vote, results are audited, how to rig?), no one can deny that the 'Idol' brand name and the nature of the show makes the winner (as well as most of the Top 13) household names within a very short period of time.

Say what you want about Taufik and Hady, at least people KNOW who they are. Unless you're a fan of the other singing reality shows, can you even remember the winners' names? Where are THEY?

I believe in this show. Yes I'm obviously a fan. But that aside, I genuinely feel that the kind of exposure this show gives these aspiring singers is just priceless.

If you love music, if you think that young people should pursue their dreams, and/or if you watch the show and enjoy it, please please vote and make a difference in these talented young people's lives.

We did it twice before with Taufik and Hady, we voted right, we churned out talent, we can do it again.

Say it with me...Girl Idol.
Say it. Believe it. VOTE FOR IT.

To Syltra, be seein' you soon k. I totally believe in your talent, go out there and do a 'Daughtry'! I know you can! Like Gurms says it may be the end of your journey here on Idol, but your musical journey still has a long way to go - make use of this platform while its still hot girl! :)

Here's Syltra singing her way off the show. On Channel 5 it got cut off, but I managed to film the entire song, a bit blur, but oh well....


I've had my rant. Here's Syltra's exit interview. I was there when vlogger Matt recorded Iz and Jon interviewing her after the show. So I tumpang record.
All credits go to Matt at (check out his site, loads of other interviews, including with SI 2's Paul Twohill and Jasmin Tye).

I also managed to catch Gurms for a quick chat on what he thought about last night's show - he was on the way to the gym (can you believe it? at like midnight!). Here's what he had to say....

Check out my next post, which will be a review of last night's show, followed by some vids I grabbed of the Idols at keycheck.

xoxo, s.


  1. Hi,

    I was at the show last night so I kinda understand. However, I feel you are over reacting.
    syltra was off last night. Everyone in the audience heard her pitch problems. But the judges did nt say a single word! Yes yes, another guy had pitch problems as well but we all know how big is his fan base

    She did not have the worst performance in my opinion but to be in the bottom two, we suspected she might due her disappointing performance.


  2. 101% agree with you!
    and no anonymous, she's not over reacting.
    vote for talent, not for having an off day.
    doesnt mean you were off or having some difficulties during your performance would confirm plus chop mean that you're going to be out, maybe just the intuition. which is why the viewers seriously should vote or in fact, vote even more when they suspect the worse.

  3. hmmm, should ppl vote when they see a bad performance? No i do not think they should.

    the contestants shd know by now tht each bad performance means a another step towards being voted out.

    I have to say, no one who saw her perform tht night would have lauded her to be safe


  4. i totally agree with bryan & Gurmit.
    Spore idol needs the whole package. if you can't connect with the audience then you are not idol enough. Syltra has the voice, she really do but yesterday just wasn't her day. Perhaps that makes the audience want to save the better woman singers like Sylvia who can connect with the audience more.


  5. i agree. perhaps syltra was one of summer's favourites. but honestly, she really disappointed in the show. it did not showcase her talent. hence, while viewers acknowledge that syltra is talent, i doubt many would envision her as their singapore idol as she doesnt connect with the audience very well. to me, at least, syltra being voted out was not all that surprising. and the other female contestants deserve it better like sylvia and tabitha.

  6. I honestly don't get it. If anyone wants someone to be in, vote for them. Get your friends and family and neighbors to do it. But don't reprimand the general public for voting for certain people (i.e. boys) because at the end of the day, everyone is going to vote for someone they fancy. Among the girls, the only one I connected with is Amira.

    Syltra is very talented but she doesn't show any vulnerability and honestly did not connect with me. Add that with her pitchy (and at times cringe-worthy) performance of Breakaway and yeah, it's unfortunate but she was voted off. I think it's also unfair that NONE of the judges commented on her singing, which was off, but used all means to put some of the other talented contestants down (i.e. JUSTIN and AIRI). Those 2 boys have solid vocals and hardly encounter pitch problems at any point in time but all Dick and the others tried to do was put them down. And because of what?! Their appearance? All Dick had to comment on was that he doesn't like Airi's clothes or glasses. And all he can harp on Justin was that doctor crap again. Geez.

    I know everyone wants a female idol this time but that is not how it works. The more the judges and the media push the girls down the public's throat, the more turned off the public will be. At least I am.


  7. I like Syltra too, but you can't blame anyone for NOT voting when someone is NOT good. Seriously her last note was more embarrassing than Farhan's little squeak. I wouldn't vote for that if I just tuned in. Most people just tune in on one night and decide who to vote for based on that performance.

    Which is why Nurul was safe and Syltra, the early favourite, was not. The casual vote went to people like Nurul and Duane who stole the show. Can't expect them to do research on Syltra's past performances to decide whether to give her another chance.

    Maybe what you should be telling people to do it to consistently watch Idol so they get an idea who should be given a second chance despite a bad performance. But I'm afraid not everyone has the time or passion for that, except the tweens. Which is why they're the most loyal and dedicated voters.

  8. :) I knew this post would stir up some comments. but oh well.

    Anyway, yes its true, Syltra wasn't up to mark on Wednesday night, wrong song choice. When I first heard her sing it (I recorded that sample last week), I had some doubts but I figured she'd be able to pull it off, since I only heard a sample, I shouldn't judge, it is a pity she's out.

    I'm just hoping that people will realise that if they want a quality show, they need to participate, not sit back and just judge and slam the show for being less than fantastic.

    keep the comments coming, its good to see constructive conversation.

    ps. Bryan W is right though, it does not necessarily mean that the unsafe people garnered the lowest votes. Gurmit did not once mention the words 'bottom 3' or 'bottom 2', so I'm not going to assume bottom 3 were amira, syltra and malaque. May or may not be. Just the nature of reality shows, its presented in a way to allude to that but I never totally believe it until its announced that way.

  9. Syltra sang Breakaway is by far the best amongst the rest who sang at low key.. did not really strecht their vocal out like Syltra did..kudos to her for singing her own style.. i luv it, enjoyed her performance, i think she is the best singer performer this year of Spore Idol.. unfortunately I think she is singing at the wrong stage.

  10. i think you are overeacting...will you rant if it's the any other contestant that was out on wed??

    i believe you would ....

    tell me who do you think should be voted out instead??

  11. Who should be voted out instead? Such a simple question. ;D Farhan and his broomstick hair. ;D

  12. You can't fault people for having an opinion even though they don't want to vote. Some people enjoy watching the show and talking about the show, but they don't want to commit to it, especially when there's money involved.

    Sure we complain when the talented ones go out, but a few days later? Life goes on. We listen to other music, we watch MTV. Why waste precious money to prevent a fleeting moment of disagreement with voting results? We're not that invested. We just like the show.

    Syltra may have had many fans and admirers, but the truth of the matter is that she wasn't remarkable enough to motivate her fans to vote like crazy, whether the criteria is attractiveness, vocals, musicianship, or presence of penis. At this point of the competition, yes, people do vote for mediocre talents who set their heart aflutter, but if the other contestants do nothing special to distract those voters away from their boytoys, then you can't blame them.

    So, yes, I do want to see more girls go further in the competiton, BUT I have a message to the girls left:

    UP YOUR GAME. It is NOT our responsibility to keep you in the competition even though we want to, because you're just NOT good enough. You may be better than the boys, but you're not good enough for us. Yet. People don't vote just because they think you're better than so and so...they vote because they think you're the best.

    And for all the boy-loving we have on this season of Idol, why the heck is Sezairi not getting any??? I think he's the most talented male left. Yet he got the least votes among the men, and is the only guy not voted in by the audience. He's the only one closest to getting me to vote, but I'm waiting for a showstopper.

  13. This is my opinion.

    I agree with the comment above, really, but however, some of the others are right too. There are also other factors to consider, like the ones besides above too. And ya I know right! Sezairi is clearly the most talented guy yet and obviously, he's not getting the fanbase. I suspect it's because of his unattractive look? Evidently. And Farhan, I admit, at first I thought he was pretty good, but now, after listening to all his performances (including the ones online), I'm beginning to question whether he is good enough to stay because seriously, I dont think he is anymore. His voice is not strong enough and breaks off easily. I mean, all he does is his vocal acrobatics (he referred to them as this) and I'm not saying it's bad, because it always escalates their performances and makes the song more interesting and more melodious to hear if done properly. However, in Farhan's case, it's always the difference maker since seriously, every single note in his singing dictionary has been all about vocal acrobatics. So if you minus that out, you practically have nothing left with. Imagine him singing a plain note after another? It'd be boring, exposes how monotonous his voice is, no dynamics whatsoever, feeble and nonchalant. That's why, I think he deserves to get booted out instead of Syltra in this case because after all, it IS a talent competition after all, putting aside fanbase.


  14. Idk about you guys, but nowadays when I hear him (Farhan) sing like that, I'd get irritated.
    I'm not being biased against Farhan or anything, because personally, I like him. He's a really nice guy and if only his voice were as good as how others who're blinded by his look see his voice as.


  15. Then I would think he'd be worth the publicity and votes. Sorry for the different parts though, I keep having more to express each time I reread.

    Btw, Tabby and Mae rocks! So does the other girls la of course. ;) VOTE VOTE VOTE


  16. Let me rephrase that...people don't vote because they think you're better than the boys or whether you're the best performer, they vote because they think you're worth their money.

  17. I don't think Sezairi is like, langgar lorry unattractive, in fact I think he's got a really sweet face and a cool image, but the problem is that the other guys are more conventionally cute and that's how they get the votes. Which is a pity, because if talent and attractiveness could be combined to get a final product, Sezairi's final product would beat the other boys, hands down.

    And one more thing..can we don't make this about boys versus girls? how about talented vs not-so-talented? because right now a few of the guys are impressing me more than half the girls. If a boy happens to be more talented than the other girls, do we vote for a girl just for the sake of breaking a trend? For me, the most talented people..people who I can imagine as a future pop star, are Sezairi, Nurul, Sylvia, Tabby. If it's down to say, Sezairi and Malaque in the final two..I hope people won't not vote for another male just because he's male (and coincidentally, Malay).

  18. To that last comment - totally agree, lets make it talent vs not so talented :)

    Good point!

    SO people, lets vote for TALENT!


    ps. Its not about voting OUT anyone, its not Survivor. And hey, I'm entitled to rant :) its my blog wor.

  19. -.- whole package. i think asia is always talking about whole package. why american idol got winners like fantasia and ruben and not to mention britain's got talent's susan boyle? they are not entirely the whole package what. they got good voice! its a singing competition not a beauty pageant.

    asia have to change their mindset, especially Singapore.

  20. continuing to my above comment, if a cute guy won, but lacks the voice, he still wun be able to venture out to other countries besides Malaysia and singapore.

    voice is the most important asset, if u wanna venture into other countries like the USA, the people there are looking more on good voice rather than good looks.

    thus, i think the judges and the voters shld just stop talking about whole package, no wonder NOT MANY caucasians would watch singapore idol.

  21. An awesome voice is one thing, looks and other constituents of the whole package are just plus points. So with that, I mean, who wouldnt want to have the whole package? So yea.

  22. On're screwed if you're anything in-the-middle. If you're super cute, you get votes. If you're unattractive or fat but sing well, you get votes too (the condescending "omigosh so ugly still can sing!!" vote.) Anything in the middle is "ordinary" to viewers.

    This is why people vote for Faizal/Farhan and Duane, but not people like Sezairi. Airi needs to step it up to make people vote for him for reasons other than appearance. Because the top half right now (except for maybe Nurul) probably have people voting for them largely based on their looks. Tabitha's hot, but got lost in the shuffle and landed in the bottom 6 because for some reason the judges want to make Sylvia the new sex kitten. Tabitha's too wholesome when she sings. And oh, she's a girl. Of course.

  23. To the anonymous comment above, lemme just ask you something.

    Where is Fantasia, Reuben and Susan Boyle now? What are they doing? Do they have follow up albums? Are they holding concerts? Do they appeal to the mass public?
    Most people probably forgot all about them!

    Be realistic here. The idol needs to be someone with the whole package. Otherwise we might as well not even have an idol.

    Look at Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood. Both are contestants with the whole package and both of them are internationally reknown even till now!

    I think as a Singporean, i can speak for everyone and say that we don't want another Ris Low to represent our country and i would definitely love to stop being the laughing stock of Asia.

  24. Hey..Ivy Yip here.

    My comment is regarding the anonymous who was talking about "Whats the big deal about whole package?"

  25. Elliott Yamin's not exactly a looker and he did well for himself. Jordin Sparks and Jenn Hudson are no runway models. David Archuleta needs human growth hormone. David Cook needs a bath. Chris Daughtry needs hair.

    Justin Guarini? Good-looking guy, good singer, funky image (hair), lots of screaming fans on Idol...tell me where the heck he is now?

    My point's simple to pick examples based on a few people from TV. But in everything we do or see, there are exceptions. There are many many good looking people out there who can sing well. There are many many ordinary-looking people out there who can sing better. There are also super fugly people out there who are phenomenal singers. Success may come equally for people from either group.

  26. Exactly, some people are just so narrow-minded.

  27. excuse me IVY YIP, im the anonymous person, jess

    what i listed earlier on are the winners of those competitions, not about how far they had gone after the competition. im talking about how the americans vote! they dun bother about appearance/whole package; neither do the american judges always mentioning about "whole package" . that's what i meant.. pls dun misinterpret.

    what im trying to showcase is the voting system in america who doesnt give a whole piece of *doo* about whole package. get it?

    i just feel that as long the winner have good voice, i wldnt mind how he/she looks such as syltra or sezairi. thats just based on my opinion.

    if u feel that you wld prefer good looks singer, den i cant help it too. lol. just that u dun hv to mention "be realistic" as im not one of your kind. i like singers such as kt tunstall (who's not extraordinary beautiful), la roux's lead singer (who's actually a hermaphrodite and doesnt look extremely gorgeous)

    so, yea. relax and just treat it as my opinion, u no nid to be so agitated.

    and fyi, carrie underwood doesnt look as gorgeous during her COMPETITION days (pls dun get me wrong), she grew amazingly pretty after winning. she has a good voice, thats wad the americans voted for, not because of her looks and not because of her WHOLE PACKAGE.

    lastly, i shall emphasize this. vote for voice and talent not WHOLE PACKAGE. whole package is just a plus.

    clear, ivy yip? :D


    (: (: (:

    If we are voting for talent and NOT LOOKS BUT JUST VOICE than who are the top 12 right now that you think have the TALENT!!!

    Peace & Love:)

  30. Hey Jess

    This is NOT AMERICAN IDOL, this is SINGAPORE IDOL so don't compare how the judges judge.
    Yes the americans don't bother about appearance/whole package but a certain percentage of singaporeans do. So If you're not one of them good.
    So don't take it too personal when someone rebuts on your comment.
    The remaining Idols have the talent, voice and looks and that is whole package. This is just based on my opinion

  31. As much as viewers like to lament on the fact that the "little girls" are only voting for the "cute guys", it's not only those girls who are putting emphasis on the appearance. It's the judges too! How many times have the judges comment on the image of the contestants this past Wednesday episode? Much more than their vocals for sure! Especially Dick Lee, who seems to be just OBSESSED with it. Dude, not everyone is as shallow as you.

    Thing is, ALL the contestants in the top 13 are beautiful in their own way. They are all above average. Even Duane is cute in that small brother sort of way. So in actual fact, the judges don't have to focus so much on asking them to change their image. They don't need help in that department. What they need help on is their vocals and their presentations. Many of them are talented but don't seem too sure what to do with it. Unpolished gems. So I really hope the judges start to focus more on their performance and vocals.

    And summerr, just so you know, I love your blog and it's awesome how supportive you are of the kids. (:

    and yay for the Sezairi love!


  32. WOW - this is a hard core discussion, and as an American, it's fascinating! So hey, girls in Singapore, why don't you fill your friends in on what's going on? This is pretty crazy!

  33. Jess,
    So do you think Taufiq has no talent? His album is wide-spread all over Asia countries & Hady Mirza make us proud by winning tha Asian Idol title.

    Singaporeans should really stop complaining. I think the agitated one here is you. Chill aite. Don't need to be so rude.
    Get it? Are you clear Jess? :)



    Let's keep the best in the competition guys!


  35. To syaifullah

    You are just brainwashed by the media to 'vote for talent, not looks'.

    The simple little statement may sound like you only vote for either talent or looks. But what if you have looks and talent as well?

    It is clear that Farhan is the saving grace for the guys, hes got looks and voice(dont tell me the bs about the runs and riffs is imperfect or he has a boring voice and whatnot unless you are a qualified vocal coach).

    Since the show needs to cook up a plan to get a different idol this year, they intend to get a female one hence, by destroying Farhan would show how untalented the boys are. Fact is, the boys ARE talented.

    Its not always about the high notes, the power vocals. Its not always Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston. There is Justin Timberlake, there is Jason Mraz. And look at these people, they come in all voices and talents, but they all have THE package.

  36. Hello

    BTW since when was it wrong to have teeny bopper fans? Oh since Joakim Gomez.

    How is Farhan Shah like Joakim Gomez? Farhan Shah is on pitch unlike Joakim Gomez who always seems to be looking for his key to the song.

    Oh.. cause Farhan Shah has the looks and therefore, people believe that he has a lot of teeny bopper fans. Assumption much?


  37. well.. that is true. truthfully, we arent vocal coaches, we arent music producers, we arent professional singers, etc. Our credibility isnt enough to say looks vs talent. talent is better in the mnusic industry vice versa. I dont know myself.

    Each of the contestants have their weaknesses and strenghts. Not mentioning names, we've already seen mistakes like cracks, pitch problems and such.

    As for looks. Each of them have their appeal.

    Now its all about survival of the fittest. The most likable one will win. Votes will tell. U can be do darn good. but if youre in your own world singing on stage ans caring less for the people watching, listening or your fans, you'll lose them.

    Besides the voice, people expect the the rapport between the singers n the fans. People can relate to them in soo many ways. Even when the contestants make mistakes, people still can relate cos we are all humans who have dreams and do stumble along the way in achieving our dream. So are these contestants. They are still trying to find their way. Not knowing their full capabilities. Some can be slow while otehrs are faster. Some can be damn good but fall in the later stages and vice versa. So whatever happens, the person who best relate and managed to inspire people with 50% percent their talent and 50% their personality which includes looks.

    only with mistakes comes sucess. peopel get voted out. if they're good enough they can make their own music.

    talent vs looks vs mistakes vs gender vs race vs nationality; all that are just conspiracies and unsupported claims which may or may not be true. so vote for the contestants you like. cos they must be a reason why u choose them over the rest.


  38. cmon. we noe who's ruben, fantasia etc. but do the americans noe who's hady and taufik? wads thebig deal about asian idol? he cant even host properly and blabbers nonsense during the HIV campaign in fort canning.

  39. Syaifullah here.

    To whoever who replied to my comment, I already said what, LOOKS ARE JUST A PLUS.

    If the singer happens to have a really good look, I mean, why not? Both the talent and looks? Awesome lo if like that. And no one said that the boys weren't talented, so why are you bringing that up? :S

    BUT HOWEVER, I think you're just brainwashed by how 'cute' or good-looking Farhan is. Yes, he might be all that, but that doesnt mean he's the best vocalist around. Dont get me wrong, I just think he's good, but clearly not good enough.
    That's all.

  40. To the Anonymous Person who only look at the negatives in people. Read this.

    Ruben and Fantasia are known cos AI is being broadcast to many countries inclu Sg. Is Sg Idol aired in America??? Even though Taufik and Hady are not known in America, they have their share of supporters not only in Sg but in one or two neighbouring countries. Good enuff! At least some people will buy their albums. Cant say the same for Rueben and Fantasia. Does Rueben even have a singing career now??

    As for the hosting stint, I am sure mediacorp is fully aware of Hady's capability but if they still want to engage him then who are you to protest.

    If you dont care abt Asian Idol then that's your business. There are alot of other people who do. In his capacity as Sg Idol/Asian Idol, he is an inspiration to some young ones in his community to continue to live their dreams and not give up. He has also done a number of charity work for charities/persons in his personal capacity.

    If that is the power one has as a Sg/Asian idol, I salute him, Taufik and the next Sg Idol to continue to inspire our young people, no matter if its just one or two persons. Good luck to them in their careers.

    BTW, have YOU inspired anyone today or done your share of charity work for the community? You need a Good Heart to do that though!

  41. based on last night's performance alone, syltra was definitely not the best! her makeup made her look so old, she was pitchy and her hair didn't suit her ):

  42. Syltra left the stage with a high note.. she is so graciously right,when she said her music doesnt end sure she will be happily singing somewhere with so much passion for her luv in music.

  43. To Summerr, I feel more angry with the judges - they should have saved her so that she will have another chance to improve.

    About voters, I'd have to admit that her performance that night was not up to the mark - and thus she fail to get casual votes. I can't blame how people vote. But I think the judges should use the 'save' on her, rather than reserving the save on their favourite pets! I used to respect Ken until his favouritism reared its ugly head that night when he told Syltra that she is NOT among those who deserved the 'save'. Her performance was not up to mark but she deserved the 'save'. If the judges have in mind who to save but refrain themselves from saving whom they have not favoured - then don't even implement the 'save'.

  44. well but according to ken, he did say that she was not among the deserving for THAT night, and naturally she wouldnt be saved. it's not very fair to save her because she has the talent and deserves to go further, because so do a few other contestants. what happens if they too are voted out later in the competition?

    i guess in the end it all boils down to how well they performed for the night. level playing ground. it's just a real pity that voters couldnt see the talent in her (probably cause some of them didnt watch her previous perfs and hers for that night was lacklustre).

  45. At first I thought maybe Singapore do need a woman talent this season. but the media pays too much attention to that it's making me get sick of all this shit.

    recently they just came out with some 'inspirational' words on tv to get them voting for the women. why? then just kick out the males then if they really want women singers. they don't need to waste the boys time to practice for every show. why not just let everything run by itself? sure they can give in a few words to tell the audience to vote for talent, & give the girls a chance this time. But the way they are portraying it right now is ridiculous it's pulling me away from idol. go catch the new ad on tv if you haven't.

    the way i see it, if any guy win this season there will surely be more problems arising. will they say that the male winner doesn't deserve it because he doesn't have talent compared to the girls? so why waste these poor boys time? they should rename this girl idol.

    some of the guys here does have talent. like sezairi. stop bringing them down. & let everything flow. they can remind audience to vote for talent once in awhile & consider the girls but it seem like they are FORCING us to vote for the girls.

  46. & to add on to my comment above. to the person who said who cares about Asian idol, you do hate Asians so much do you? who cares about asian idol? who cares about you? Everybody knows that american idol is watched worldwide. that's why everybody knows them. that is common sense isn't it? & hady mirza is known for his vocals. not hosting. give him a break. he didn't win a hosting competition. he needs time to gather that skill. such an unnecessary inconsiderate comment you gave there.

  47. Just for your info people,
    it all boils down to the votes. whether its gonna be a male of female idol, so i think everybody should just chill. if you want a male idol who has the voice and talent, dont just sit here, chatting, START VOTING!

  48. @ anonymous above - yes I agree with you, the much hype about the female contestants is making me sick too even though I happen to like Nurul and Tabitha (and I will be voting for these 2 girls whom I believe will be marketable.) As for the guys, they tend to be more attractive in terms of their personalities (not really looks), so I am not surprised if they're voted in. Well, I still won't be voting for the guys (as I am a female who prefers a female idol to do us proud and happens to see the idol material in Nurul and Tabitha :) ) though I think almost all the guys are likeable and vocally competent (EXCEPT Farhan who should really be voted off - he is easily the worst with bland vocals).

  49. To the anonymous above,

    Why does the judges need to use that one SAVE on Syltra?
    Why is she more deserving than the others?
    Just because your favourite is out doesn't mean that the others are bad.
    SO MOVE ON......end of story.

  50. just to add that my above comment was directed to Siti.

  51. Syltra is nothing without her guitar and she proved it with her last performance!

  52. I am really shocked after just watching a recap of her rendition of 'Breakaway' which I missed hearing on the actual night when I was home late.

    Seriously, I think a casual voter could get turned off by the way she butchered the song.

    Breakaway is actually my favourite song and Syltra did injustice to it - this was why she lost the votes. So, STOP crying foul! I think Singapore made the right decision, and I realise that the judges were right not to use the save.

    She was awesome during the piano show but her performance of Breakaway was really pitchy. If you think it was a good rendition and it's unjustice for her to be out, then you must be tone deaf. Ask yourself how would you feel when you favourite song got butchered by pitchy singing. Syltra could do it better with such a good song choice but she didn't.

    Even the boring and bland Farhan in fact did better than her that night.

    Sorry to Syltra - but I have to be honest.

  53. Syltra, if I managed to be home on time to catch your live performance that night hearing you sing throughout the entire rendition, I would have thought : "oh're gonna be in trouble"

  54. get over it guys. people come people go. move on! treat every lost as a whip in the ass to reflect and be better.

    to each its own. have your own mind. and only you know who you like and would like to vote for.

    it would just make someone a sore loser if one wants to mention someone else to be out instead of the person who you believed in.

  55. yeah, it's great that everyone's coming here with comments and all. BUT. no matter how much we're upset, crying foul that such a talent is lost, we have to realize that a loss IS a loss and you know what? instead of lamenting about how Singapore can't keep their talents in the show, why not MAKE it happen. watch the show properly. vote properly. based on the real talents, whether it is a male or female.

    i think the media in a way, is jeopardizing the chances of the girls (if theyre going to keep up the hype about the girls). its undeniable the girls are a talented lot, i personally feel they're more deserving than the boys. but instead of helping us make that decision ourselves, the media's going to change our minds if they keep doing this... hahaha!

    yeah, just my two cents worth.

  56. To Siti, I also notice that the judges also tend to pick on the guys - like farhan, justin, duane, etc. Ken did not even give a flattering comment about Duane's poker face. I bet the judges will use the 'save' on the girls especially mae and sylvia.

    I agree that some of the guys did sucked and has bland vocals. But some of the girls especially Syltra butchered a popular song whom the most of the casual voters (who don't know Syltra) would have hate to hear - and yet the judges didn't make any honest, constructive criticism on her pitch rendition - instead they talked on irrelevant stuff.

  57. To add on, my point is, it seems that the SI judges showed more favouritism than American Idol's judges - and I think this will only bring down the standards of Singapore Idol.

    Although I know that this is Singapore Idol not American Idol, but the judges should show some impartiality in criticising the contestants on their rendition (on that night) if necessary.

    2 very distinctive examples as why the AI judges were more relevant on their comments,

    1) Randy told Megan: "hearing you finishing the song is like waiting for the paint to dry" - indeed many related to his view of Megan's pitchy rendition.

    2) Simon didn't spare Danny Gokey despite having favoured him as the TOP 2 material - he said Gokey's trademark scream (in Dream on) sounded like it comes from the horror movie.

  58. With these instances that I mentioned and Syltra's exit (without the judges' direct criticism on her rendition) just proves that we the voters have our mind to critically vote who was deserving to be in (instead of allowing ourselves to be brainwashed by the judges.)

  59. Wow, didn't check the comments for a few days and 'boomz' LOL. Very interesting read - nice to know what everyone thinks - especially the whole 'overhype' on the girls 'turning people off'. I'm sure the marketing people at Ch5 are aware of this (they read this blog's comments page more often than I do apparently!)

    To Esther - thank you for supporting the blog, I really appreciate it. I'm a big fan of the whole concept of the show and I support local talent. And I hope in time more Singaporeans will too. Popularity isn't solely measured by album sales anymore - haha, probably by youtube hits!


  60. lol............. cmon, american idol is broadcast worldwide because they produce good quality singers and can attract viewers.

    why asian idol is not bought by other countries? because they think its not gonna be well-received by the americans. (im just talking bout facts)

    furthermore, asian idol should be a role model, to let other ppl noe Singapore talent is of good quality. and hady did not host the HIV thingy. he was invited to sing and just before his last song, he gave this lame joke about HIV.

    im not looking on the negative sides of them only. they indeed have a good voice, but just not good enough to represent Singapore.

    and thank god, now F1 ppl noe our singapore idol sings our national anthem wrongly. lol

    so, i think singapore idol should improve and produce better quality singers with better IQ and EQ and presently, only the females are the better lot. but too bad, singapore voters just cant seem to realise it.

  61. americans are like the dominating country in this world. they are top notch in this media broadcasting world. we don't watch australian idol, or some british or spanish idol show. & they don't watch us. we don't know their singers either. so why do you want to compare americans popularity with singapore? what is good enough for you that can represent singapore? i believe the media is doing their best to produce a good show. it's not easy as you think. i know it's easier said than done. we are learning. i'm a media student, i know how hard it is. we should all stop critising local talent. critising them is critising ourselves. unless you can say you are better than them then i shall say i'm in the wrong to say this.

  62. To Yadayada,
    This is Part One.

    Do you know that you are only embarrassing yourself by exposing your lack of knowledge (or shd I say lack of intelligence) to the readers here.

    Why are you bringing up America again . They are a media giant. Their shows are broadcast all over the world. Why shd they even show Asian Idol there when its got nothing to do with them. They don’t have a contestant participating, they cant vote and they don’t understand the language. Why waste money on airtime?
    You S T U P I D or what!

    There are so many other big and popular shows from around the world that are not even broadcast in America. Why are you expecting Asian Idol to be broadcast there. Asian Idol was meant for the Asian countries participating in it. That’s why its called ASIAN Idol.
    Understand or not?

    And why are you so Pro America anyway. They are not so original you know. American Idol did not start in America. It was based on the British show called POP Idol. American Got Talent was also based on the British one. Of course America has a lot more talent because American is a HUGE country. They have a bigger talent pool. Why are you belittling our local talents like those who have won SI. Talent is subjective anyway. You might not find our present Idols talented but there are people who do.

    Read and show your knowledge not the lack of it!

  63. To Yadayada
    Part Two

    You say you are not highlighting the negatives in people. Hello..... You just did it again! You have highlighted ONE mistake made by the Idols and labelled them unworthy of being good role models. People make mistakes. The Idols are humans not robots! What about all the good things they have done all this while. You do not know right? Becos you are not a fan so you don’t follow their careers./ All you do is pick ONE damm mistake they have made and condemned them. Why? because it gives you so much pleasure, that’s why.

    The HIV joke incident was unintentional. The msg behind it was not. Do your research. That joke has a strong message on HIV in it. It was based on a much longer message on HIV that Hady had probably viewed on video somewhere. Perhaps Hady wanted to deliver a message on HIV on a lighter note and thus he chose that. However he did not deliver the joke in its entirety and he is also not a Poker face comedian like the original presenter in the video. It was done with good intention, that is, to deliver a msg on HIV and its prevention. The man has apologised. Everybody has moved on. Why cant you? Why are you still harping on it?

    That little mistake on the National Anthem. Do you think people in other countries even care. Only Singaporeans like you would make a big deal of it. Taufik has done a lot of things that we can be proud off. You wouldn’t know becos all you look out for are the mistakes he has made.

    So please don’t try and BS and say you are not negative. If you cant be proud of our local talents like Taufik or Hady then go and worship your American Idols like Adam Lambert with his promiscuous behaviour and his drugs and what not.

    Lastly, since you think that our Sg Idol should have a better IQ, why don’t you suggest to the Sg Idol people to engage a psychologist who can do an IQ test for everyone who would like to participate in SI. Hey they can already exclude those educated in our local polytechniques, like Taufik and Hady, and of course people like you with questionable intelligence.

  64. Hi I am the whoever you mentioned, its Jake here btw. How can I be brainwashed by his looks? Im not gay. Lol. The problem with people is that once someone is good looking, it automatically becomes "vote for looks". What?

    Everyone of them were not perfect that night. Farhan was bland, but he was on pitch (exceot for the last note). Most of the idols (e.g. Fatin and Nurul) were off pitch. Tabitha was shaky through out the entire song. Why condemn just one person?

    After seeing the "Year I was Born" week, I felt that the guys had a tougher time cause now its Girls VS Guys. Its so obvious they want a girl winner this year. Sezari was awesome, he wasnt awkward. Farhan was alright, at least his improved tremendously. Give him some credit where its due people.

  65. That was to Syaifulla btw

  66. Hey Jake i need to clear some things with you.
    Farhan was bland and he went off pitch.
    Fathin and Nurul they were off pitch you say...No they were Not, maybe wrong choice of song. Tabitha was Not shaky through out the song, she was cool and collected. Awesome!

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