Friday, September 11, 2009

All dressed up as someone else!

In true Idol spirit, our Top 13 have allowed themselves (maybe producers had to convince some a bit more) to be dressed up as some of music's biggest icons.

Check them out in the BTS (behind-the-scenes for the uninitiated) pic that Byron (Idol publicity guru) MMS-ed me (probably to remind me of the fun I'm missing out! pfft!). Btw, Byron is super cute k, plus got biceps n all. Must get you all a photo of him.....


From left to right :
Malaque as Amy Winehouse. Beehive - check. Eyeliner - check. Pissed-off face - almost check.
Good job Malaque!

Duane as Elton John. Got glasses, got jacket, ok la pass.

Amira as Rihanna. Sorry babe, I don't see it - how come got jacket la?

Charles as Eminem. Hip hop gear all check! Smile too big hahahha.

Tabby as Beyonce. Wah the dress is so shiny. ok la pass.

Sylvia as Madonna. Mole - check. Attitude - check. Now all you need is to bleach the hair platinum.

Syltra as Britney. Outfit is totally there. Just missing the blonde hair!

Justin as Jason Mraz. LOL, looks like some Uncle about to go fishing! :) outfit fail! Ok, the hat is right!

Farhan as one of the Beatles. Hair - Definitely check. Suit - not 60s enough, but check la. At first glance, he looked like a flight attendant! LOL!

Faizal as Justin Timberlake. Does JT wear that? Perhaps. But Faizal has too much hair to be JT :) sorry, Fail.

Airi as Kanye West. Baju all ok. Make up not black enough LOL!

Mae as Lady Gaga. Perfecto! Bow - check. Hair - check. Attitude - check!

Looks like they're havin' a ball at the shoot hamming it up! Oh well, pass or fail doesn't matter. Its just a trailer shoot. Remember people, they aren't actors :)

Waiting for more info to come my way :)
Iz, how come no more twitpics?

xoxo, s.


  1. The biggest fail in my opinion is the stylist.
    Just saying.

  2. LADY GAGA DOESN'T WEAR PANTS! IT'S HER TRADEMARK!(somewhat)(just sayin :D)
    Still, hilarious. :D