Friday, September 18, 2009


The TV addict in me is SUPER DUPER happy, because the new fall season has begun in the U.S. which means all the new shows should be filtering our way soon (as soon as 24hrs after its U.S. telecast if you have mio TV woot!)

So many things to watch, so little hours in the day......
(am posting this here instead of cos I find blogspot is so much faster to post in than wordpress...will do a transfer later on)

Anyway, I'm looking forward to watching :
Survivor Samoa
(premiering TONIGHT on Ch5, 6.30pm, encore at 11 I think!)
I'm hoping it'll be as exciting as last season's Survivor Tocantins (to-ken-shins)...awesome gameplay by JT, I'm so glad he won - he's such a sweetheart and I loved to hate the eccentric Coach character too...what was he ON about? slaying dragons etc...bleah...
Please let this season be just as exciting. I found Survivor Marquesas SOOOO boring....snore! And I can't remember half the seasons that went by. The first three seasons of Survivor made the biggest impression on me..oh and the All-star one of course. Ok, enough about Survivor.

The Amazing Race - LOVE THIS SHOW!
I have followed this one season for season :) Can you believe CBS wanted to cancel it after its 2nd season? Then it got nominated for an Emmy and they had to pause for a minute. Then the show WON that Emmy, and they renewed it for a 3rd season. After moving to a better timeslot, it actually brought in YOUNGER viewers for the then-old-ish network and its now a mainstay of the CBS schedule yay!
Premieres Monday 28th Oct, encores on Friday nights (10.30pm, I'm guessing before Survivor, then Survivor will shift to a later spot - reality fridays back to back!) on Channel 5 (no idea what AXN's timings are, but am sure it will appear there too.

Project Runway 6
I didnt believe in this product when I first saw it, I thought it was too niche. But after awhile, dammit I got hooked by all that diva designer behaviour! I love the challenges too, plus, when I was little, it was my dream to be a fashion designer. I can't sew for nuts, so I live vicariously through the show :) Parsons, Mood, NYC!!!!
(Thursdays nights on Ch5)

America's Next Top Model - Cycle 12 (ok, so we're ONE cycle behind America, but I'm hoping I'll still be entertained).
As much as I want to watch the current season of Kate Moss wannabes (calling all short under 6ft models is Cycle 13's big draw), I've enjoyed every season of ANTM and I think Cycle 12 should be no different. I enjoy watching the challenges and the girls bitching. I 'skip' or fastforward Tyra's weird (and gettin' weirder!) antics and the judges' deliberation though. Lazy la, all nonsense anyway, I don't get how Tyra isn't bored saying the same lines over and over again about how you win a contract bla di bla, and 'I only have ONE photo in my hand, and the girl who's name I DO NOT call, will have to return to the bla bla bla bla....'. EVERY WEEK, EVERY SEASON for THIRTEEN SEASONS! No short cut ah? btw, the Idols can do a very good 'Tyra' impersonation :)

The Primetime Emmy Awards!
MONDAY!! screeeeech! LOVE Emmys! Plus this year, guess who's hosting? He's Le.gen.dary...yupe its Neil Patrick Harris! Woot! He's hilarious - who knew Doogie'd grow up to be so funny?

Also I saw the exec producer's interview, apparently this year, they're presenting the show in a different format - by genre instead of by nomation categories, which is great.
But I can't help but feel like they're either trying to one-up or catch up with this year's Oscars. The Academy Awards which aired in March this year was totally different and it blew me away! Their presentation style - all presented like a big musical, starring Hugh Jackman, and each category was explained etc, very simple to digest for a viewer - didn't feel long and boring like previous years.

Moving on to tv series - sooo many....
Gossip Girl (if you've been following my tweets you'll know I'm a big GG fan and super damn excited about this!)
Its been so long since I've been this excited about a tv series since the days of Dawson's Creek, Gilmore Girls, Charmed and Buffy (are you seeing the trend? I belong to the WB (now CW) crowd. I heart The Frog (he was the mascot for the now defunct WB network in the US).

Season 3 promises to be ahem eye opening - Chuck's dating Blair, we all saw that at the end of last season. But apparently this doesn't last long - he's meant to share a guy-guy kiss with someone - acks! - so will Chuck go gay? Poor Blair.
mio TV season pass - JUST started on Thursday! eek! I've purchased it and its sitting there patiently waiting for me to finish my Princess Party duties ...GG is SO my reward tomorrow night!

Vampire Diaries!! NEW HOT SHOW. UBER HOT CAST.
See my review here.

Beautiful Life.
Mischa Barton (who's been crashing and burning with mental breakdowns and a bad nickname by Perez ('Mushy' eversince that photo of her cellulite laden thighs made it to the tabloid hall of fame) *evil Perez*) is headlining this show that is... well, crashing and burning if reviews are to be believed. But hey, critics were wrong about The O.C. (so wrong!) and One Tree Hill at first I'm gonna watch it and decide for myself if its really a train wreck.
---somebody please air this - mio? ch5? starworld? somebody? anybody? doesn't bode well for a show when the international market didn't pick it up...hrm...

Its about 3 witches who just got their powers and are learning to use them. Sound like Charmed? A little. But the witches are older - Rebecca Romjin and post-Lipstick Jungle-Lindsay Price. I'm interested but not in a hurry.
mio TV

Reviews for this are like crazy good all over the place. I just 'ordered' it on mio TV. Now I gotta find time to actually watch it.

Flash Forward
Watch these promos that Channel 5 did. Solid awesome promos. I'm SO EXCITED about the show now (and I had no clue what it was or taht it was even coming!)

Seen the promos? Nuff said.

what else....
Ooh, Ghost Whisperer season 4 is coming uFont sizep on mio TV.

And Heroes Season 4.

And Desperate Housewives Season ? (6 now? lemme go count my DH notebooks - I have one for every season :) thank you Ch5!).

And all them crime shows - Criminal Minds (seriously the BEST crime show ever!), The Mentalist (omg love Simon Baker's toussled blonde hair!), CSI, CSI:Miami, Without A Trace, Cold Case.

Seriously, I need a non-sleep patch. There just isn't time for sleep with all this good tv going on, and of course there's Idol. Not to mention my day job as Mommy. Oops, gotta run, my oven timer has buzzed, my princess cupcakes are ready! Ding!

xoxo, s.


  1. A recommendation for you Summer. Try watching How I Met Your Mother. Neil's in it and his character, Barney is the bomb!

  2. :) thanks anonymous, have been following it religiously hahaha, he's my fave character on the show. Actually i love the whole cast - they are all HI.LA.RIOUS! Its so weird to think that Alyson Hannigan used to be Willow in Buffy - she's so come into her own now as a fullfledged comedy actress (movies and HIMYM) :) But yea, ultimately, you can call the show Barney & Friends (no pun intended).
    xoxo, s.

  3. Gossip Girl here, your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Singapore Idol's elite. Spotted: J hanging out with S a couple of days ago at the Heeren. Are they more than just friends? Only time will tell.
    You know you love me
    Gossip Girl

  4. where do you watch gossip girls?

  5. from one TV addict to another,

    You're got to start watching GLEE! confirm will make you feel GLEEFUL :)

  6. i watch gossip girl on mio tv, i bought the entire season, now waiting patiently for ep 2 :)