Wednesday, September 9, 2009

IT'S IDOL DAY! The One With All The Vids

Its' Idol Day y'all!
(cue Idol music te ne ne ne ne ne ne ne....)

OMG, today we will know who the other 6 of the Top 12 will be. No pressure Group 2. No pressure at all.

In the spirit of 'No pressure', I'd like to share with you all a couple of vids and pics that were taken during Group 2's Vocal Training last Saturday (mostly of those who were hanging around, waitin' for their turn) and Choreo on Monday.

Its really just vids of the LODIs bein' themselves ie silly.... so sit back, relax, have a laugh...

Jon was a little tired and blur when I recorded this - but he still looks kinda adorable right girls? Aw, give the poor soul a hug and some reassurance.
You're not a noob la... (whatever that is...testament to my age that I have no idea what noob is)

I loved that one of Mae - she is hilarious I tell you.

Next up, Justin decides to be the Idol Behind-The-Scenes reporter. Ahem, pass or fail? LOL!

Mae - fail! Very difficult (to) interview!

All funny stuff aside, here are some pretty awesome clips of a Sezairi/Justin showcase. Gabby later takes the guitar over too with Linger (check it out on Youtube if you didn't see it in my earlier post).

Hope you enjoyed that? I certainly did. Its a pity we don't have much of Sam and Sylvia who went off earlier. You can see vids of Ben, Duane and Gabrielle taken from the same day from my earlier post here. Or browse summerr77 at Youtube.

Today's D-Day for Group 2. Everyone's due at Mediacorp first thing in the morning and they'll be spending the day there doing run throughs for tonight's show.

I'll be at MediaCorp later this evening to catch up with Group 2, and also Group 1 who will be coming in to support their Idol friends too. Look out for my tweets and twitpics this evening!

Lets all hope for a great show (no dead air, no bad jokes, no bad performances) and hope your favourites go through - VOTE ppl!

xoxo, s.

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