Wednesday, September 23, 2009

its IDOL DAY !!!

Happy Idol Day everyone!

After a 2 week break (not really a break for the Idols since they've been workin' hard every day since they were 'crowned Top 13') which felt like eternity for me (wasn't it weird that there was no Idol show last Idol Day/Wednesday? Weird rite? I almost didn't know what to do with myself!), the Top 13 have settled comfortably into their 'Spectacular' shoes and hopefully are ready to put on a 'Nothing-Less-Than-Spectacular' show for us tonight!

And just in time for the 'Spectaculars', comes a truly spectacular copy of 8days - the Idol issue. I LOVE IT! I luv it so much that I want to print that cover on a tee shirt and gift it to the Idols. But I'm broke from my 'princess party' expenditure, so we'll have to wait for the NEXT 8days cover.... *sorry LODIs*

Don't they all look so so so amazing? Every. Single. One of them!

Totally a must-have for every Idol (and non-Idol) fan out there because :
1. The Top 13 look fantabulouso!
2. Its jam-packed full of info even I didn't know ... Syltra, your chinese name is after Ann Kok?! (she told me her IC is registered only as Syltra Lee ..stupidly did not think of asking if she had an 'unregistered' chinese name - oi guitar goddess :), got malay or indian names or not?)
3. Each Idol has their own pin-up pic and profile (so you can simply tear out the page of your fave for your wall).
4. I have to say it again - the Top 13 look fantastic!

Here's my tribute to that amazing issue of 8Days (kow tow kow tow - you guys did such an amazing job). Top 13, you guys TOTALLY ROCKED DA SHOOT!

This is the vid I shot of them from my hiding place (on a mini balcony) at Que Pasa during the shoot. The directory and stylist of the shoot, Fong Fan, got them to jam :) very cool!

LEFT SIDEBAR : for a quick reminder of the songs they'll be performing,
RIGHT SIDEBAR : for brand new profiles for each of the Top 13.
(The new profiles were just uploaded, sorry they took a little longer to hatch, I re-did them after the 8days issue came out cos I was so 'inspired' :) - I totally chucked out the old ones, so it took a while to 'rehatch' amidst all my cupcake baking).

Ok, VOTE VOTE VOTE to keep your favourites in.

xoxo, s.

ps. Oh, almost forgot, must give kudos to 8days for squeezing in ALL the Top 13 on the cover instead of the 2-page foldout cover like season 1, :) sigh, am looking at the cover again, so niiiiiiice. I likey! Dammit, MUST STOP sounding like freakish obsessed 8Days stalker again.


  1. R u kidding!!!!, they look distotrted.
    U can seeee this is the work of photoshop!!
    Why can't 8 Days do a better job especially when you are having the Idols on the cover of the magazine. Very disappointing.....

  2. Of course some are photoshopped, its a magazine! Get real, name me one mag that DOESN'T photoshop!
    I think the Idols look great! Can't wait for tonight's show!