Thursday, September 17, 2009

IDOLS : Don't Fall Sick

Just a quick shout out to the lovely Top13 Idol hopefuls...

Its been crazy since you guys were crowned Top 13. Back-to-back 15-hour days and a press conference plus a cover shoot for 8Days (out on Monday woot!), not to mention various profile shoots, vocal training, key check, choreo bla bla bla bla....It's probably be taking its physical toll on your right about now, sumore just before your big performance next Wednesday.

So go get them drugs (approved ones of course), and keep those bugs at bay.... take care of your voice!

summerr recommends ....
Season 1 contestants used to DOWN this like straight from the bottle right before a performance (not all, but some swear by it).
Sly used to always have a bottle in his bag. I actually bought a bottle for Taufik once when he ran out. So it must work. (I personally take 4 TABLEspoons of this before bed if I feel a sorethroat comin', and like magic, its back to good the next morning).

The thick syrup coats the throat and soothes the sore.

Ask Jon, it helped him feel a little better when he was sicky before Piano Show 2 :)

xoxo, s.

ps. Faizal was really sick yesterday and he had an extra interview for Berita Harian, so if y'all see him out there, sayang him k! Poor kid, Iz said got mask and all..aiyo!
<-- faizal wearing the shirt a fan bought for him and passed to him at the Roadshow!

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