Friday, September 11, 2009

Halved Plus 1

We're into the next stage of Singapore Idol now.
But I can't help but miss the stage we were just at.

The Top 24 have been halved. And then plussed 1 with a lucky Mae Sta.

Its been a helluva ride for the Top 24. And for 11 of them, their Idol journey ended with a resounding thud on Wednesday night. 12 of them had a bit of a heart attack when host Gurmit announced a 13th position - suddenly everyone's ears, eyes and heartbeats perked up.

That lasted all of 1 minute. Gurms announced that the 13th spot would go to Mae. Congrats to Mae. At the same time....I swear I heard 11 hopeful hearts breaking again.

Last week, when Teddy was sent packing, MJ's heart-wrenching sobs were enough to make a grown man cry (I saw a few tearing). It was just so so sad.

I managed to give Frances and Ryan each a hug after the show, but that was about it.

I spoke to a teary, but smiley, Jannah, packing her bag, telling everyone she was ok and was just thankful she'd made it that far. Next to her, packing his bag, was Douglas. Sweet boy Dougie, disappointed with the outcome, no smiles but still courteous to the end.

Just a few feet away stood a 'stoned' Nurul. Backpack on, glasses on, all ready to go. She had to keep wiping the tears streaming down her face. She kept saying she had to go cos her friends were waiting outside, but she was waiting to walk out with someone. She also kept saying she was so sad. Teddy came to her rescue, "C'mon Nunu, lets go" and with that she and Teddy walked off arm in arm.

Fastforward a week later, Jannah was in tears once again, Nunu was quiet and Dougie was walking a tear-streaked Gabrielle out.

Sigh, don't even get me started about Gabby, it breaks my heart to see her so 'defeated'. Her BFF Justin who got into the Top13 was shocked she didn't get in, as was Mae, her soul sista.

Sylvia although elated she'd made it, was sad and shocked her BFF Samantha hadn't gotten through.

Sezairi's buddy Jonathan didn't make it, and Jon Jon was probably the most devastated of the lot. Both Mae and Izked were seen still texting/talking to him via mobile til the wee hours of the morning.

That's how close the Top24 were. They'd forged friendships, and strong bonds, and halving them, almost right down the middle in most of the friendships, was a recipe for heartache.

Now newly broken up with their BFFs, each of the Top 13 probably feel like their goin' through Idol almost 'alone'.

Well guys, the friendships you made won't be lost. Like I was telling Jon, we're all STILL connected on FB, Twitter and MSN, plus all the mobile numbers, so no one is running away from anyone.

Secondly, you're in it to win it right? Thats why you joined Idol? TO. WIN. IT. Don't lose sight of this. Keep your eye on the prize.

Thirdly, time to form new bonds and friendships. Being in the Top13 is a very unique position. Its gonna get a lot tougher from here on out. Scheduling demands at this stage are crazy (I had a peek at their sked). You'll be eating, breathing, sleeping Idol with no time for yourself. Its full-on mode from now to the finale in end December. You'll be spending so much time with each other, new bonds are sure to form. So don't dwell k? You just don't have time.

Ok, enough preachy Momma stuff. Couldn't help it. It really broke my heart watching 11 go home after getting to know all of them.

On a lighter note, can't wait to join the Top13 tomorrow for the 2nd day of their trailer/photoshoot. Look out for my tweets tomorrow, all day. Not sure if I can twitpic, but will keep you all updated!

xoxo, s.

ps. random pics taken from Jannah's fanpage.


  1. Hi summer, yeah it's kinda sad to see them leave with tears.

    Who had the biggest blow among the 11 leavers?

  2. Imo, Jonathan. he really wanted this so bad. And to be honest, i had thought he'd go through because he has 'presence' - something imo that can't be learned...
    And I'm sure he had a big following, but I guess just not enough votes to hit Top3 for the night.