Saturday, September 5, 2009

Roadshow for Group 2 today!!

Its Saturday! And we all know what that means!

Get ready to meet your 2nd group of 12 from the Top 24 today.

Meet :
Gabrielle, Mae, Sylvia, Amira, Samantha and Charlene ;
Duane, Benjamin, Jonathan, Sezairi, Faizal and Justin.

Where :
Lot One The Shopper's Mall, Choa Chu Kang (next to the CCK MRT station)
5th Floor (woot! rooftop roadshow!!)

When :
3pm - 4pm
TODAY (Saturday, 5th Sept)

Bring your cameras, your friends, your family and check out the next 6 boys and 6 girls who will be performing their behinds off for you next Wednesday.

After that go home and watch the repeat of Piano Show 1 at 5.30pm on Channel 5 (LOL, actually no need, cos you can watch it here!)

Before I go, I felt compelled to post this latest vid of Justin singing Broken Strings. Found it on youtube, recently uploaded....great vocals, got chills, lovin' it jjjap!!!

Here are the numbers to call for your 2nd group of Top 24.
Remember, lines open when the show starts, so you gotta get voting early on for your favourites.

Enjoy the roadshow!

xoxo, s.


  1. Wow, I love Justin's attempt on this classic. But the resonance is overbearing, he needs a bathroom!

  2. Last week, we saw the top 3 voted in were guys. I think it will be different this week. The girls will take have an advantage over the guys. Let's face it, those viewers who vote are mostly girls. The second group has cuter girls. However, I am still rooting for Justin Jap cos he is so cute and he will be very marketable if he can sing Chinese songs well too. Faizal will be a shoo-in because we need to remain status quo. If you know what I mean.