Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Voting Lines Are Open!

Its 8pm folks.
(cue Idol theme....te ne ne ne ne ne ne ne....)

Time to tune in to Channel 5 for your weekly Idol fix. If you haven't already. (And why haven't you?!)

I'm in studio right now, so I'm sure you've realised this is a 'scheduled' blog post. :)

I scheduled this post to ...
1. Let you know you can also follow my tweets/twitpics from in studio. (but hello, watch the show more important k! mine are just extras...) I'll be there right up to after the Results and probably into Key Check with the newly minted 6 that will go through tonight.

2. Give you the voting numbers again.
(click to enlarge, if you still can't see, the numbers are in my previous post too)

3. Remind you to vote especially if you are supporting any of the girls - we've seen from last week, the boys have great support, so if you are rooting for a girl idol, you need to get your fingers a-movin' just that much faster and more often.

Enjoy the show! I'm looking forward to watching group 2 BRING. IT. (and watch the judges DISH. IT.)

xoxo, s.

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