Monday, September 7, 2009

Radio Interview on 987FM : Sezairi, Gabby, Duane & Jon

And the Idol week has begun..

Today's radio interview on 987FM featured Sezairi, Gabrielle, Duane and Jonathan (not Sylvia as I had previously posted...note to self, must update 'Idol Spotter' after this post). Sorry for the misinfo peeps, the list I got from Ch5 must have been an old one. Its all goode anyway, the radio interview went smoothly (eventhough Jon was a half hour late! tsk tsk!). Sylvia will be on tomorrow with Amira, Charlene and Faizal. (just got the latest list, so this is correct!)

What did we learn from the interview? Lemmesee....

Airi WAS with the Performing Arts programme at LaSalle, now he's just ...performing (nice one Dan). He declined to comment if Idol was the reason he was no longer with the school. Wah, pleading the 5th and we're not even in US!

Duane is pursuing Idol and O-Levels!! (dude, hero la you!) Apparently his parents were angry at first that he wanted to join Idol, but once he got into the Top24, they did an about-turn and are full supportive now - good for ya Aunty and Uncle! Young people need support not dissent! :)
Last fun fact about Duane - he won a Pussycat Doll dance competition and got to dance with them on stage!

Gabby is a marketing and PR major (eh, same same babe!), and bla bla bla and SHE HAD A CRUSH ON JONATHAN! woot! (all the other info about being a good friend, talking a lot, people person etc all got blown away by this lil revelation)

Looks like every other girl has had a crush on Jon. My sources have told me our lil Sylvia also had the hots for him initially. And Jon's gotten loads of facebook friend requests guessed it, random girls!

So looks like Jon Jon (new nick!) and not MJ, is the lady killer in the group!

Gabby's right though, spot on when she said Jon gives off this 'Badboy' vibe (thus my original nick for him) but he's actually so sweet and sentimental once you get to know him. Check out Jon's profile here and what I thought of him. You'll see that me and Gabs are on the same wavelength :)

So, all this while, they're yakkin' and talking Jon up, Jon's not actually there. He's late. I'm betting Suresh and Byron (the publicity pros behind Idol) will be giving him a 'talking-to' right about now.

Fyi guys, we were with Jon on Saturday night, he looked a little flu-ey, maybe thats why he woke up late despite TWO alarm clocks. Then again, this is Idol - no excuses is the mantra.

Stepping up to the mic...
-- Voice sample and "why should people vote for you?" --

Sezairi : "People should vote for me cos its my dream."

Gabrielle : "I can be their friend, we can sing along togetehr, its not about being on a pedestal, it should be the audience singing along with you."

Duane : "Vote for me if you wanna see me dance and cos I also want this really badly!"

Just as Duane finishes up, Jon Jon steps in - perfect timing!

Jonathan : "I'm gonna be myself on the show, I'm very Singaporean, therefore good for Singapore Idol. I'm someone they can look up to and relate to."

Dan : "Look up to and relate to, I like that!"
Young : "Relate, ya, most Singaporeans are late most of the time anyway...." <-- ouch Young!

Young's on a roll, he then outs Gabby to Jon about the crush (not that she didn't out herself already by saying it on National radio!)
Btw, she had a crush on him initially, but now they're just really good friends, the whole group hang out often.

Hope the four of them had fun at Idol's Official Radio Station 987FM. Can't wait to hear tomorrow's 4.

I wonder if Dan & Young will bring up Charlene's s*x tape scandal (as reported in New Paper). Maybe they'll keep it a wholesome, kosher interview, what with two very young hopefuls Faizal and Amira in studio :)

Til tomorrow!

Full profiles of this week's 12 a re all on the right sidebar!

xoxo, s.

ps. Will be meeting up with the idols for Choreo today, lets see how that goes! Missing my LUMIX...maybe I can run down to Sim Lim now and get me an Olympus Tough! <-- apparently can survive toddler throws - shock proof!

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