Sunday, September 6, 2009

3 More Days to Idol Day!

Its Sunday night.

That means its 3 MORE DAYS to IDOL DAY!
(cue Idol theme music...te ne ne ne ne ne ne ne ne ne .... <-- apparently dougie's fb wall was flooded with 'theme' music when they found out he was Top24! LOL!)

In case I haven't mentioned it before, Wednesday shall henceforth cease to be known as 'Wednesday' and shall be known simply as 'Idol Day'!

So what happens in the run up to Idol Day? The typical drill would go something like this ...
1. Roadshows (Sat) - CHECK!
2. Vocal Training (Sat) - CHECK!
3. Choreo with Zaki (Mon) - ooh tomorrow!
4. Radio Interviews on 987FM (Mon, Tues, Wed) - comin' up!

So tomorrow (Monday) morning, tune in to 987FM at 9am sharp to catch Dan & Young interviewing 4 of this week's performing Idols - Sezairi (woot!), Gabrielle(woot!), Sylvia (woot!) and Duane (double woot cos he's just da sweetest! He asked me what 'pimp out your profile meant' which the other idols replied, Duane lets not use the word 'pimp' its a bad word :) agree!)

Alarm it on your mobile NOW!
(then repeat the same alarm for Toosday and Idol Day)

So yesterday, Saturday was the Top 24 Group 2's roadshow at Lot One. I didn't get to go, due to some prior commitments, but I heard it was a BLAST!

On Blogger duty was Official Blogger Iz who twitpicced like crazy (broke already not?) - go check out the pics here if you haven't - and he should be putting up the vids pretty soon. I personally can't wait to see the vids. According to him the crowd went CRAZY! Lots of hyper little girls, apparently Jonathan has fans :)

Malaque, Ryan and Syltra (from Group 1) were there to support their Idol pals (aww sweet!) and Gabrielle's mom made fans for her fans! Thats right! A Gabby fan for Gabby's fans! Lovin' Gabs' mom right now. She's on my 'Coolest Moms Ever' List right now, right behind Lorelai Gilmore and Gwen Stefani, what with the synchronised tattoo and all. (Damn thats cool, gotta up my cool quotient later when The Daughter grows up!)

The event went off almost without a hitch. Apparently Mae screwed up a line or two, no matter sweetie, we still love ya, you know that right?! She's like Ta Jie (big sista) Mae, everyone loves her and she really takes care of everyone. She feeds them, gives them pep talks, hugs, etc. WE LOVE U MAE!

According to Izk, everyone got a lots of lovin' from the crowd. When I asked Duane how it all went, did people scream for him, he was so shy. He shyly recounted how he told the crowd to vote for him, Mr Pussycat Doll and then proceeded to blush a little, aw can I just say Duane is just the sweetest kid. And you can see the other Idols are really protective of him too :)

Justin apparently said something about voting for him if you like slow songs....*kok* Justin must have had a blonde moment - do not pigeon hole yourself like that so early on! I am here to say - he can sing fast songs too, in fact he can sing period (see his profile vid and my vids on Youtube from the vocal training - links below later, cos haven't finished uploading yet!).

Anyway, after the eventful event (see how I had some cheesy alliteration goin' on there... no applause necessary), everyone headed back to Caldecott Hill for their 5pm sharp vocal training session. 10 minutes each with Vocal Coach Ann Hussein. Chop Chop guys!

And it was really chop chop! I arrived at about 5.30pm, and already Sam, Sylvia and Charlene were practically out the door! I managed to snap like one pic of Sam before she flew out with a big smile cos she got to go off early!

Saturday night, everyone has plans right? My plan, was to hang with the LODIs.
So there I was, hi-fivin' Iz, takin' over the blogger/twitpic duties, and suddenly the mood went from up to down. By the end of the evening, suffice it to say, everyone was just dead tired and ready to go home.

I'm uploading the vids of whoever was hangin' around that night (and singing) up on Youtube now, will link it all up here (and post the vids also on a separate post) once they are all done :)

In the meantime enjoy the following, vids of 3 of the 4 (sorry, didn't quite catch Sylvia as she was off right after her session) you'll be hearing on radio tomorrow morning :

Gabrielle sings the Cranberries favourite 'Linger'.... guest starring Sezairi's guitar.

Duane practicing David Archuleta's "A Little Too Not Over You" in the hallway. Starts off a little shaky at first, but once he hits his stride at the chorus - lovely!

Airi doin' his own song called "Something Personal". (You can listen to it at his Purevolume page here). I likey much.

Sorry Sylvia babe, you ran off so quick, I didn't get a chance to video you singing anything! If you're interested to hear Sylvia sing, check out her profile here.

Likewise, you can go to any of Group 2's profile pages to learn more about them if you haven't, the links are on the right sidebar of my blog.

Posting more soon, gotta get this one up and our first to remind all you peeps about tomorrow's radio interview...987FM @ 9am - Airi, Gabby, Duane & Sylvia. Don't miss it!

Much love to muh LODIs,
xoxo, s.


  1. malaque here...i just cant stand it!!evrytime airie sings his something personal i JUST have to comment how AWESOME it is.nothing less!