Tuesday, October 27, 2009

YOU ASKED FOR IT Spectacular 9

A week Ago, producers gave you all an

assignment....think of songs you'd like your

idols to sing.

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that's right - YOU CHOOSE.

Email me at summerrstv@live.com and tell me what you'd like your Idols to sing for Spectacular 9, 'You Asked For It's comin' up next month, November 18th.

Closing date : midnight on 6th November.

Do it. DO IT NOW.

So far, the response has been very encouraging. What are people asking for? Everyone seems to want Duane to sing 'Apologise' by One Republic. For more responses, have a look at my previous post about this.

Remember to leave your contact details because producers will choose 2 winners from this contest and those winners will get a chance to spend time with their Idols on their profile shoot (which is done a few days before Idol Day)....don't wanna miss THAT out now do you?

If you don't wanna leave your contact details here on comments (who would anyway?) - email them to me directly...summerrstv@live.com.

Good luck all and have fun playing 'producer/musical director/vocal coach' !

xoxo, s.


  1. if only Farhan was still around, I want him to sing MERCY hahah i am such a fan right.

  2. Hey Trace.
    I wanna make some changes cuz I just realised that my previous song choices might not suit the Idols.
    I've changed the song choices except for Charles, Sezairi, Sylvia and Duane.


    Tabby : Russian Roulette - Rihanna
    Faizal : Body Language - Jesse McCartney
    Mae : Mama Do - Pixie Lott