Thursday, October 1, 2009

Uncle Ken speaks + 3 other vids!

I'm like rushing off to catch the Idols at their first MediaCorp Tradeshow at the Ritz Carlton (waah so glam). But I thought I'd put these vids up first before I go so you all got something to read/watch/hear this afternoon! :)

I managed to catch Uncle Ken right after the show - in a stairwell no less (haha, I held his car keys hostage until he agreed to talk to me!) and here are his thoughts about the rest of the season and what he thinks about the contestants and the voting trend. Thank you Ken for the impromptu interview :) Much appreciated!
*I shall be more prepared next time and shoot him more specific questions!*

This is my quick mini interview with Justin while he was packing up at the green room. :( I am so gonna miss Justin - have grown rather fond of him - his humour, his Apple products (iphone, macbook, ipod etc), and just HIM la. I've gotten to know him a little better and he's always there with a ready smile and hug whenever he sees me :)

I have to say I was a little surprised that he was in the bottom 3 because I thought he had a huge following judging from his Piano Show results. Perhaps the votes were close. But as much as I don't want to see Justin eliminated, I would have been devastated if it was Tabby - I'll tell you why in my next post, in the meantime - I gotta dash - I only have 10 mins to post this and get my ass to Ritz Carlton!

Nah, some lovely singing of my favourite tune Belaian Jiwa by Syarif (Sleeq) and Airi while hangin around at keycheck! Awesome stuff!

xoxo, s.Font size

ps. catch my tweets/pics from the Ritz Carlton event later!


  1. how come syarif is dere

  2. Summer,

    Why is it that you always post videos of Sezari, Mae, Charles. Knowing that Charles cant sing, neither can he perform, why? Wouldnt this give an unfair advantage to this pimped kids?

    No matter how 'sweet' Charles did for his gf, I am very sure he isnt the only one who is capable of doing something like that. If Fathin baked cookies for her mum will you blog about it?

    Charles have never received any negative comments from the judges, he getting praises from you. Isnt it biased on your part as a blogger? I am sure Sezari isnt the only one who sings on his own free time. I bet all of them do it too. Why the extra publicity?

    Lets see more of the others next time. Thanks.

  3. Hey Frank Lee, It's HER blog to blog WHATEVER she wants. What do you know about blogging and what do you care? If you want to blog on someone else, go ****ing create your own blog. She is not paid by the media and she is not in control by them. Hence, she may like to blog on any person she likes to.

    So my advise to you is go get yourself a blog.

    -Do you even know what a blog is?

  4. Frank Lee...omg yeah!!! I totally want an entire video of Fathin baking her mum cookies!!! Soo exciting zomg!!! and so relevant to music omggg!!! I'll totally get an idea of who she wants to be as an artist based on her chocolate chip or M&M preference!! I'll totally vote for her if she prefers Hershey's semi sweet choco chip, mmm they're the best!!!

  5. if they don't sing a lot behind the scenes, they don't get filmed a lot. period. it's simple. those who sing more get shown more. those who sing better, or sing things that are worth talking about, also get shown more. even the Idol producers don't treat everyone equally. why do you expect an unofficial blogger to hold that responsibility? And ultimately, it boils down to their performances every week, and not what's on youtube.

  6. How come Gurmit didn't ask if the judges wanted to use the judges save on Justin this week? It's only polite to ask even if they didn't want to use it.

  7. hey frank, how you doin'?
    thanks for the feedback. will endeavour to feature more of everyone, it gets easier as the numbers dwindle. ;)
    truth is, Anonymous 3 is right. Its really about opportunity.
    I always ensure I give equal coverage for the proper interviews eg for the profiles. and when i tweet and take pics at the show, I try to snap everyone (this means I literally chase them down - something I think only paid reporters should do :)). But I do it, on Idol day, cos I thikn its important everyone gets some face time.
    But when its behind the scenes, its really behind-the-scenes as at where I am, so its whoever is forthcoming. Some people like to chill by themselves or go off somehwere to practice.
    But nonetheless, thank you for your feedback and thank you for reading the blog :).

    to Anonymous #4 - Gurms doesn't need to offer every week - I asked the Producers the same question - Judges are meant to 'interrupt' or 'speak up' if they want to use the 'save'.


  8. to anonymous #1 - sorry just saw you comment :P
    Syarif is actually interning with Channel5. He has been an intern there for the past couple of months and got assigned to work on Singapore Idol (he's with the promotions team, which is why he's always seen taking publicity pictures or handling the idols at roadshows etc).
    TODAY is his last day at Channel 5 (so sad :(, cos I've gotten so used to seeing him whenever I go do Idol stuff).
    he's so very very talented and I hope to see/hear more of his music in future.

  9. Yeah I totally agree to what Frank said. It is totally a Charles/Mae/Sezari fanpage.

    We really dont want to know about them 24/7, I know you're like "then dont come my blog lah", but truth is, many are shuning away from your blog already.

    Knowing that your blog is more popular than the Official SI Blog, it becomes a platform where people prefer to go to. It is kinda your responsibility to spread fair and unbiased news now that your 'unofficial' blog has more readership than Official blog.

    For myself, I am a fan of Tabitha and Justin. And I know she has videos e.g. her singing Halo and the Broom and Mop show. Why wouldnt you plug that in? And Mae gets to explain her whole Singaporean theory in your blog?

    Whats worst, Amira, Farhan and Faizal has the LEAST publicity in your blog. It is so sad that people cant read more about them. I believe it is not only me as I have read many online forums about the way you blog.

  10. Now that you mention it, this blog does cover a lot of Charles/Mae/Sezairi. And by subtly promoting these 3 contestants more, I'm sure people will be more inclined to be voting for these 3. I don't feel it's fair. Seems very propaganda-ish to me.

  11. Yeah..Frank Lee and a couple of other posters are RIGHT. Please kindly promote more of other contestants. To be honest, I think Mae has been overrated (i.e. much attention given) - while I don't doubt that she can sing. She finished at Australia Idol #25 because the judges there also thought she lacks appeal - and she now want to try out at Singapore Idol - so what is SO hype about this? Do we need such idol hopeful to represent our nation (who had tried out at another idol franchise down under) since she isn't the MOST outstanding among ALL the girls in terms of Unique vocals, appeal and looks?? If she is the most worthy, isn't this as good as pigeonholing Singapore's talent pool of good singers?? Sorry, from such analysis I don't think she should win. But I would have frantically voted for her if this is Singapore Idol SEASON 1.

    Personally, I really feel that Tabitha and other girls will be more marketable - I trust that Tabby will go far. As a lady myself, I am NOT even jealous of Pretty girls like Tabitha whom I can really see having the idol material - Tabby has a big voice and charming looks (except that she should brush a little more on her vocal techniques that Mae's probably better in).

  12. In my opinion, I prefer the official blogger's comments as he tend to be more fair in the sense that he tried to compliment every contestant (mention their weaknesses as well as their strengths). Unfortunately, as time goes by, he became slow in updating his entries - I kinda understand his struggle to battle against the time demanded by his day job (being a graphic designer) - if he had more time, his blog would have been more interesting with nicer graphics and writing style.

    I think Summerr also do a very good job but she just needs to promote more of other contestants, or be objective in expressing her views on every individual contestants (i.e. minus the overreaction towards the exit of Sylvia, plus some other comments where she seems to excessively praise some contestants expressing that she will root for them - while I don't seem to see this much at Isk's official blog although he has been really slow in the updates). Also she used extreme comments like "big thumbs down" to some lame idol hopefuls who tried out at the auditions - yes he was very lame and I agree but not with the extreme expression of the comment. Summerr no doubt did a very good job but I'm sorry that I personally think the official blogger is a little more objective. I am a Chinese just in case some may guess that I am a Malay trying to side a fellow Malay. My point is, I am an advocator of objective views and I don't like biased opinions to taint our ability to think critically - If people's going to vote for contestants who were being much promoted, this is going to be sad in my opinion - does people have any mind of their own? or are we just typical Singaporeans who almost 100% agree with the media and government.

  13. to comment above,
    it was sylTRA who got booted out, not sylvia. please.
    and from what i see, most of the videos summer posted are from her own channel i.e. taken by herself from her own camera. this is the unofficial idol blog for a reason. if you want objective comments, perhaps it is right you go to the OFFICIAL blog instead? i dont see why she cant have her own favourites. though maybe summer, you could try to like... give your personal comments about their performances? e.g. review them and all.

  14. Yes, that was my spelling error - my apologies for this, sorry. Of course, I knew she was Syltra not Sylvia but just that I was unable to spot the error and edit the comment :(

  15. I meant that when it was published, I was unable to edit the error.

  16. Hi all, thanks for the feedback, sure, will try and get more from the others. :)
    Am flattered some of you think its my 'responsibility' to be fair - to be honest, I never really gave the bTS stuff much thought because its really a recording of whoever is around. I don't get to spend entire days with the Idols like Iz does, my 'day' job doesnt allow for that unfortunately. I spend at the most 2 -3 hours each time I am with them. And while I'm there I tweet/twitpic whatever is going on wherever I am - I try to get as much of what I see/hear when I'm there out to you guys.
    Will endeavour to cover more of the ones you all think are left out namely - amira (baking cookies rite?), farhan and faizal. How come no one wants to see Duane, Tabby and Sylvia?

  17. i wanna see sylvia!
    is she like really laid back and quiet off stage?

  18. omg u people are so ungrateful. first u all flame izked cos he's slow. now you flame summerr just coz she got an opinion.

    u wanna post ur opinion so be it, why den must u all attack the bloggers. they are doing their best to give you all info abt the idols.

    summerr already explain long ago that not all the contestants are around with her all the time. its not like she's mediacorp cameraman can go and film everyone with so many cameras.
    she's a volunteer amateur blogger.

    i think frank lee is just jealous cos his favourites are not mentioned. why dun u start your own blog for them?

    summerr juz ignore them. keep doin what u wanna do. ultimately i doubt those few readers who 'shunning' ur blog are that important anyway.

    btw, i was a syltra fan, any idea what she is doing now? will she be in any of the idol episodes now? do they come back for extra performances? miss hearing her sing on tv!
    thanks for all the updates! keep up the good work!

    a. tan

  19. seriously don't have to listen to these whiners. it's your blog, you do what you want with it. as long as you have nothing but positive things to say about people, then I don't see why you should be judged and criticized for giving more praise and coverage to others. I get that you're a nice person and you respond to what people want from your blogging, but this is ridiculous. it's NOT your responsibility to find things to video when they don't give you material to video.

    It's not like you don't show the others at all, you do make an effort to have videos where you film every single one of them. You have pages for all of them, and they've all appeared in your videos. unfortunately, it is NOT possible to do that all the time so I get why there tends to be more of a focus on people who have more to sing, play, or say.

    So, ok, it will be nice to see more of the other Idols, but I don't think you should keep yourself from posting anything worth posting. If some idols happen to be more interesting than the others, then it's kind of sad if you have to keep interesting things away from your readers for the sake of "fairness". And what's worse...if you try to bring this concept of "Singapore Idol fairness" to things that happen behind the scenes, in the videos of an unofficial blogger, then it's not really behind-the-scenes at all. It's play-acting. It's not natural. Amira, Farhan, and Faizal should not have to be performing monkeys just to please those who want them to be shown more doing mediocre things.

    Let's face it...even if they get featured as much as the others, if the quality of the stuff they're featured in is not as good as the others, then we're back to square one where people are aware that some of the idols are just more interesting than the rest. It's not exactly rocket science.

    give summerr a good reason to film the others more, other than for the sake of "fairness". or...this is my message to all the idols who haven't been less boring, can? What we see on singapore idol is not enough to sustain our interest every week. we need all these behind the scenes stuff. and if your behind-the-scenes stuff is not very good, then you can kiss our interest goodbye.

  20. I kind of agree with the whole biasness thing. What's so good about Mae and Sezairi. You seem to posting alot more stuff on them.

    I wanna know more about the other idols. Who knows, they could have killer vocals or group singing sessions but we'll never know cause you don't post them on the blog.

    I personally like Tabitha alot and i don't think you're doing her justice by advertising Mae more. Is it because Mae is from Australia so you feel like you need to publicise her more to the public? what happen to talent?

    Tabitha is so much better than Mae, fyi.

  21. Agree with the comment above, I'll be very interested to know how Tabby will do after winning SI. So I hope she wins. She may not have the best vocal chops, but she has got the looks and big voice (and package).

  22. Well, maybe the only killers vocals or group singing sessions are the ones she already freaking posted on the blog. has that ever occured to you? that it is not possible for everyone to break into song and dance every time summer is around? this is not Bollywood, for god's sake.

    don't blame her for biasness. place the blame on lack of opportunity.

    I personally think the "outrage" over the "biasness" is jealousy that their favourite idols don't get featured more. they won't complain if it's the Tabby show 24/7...just like they haven't complained about her pageant queen performances being pimped to the heavens by the SI judges and producers just because she's the most pretty and most in-tune girl left in the competition who rips off American Idol stage choreography. come on lah, that doesn't make her a STAR.

    What's so good about Tabby?? And, unlike the people commenting here about "What's so good about Charles or Mae and Sezairi?", I actually HAVE watched all of Tabby's behind the scenes videos online (go to izked85's youtube channel too) and my conclusion is this: competent voice, killer looks, but too boring and run-of-the-mill for regular consumption.

  23. to the Anonymous above, Tabby may not have the perfect vocal techniques and may be pitchy at times. But Singapore Idol is looking for Raw Talents NOT seasoned singers to groom. Singapore Idol is about singing as well as the total package. Her killer looks is what will help her to go far (and thus she will be marketable, and hence do Singapore proud) - music and singing will be up to the record labels to tame and fine tune later on.

  24. Spot on! to the anonymous above:)

  25. Anyone find the postioning of the Idols for this week weird? Like, all boys first then girls at the back. I wonder if this has any thing to do with the 'vote for female' ad and the whole pimping for a female idol thing?

  26. I meant the roadshow.