Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Next Week's Theme : Parent's Choice!

The 'rents Decide!
Now you know why they're all dressed up like kids? (yes, they're supposed to look like kids in case you still hadn't figured it out tsk!)

I'm not sure how the trailer is gonna turn out - you'll be able to watch the tag-on trailer for next week's show in about 15 minutes when the Idol Results Show ends (am assuming they will be airing that version right after the show - don't crucify me if they don't k!).

I'm sure it'll turn out cute - just lookit these pics from the trailer shoot done over a month!

click on pics to enlarge

They were dressed up as kids and put in scenarios where they were seeking 'parental approval' - something like that, anyway...look out for the trailer!

click on pic to enlarge

Anyway, the name of the theme is self-explanatory. Each of the Top 7's parents will be pickin' a song for them to sing - ohh tough tough. Song list comin' up in the next post! Am still at the studio - this is a scheduled post :)

Do follow my real time tweets/twitpics from backstage at the studio as I talk to the ousted Idol when the show ends...I'm probably standing by the side of the stage with Justin right now - too tense to tweet...

xoxo, s.

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