Thursday, October 29, 2009

Song List for 'My Folks Love This'

Parents' Choice week is called 'My Folks Love This'
This is just Cheese. Yes peeps, I'm serious, thats the title for next week's Spectacular. Can anyone say Kraft? Oh well, Kraft is full of wholesome goodness right? And so, 'wholesome' it shall be since the 'rents are in charge of song choice next week - no raunchy booty bottle pop moves then :P

Anyway, here's what the Top 7 will be singing next week, in no particular order. (Vid references and full titles with original singer to be updated tomorrow when I get the actual list from producers :))

Sezairi Sezali - Georgia On My Mind by Ray Charles
Awesome choice Airi! Can't wait! I think this song suits Airi to a tee...good choice Mom and Dad!

Duane Ho - Imagine by John Lennon
I bet Duane will be playing the piano for this one. If he is, good decision boy, stick to what you're comfortable with and what showcases your talent. Duane's comfortable behind the piano and it always helps his performance - sure win combo.
UPDATE (10.39pm, Thurs 29th) : Duane WILL be playin' the piano woot!

Sylvia Ratonel - Warwick Avenue by Duffy
I'm thrilled Sylvia will be singing another Duffy song, cos her voice seems to suit Duffy songs. I just hope Sylvia can emote and be vulnerable because this song requires that. She needs to stop worrying about the technicalities of the music and just feel, understand and deliver the song not like she knows it well, but like she really means it.
Watch the original music video here (embed was disabled) for a cleaner sound.

Tabitha Nauser - Summertime by Ella Fitzgerald (but I have a feelin' she'll be doin' either the Fantasia or Leona version....see below)
This kinda song should be right up Tabby's alley. I hope they style her softer, and less sex-siren-y next week, to go with the femininity of this song. But I don't mean prom dress either....
UPDATE (10.40pm, Thurs 29th Oct) : Summertime by George Gershwin (original composer), Ella Fitzgerald is just one of the first singers to sing the song.

Faizal Isa - The Reason by Hoobastank
My first thought was that Faizal musta asked his parents to choose this song for him. But I was later told his Dad is very young :) ...that works... anyway this song has always been a favourite of mine, so I'm not complaining.

Charles Wong - Fly Away by Corinne May
I'm not very familiar with this song but I understand it was a hit. After watching the vid, the song still didn't really speak to me, so I hope Charles' ability to connect with the audience when he does ballads 'intimately' (to quote Ken) will allow him to make this song his own and win him the votes.

Mae Sta Maria - 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow' by Judy Garland
This song is such a classic and if Mae can pull it off with quiet sincerity and power vocals, it'll be a winner. I liked Katharine McPhee's version, although I didn't think she needed to be splayed on the floor - maybe she thought it brought good luck to Fantasia before :).
UPDATE (10.44pm, Thurs 29th Oct) : Mae will be singing the Katharine McPhee version :) yay!

Well those are next week's songs that the Idol parents have chosen. Looks like an awesome lineup in my opinion so it should be a really good show!

Off to bed now .... shall endeavour to watch the show asap for the review...what did you all think of tonight's show - from where I was sitting, it was totally enjoyable.... but who knows how it turned out for those of you watching at home ...

xoxo, s.


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  2. Tracy i really want to commend you on all the effort you put into your blog. You give super fast updates that are not only detailed but really enjoyable and entertaining to read ! (: It's always nice to see all the stuff that goes on behind the scenes. The idol producers should REALLY REALLY pay you. Keep up the SUPERB work. (:

  3. aw thanks Dinesh, idol producers are you SEEEING the words that i'm seeing....p-a-y :) hehehehehe.

  4. hey good job on the updates!

  5. thanks Nicolette, appreciate it!

  6. eh duane faster out leh.. no offence
    luv tabby

  7. Hi,

    your blog is awesome! Great review of the performances and I really like the dicussions going on!

    I was wondering whether you find anything lacking in some of the performances by the contestants (not in terms of their quality but anything other than that)?

    I find something was really wrong Sylvia's performance of "the Way you Make Me Feel?'
    I found something really odd about that performance, nothing about Sylvia and the song.

    I am not sure whether others feel the same way as I do, though...


  8. To Suf,
    I felt that Sylvia's vocals were good, stage presence was great... but the thing lacking was BACKUP SINGERS. She practically had to echo herself the whole song, and it came out weirdly. Some songs simply need back up vocals, and however good you may be, you will NOT sound perfect without it. Could that have been what was lacking?

  9. GOD! I'm glad I am not the only one who felt that! THEY SERIOUSLY NEED BACKUP SINGERS! How can it be possible to sing some of the huge songs without the accompaniment of backup singers.

    I think because of the lack in this, Sylvia's performance was below her potential. It could have been PERFECT.

    Is it very expensive to hire backup singers?

  10. HIGHFIVE. :) I know right, I feel that "When you believe" would have sounded GREAT and definitely more rich in emotion had there been backup singers. I guess it is rather expensive.. Ohwell. Quality of her performance is compromised as a result..

  11. your blog is awesome to me too "but" i reckon that you actually practice favouritism in giving your opinion in the song choices on some of the contestant!!

  12. "favouritism in giving your opinion in the song choices" other words, musical preference. Nothing to do with contestant bias lah.

  13. to the anon two comments above, anon above is right..its just my musical preference and personal opinions, i happen to know some songs better than others and have admitted so in the post. hope you won't mistake that for any bias in future.
    ps. thanks for reading the blog, much appreciated!