Thursday, October 29, 2009

2 Idol Birthday Cakes & The Folks Love This

All dressed up like kiddies!

This is the ad for next week's theme 'My Folks Love This'. They all look so hilariously adorable. Check out my behind-the-scenes pics of the Idols when they were preparing for this shoot. Plus don't miss the trailer - probably running now on Channel 5. I haven't seen it myself!

Anyway, apart from that I have two vids to share. Yesterday was Mae's and Charles' birthdays (29th Oct)! So on Wednesday night, the Idol family celebrated by bringin' out yummilicious cakes and candles (cake was yummy, candles...not so much).

This first vid was taken before the show (around 7pm), upstairs in the B3 changing room. :) The cake is from the Promo Guys - Byron and Suresh - Super MOIST Chocolate Cake from Secret Recipe (all hail this fab Malaysian chain - the cheesecake is seriously to.die.for! woot! Suddenly feel so proud to be Malaysian LOL!) Do ignore the rubbish banter going on and just enjoy this sneak peek into the girls' changing room! *wink*

This next vid is shot in between the Performance and Results shows. Around 9pm. The cake is from the Production team. Also a lovely chocolate cake :) Yum! Check out Nurul's antics - aigh, we miss that girl - she was definitely the funny bone in the group!

Anyway, thats all for tonight...good night, am off to Zzzzz...

xoxo, s.

ps. Oh yes, one more for the road....super random vid recorded in the lift on the way up to B2 (Dick Lee wanted to see the Idols before the Results Show started), so just simply record and have a lil laugh at how seriously random your Idols are!


  1. Happy Bday to them!
    My aunt's bday is the same as them too. :O

  2. hey summerr wads the right caption to tabby's photo?

  3. hey summerr! could you tell us the days the idols will be doing their radio interviews?

  4. hi
    there is no 'right' caption haha. even she can't remember what she was thinking when that photo was snapped - just wanted to see how creative you all could be. And if there was an extremely good caption, I'd post it :)

    As for radio interviews - have just updated the 'banner' on the top left corner, you can see who goes on what day. Monday/Tuesday will be broadcast from Ngee Ann City, I suppose due to the Subaru Challenge.