Saturday, October 10, 2009

Singapore Idol Top 10 : Charles 'Stitch' Wong

Charles 'Stitch' Wong, 22
29 October 1986*
Dating Sherry
*same birthday as Mae!*
updated : 10 Oct 09

Spectacular 4 : A Tribute To Michael Jackson
Performing : Remember The Time
Fave MJ Song : Billie Jean
Voting details : Not available yet. Watch this space!

MJ Week Interview :

If you had 1 minute with MJ, what would you say/do?
I’ll be in awe and dumbstruck actually. But I guess, I’ll just keep praising him and tell him how good he is.

If you had 1 hour with him, what would you do?
Ask him to teach me his dance moves.

If you had 1 day with him, what would you do?
I’ll ask him to bring me around Neverland.

Did you believe the child molestation allegations?
I don't mean to insult his fans, but there are 2 schools of thought. #1, there’s no smoke without fire. There’s got to be some truth somewhere when a story like this comes out. #2 he’s so good at what he does and so rich that ppl try to stir sh*t. I’m actually not really a fan of his. But I do go ga-ga over his dance moves, his singing style and his songwriting talent. But as for him as a celebrity, I’m just neutral.

When you first heard that there would be an MJ themed spectacular, what was your reaction? And now that you’re through and will be doing an MJ song, how do you feel?
At first I was a bit scared, because I don’t dance very well and his song style is very different from mine. But I was happy for Faizal because I thought, ‘Wah, Faizal sure can score in this round cos he has the moves and groove to carry it off’.
Now I’ve decided to stop worrying and just make the best of it.

What will you be singing and why did you choose to do that MJ song?
I will be singing Remember The Time and it will be a fusion beatbox version.

Spectacular 3 : An Asian Feast
Performing : An Jing by Jay Chou
Voting details : Not available yet. Watch this space!

Asian Week Interview :
Who is your favourite Asian artiste?
Jay Chou

Who's the sexiest Asian star in your opinion?
Corinne Mae. Its not just her looks, its like, when she sings, it really speaks to you. The first time I heard her songs and saw her website, I fell in love with her. I cried when I heard 'Fly Away'. When my grandma passed away recently, I sang that song and dedicated it in her memory.

Who is your favourite Asian person?
Jay Chou because he's talented - he writes his own songs and sings with a lot of emotion.

Favourite Asian food?
Wasabi!!!!! <-- crazy boy!

Favourite Asian destination?
Anywhere in Japan that has snow!

What Asian culture fascinates you the most?
Japanese culture. They have interesting food, super funny comedies and I love watching the way they overreact to things - its so intense!

What Asian trait are you most proud of?
Our reserved demeanour. How conservative we are (generally).

What is the one Asian superstition you've held on to since you were a child?
My parents always told me must finish all the rice on your plate otherwise your future girlfriend will have lots of pimples.

Random facts about Charles :
  • Is considered one of the pioneers of beatboxing in Singapore!
  • Is a total sweetie - shuttles other Idols to and from MediaCorp!
  • His stage name 'Stitch' was inspired by Disney cartoon Lilo & Stitch (read 8days for details).
  • Has a beatbox gadget named 'Lilo'
  • Laments that he has little or no girlfriend time because his schedule is super-packed with Idol, school (SIM), work (sings at a cafe-bar) and teaching (he teaches beatboxing at music schools!
  • Tried out for Idol Season 1 and didn't make it :P!
summerr thinks you'll love Charles because :
He's genuine. And pretty cute too.

There's no doubt the boy's talented. And I don't just mean beatboxing. His vocal chops aren't too shabby and neither are his guitar skills. Check out his solos on YouTube - there are plenty.

In the meantime, here's a sample of what he'll be singing tonight - 'Low'. This was recorded at last week's choreo session. He's adorable la!

Still can't decide if Charles is the one who's gonna get your votes? Well here's a clip of Charles' Idol journey taken from his Piano Show performance where he sings Howie Day's 'Collide'.

Last but not least, this is a vid of Charles (filmed by Izked at the keycheck right after Top13 got announced) that gives you an idea of the kind of person he is - imo, genuine albeit a little blur sometimes? :)

Wanna know more about Charles, check out the previous profile I did on him here.

Find Charles online :

xoxo, s.


  1. Go for it Charles! We all believe in you!

  2. We miss your beatboxing dude..its not a "gimmick",its your identity that no other contestants have.Cherish it Charles.Stay focus,believe in yourself,do slow songs you are good at.All the best!

  3. Hi,vote for Charles!! He needs your support.He is a bit little air time for him. He got the look,he got good voice esply when he sings emo songs.He is humble,helpful and unpretentious. Give him your votes dudes!

  4. Yupp, we will root for u dude!

  5. Charles,i heard you are doing a piano song.Wow!! I look forward to it and will cont to vote for you.All e best.

  6. Charles,we know each show you did your best... never mind that guy, who said what you did were gimmicks...we definitely dont agree with him cos we know its part of your performance, doing your best. Continue to do your best and be yourself... we sure wil root for you!

  7. Go charles Go! We will support you.

  8. Hey we love your look..we love your voice.We are looking forward to see and hear you sing again dude.Will continue to vote for you and get frens to support ! Just go for it and do your best

  9. Stitch you were awesome! Keep it up!

  10. Wow wow wow!You did all yr fans and supporters proud! Yr performance was great..chinese pop,a hit in channel 8 and perhaps taiwan,etc.. I love yr performance.Watch what e judges said.Work on it..also same as Flo many looking forward to yr bboxing.

  11. hey you did very well! keep going n stay focus n humble. will continue to root for for u dude.

  12. Hey Charles,heard you are going to incl bbox into yr song..i look forward to it.Glad that Flo misses yr bbox.give yr best dude!

  13. Irwan aka oby JuanOctober 16, 2009 at 5:00 PM

    Yo Stich whats comin up to illin.Great talent. like your beatbox skill.Werd up.keep it up

  14. wooo man! u cant sing at all...just stick to bbox k...coz the moment u start singing, i just wanna cry!!its tat bad!

  15. dude... u can't sing.. u can't dance.. just pray hard thoses lil mando pop girls keeps on voting 4 u

  16. Charles, you are special don't bother about all those criticism's. You can sing but you need more practice for your next performance Dude! you've gotta get a whole lot of practice, practice, practice...I saw you perform this afternoon and you can make it! Good Luck!

  17. Hey Charles, you need to choose songs that showcase your decent voice. Follow Ken's advice.

  18. Charles jiayou :D

  19. I'm glad to see that Charles improved on Wednesday with much sincerity in his rendition - perhaps it's about the choice of songs. I think the song by AHA would be a good song choice for Charles.

    Charles, I hope you impress us next Wednesday again to convince us to vote for you. As I am not your fan, I just want to be honest.

  20. charles i hope u will win the idol

  21. go for it charles!You have the most talents.Dare to believe in yourself!

  22. Charles, you're a really likeable dude. But honestly, the judges were right. You are too nice - you gotta have some hunger in your eyes for a more aggressive and memorable performance. Keep being the way you sang "Fall for You." OK? :)

  23. Yes i agree with the anonymous above, you are too nice...
    If you are not interested in winning this Idol, than i think you should graciously leave this competition.
    I have been playing back the previous shows and i have noticed that whenever you are in the unsafe group or in the bottom 3 you seem to want your competitors to be safe instead of you sailing through to the next round. People might assume that you are just in this competition coz of your voters, so please think about that.
    At this point of the competition friends or no friends, someone has to go and if you are hungry to win just hope its not you.
    All the best for tomorrow :)

  24. I disagree with Tula and Anonymous.Nice guys can win too. There is nothing wrong in showing the best of one's human side. Keep it up Charles.
    I, including many sane people in Singapore, do not have much respect for our judges. The men have eyes on the girls only. The sound system seems to favour the girls - that's not fair. The Flo girl likes to gun down certain of boys. She reserves adjectives such "asthmatic" and "constipated" for them but never for the girls. Therefore, there is no respect for the judges.
    Charles can only grow. He is definitely talented and he is getting better. I like his presence as he is a warm person and respects others. I want to wish him the very best. He is the only reason I watch Singapore Idol. The SI is not worth following without him.
    Salut to Charles!

  25. I fully agreed with YangIndah.the judges seems bias.. always affirmed thegirls even at times they went off notes.Always running the guys down.Btw, Charles is humble and with sweet spirit never "fight" for power or with others.That's Charles! These are marks of a good role model and Idol for others to fllw.

    Beside that he always do his best for every show for his fans.He is multi tanlented and very diff from the other contestants.He is the Only one that can sing and beatbox.In spore who can do that beside him?He is also charming looking!

    I only watch SI because of Charles.My votessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss go to him and him only.So go for it Charles!

  26. I fully agreed with YangIndah.Nice guy can win and shd win too.Charles is Charles always sweet and humble in spirit.Mark of a good role model and Idol.

    The judges are rather bias..always bldg up the girls and running down the guys.Charles has many talents.I watch Spore Idol bcos of him.If he is not in SI i will not watch the show.

    Well done Charles! Dont be affected by the media and your haters.

  27. I completely agree with YangIndah. The judges i feel have eyes only for the girls, like example, they don't really comment much on their vocals but more on their looks, how they are dressed etc etc. kinda ridiculous eh? Somehow i wish the judges would just wake up for once and listen to the performance instead of going gaga over the girls. Ridiculous.

    I know charles does his best and will continue giving his best, my votes are all for you dude.

    Top 5 already, jiayou! And Charles fans! We gotta keep him in! So keep voting! Competition getting stronger and stronger.

    Will be watching you tmr dude. All the best!

  28. charles u might not sing like the best singer in the world , nor do u dance like the best in the world , but the feelings and emotions u bring into the song is just what singapore needs , we need not need a idol only pleaing to the female fans or female idols strutting their their stuff like men . what we need are sincere performances that showcases ur talents in the guitar and the beatbox . thats enuff . even if u dont win , u will go down as the most talented singer/performer in singapore idol history . no one can doubt tht . NOt even those critics or haters (which they call themselves) can doubt that . Maybe putting themselves in ur shoes will be better , but they are hust talksakes ... they cant even sing , let alone beatbox .Dont worry charles , u are still a winnner in our eyes

  29. charles! i think you did a really amazing job today. i could really feel you connecting with us the audience. honestly speaking i was really afraid that you wont be able to last through today. but! your jaw dropping performance really proved otherwise. you have once again swept us away. one suggestion though. try dedicating all the songs you sing to your gf, i realised whenever you sing to her you always do it splendidly. you're really a very different mould from the other contestants. dont ever be discouraged by what the judges say. FIGHT BACK! (which you totally are now) AND SHOW THEM WHAT YOU'RE MADE OF! (: BUT MOST IMPTLY, JUST REMEMBER WHATEVER THE OUTCOME IS SO LONG AS YOU HAVE SUNG YOUR HEART OUT, YOU'RE A WINNER IN OUR EYES! (: YOU ARE ALREADY IDOL MATERIAL. YOU ROCK BIG TIME! REMEMBER THAT. 'finally let the lord make you strong. depend on his mighty power.' ephesians 6:10.

  30. Among the guys, I prefer to choose you to go to Top 3 (together with the girls) - as you've the beatbox talent and have a more pleasing voice than Sezairi. Your singing is filled with sincerity even though you still needs to work on your diction. Sincerely, from a fan of the 2 girls.

  31. you rock charles! your performance last nite was great!dont be trouble by the judges unfair comments...they have favorites and they will never give you your deal merits.Just focus to do your best every week for all of us..your die heart fans

  32. charles should win .

  33. the judges are unfair

  34. dont worry bout the judges , u got talent believe in urself

  35. Yeah,agreed with those anonn above.
    You rock.
    You have got the talent.
    Dont let their cold judgements overkill your talent alright?(:
    Support you forever.

  36. charles you have done well! Your renditions are heart moving.Keep up the good work for all your fans and voters.

  37. Hey charles, i think you, sylvia and sezairi should be in the top 3. Sorry you had to be eliminated so that the judges could put their favourite tabitha in. You were great!

  38. Totally agree with Anonymous above.
    You,Sylvia and Sezairi should be the ones to make it in to top3.
    And the contestant whose name is call Tabitha should be out.
    Though her judgements were good,it doesnt mean that she will be good every rounds.I mean,how many rounds do we still have huh?
    It is down to top3 already.Liked for instance,
    last week,she was in the bottom.Now she was safe.
    But,who knows?
    She might be back to the bottom next week and it is very risky if she is the one to be the Singapore Idol.
    Anyway,you were great.
    At least you could play lots of musical instruments.

  39. CHARLES!
    You are a super duper nice guy!
    When i went to watch SI live on wednesday(021209)i almost cried when you were announced out!
    I looveee your beatboxing! Your like by far the first person i've ever heard can beatbox SOOO DAYMMMM welll! :D
    I hope that we WILL see more of you!

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