Wednesday, October 7, 2009

its IDOL DAY!!

8pm An Asian Feast
10pm Results Show
only on Channel 5!
(if you're reading this before 9am - do tune in to 987FM at 9am to catch Idol interviews with Tabby, Mae & Malaque!)

In honour of Idol Day today and this week's Asian theme, I dug up an old video of my two boys from Season 1, Taufik and Sly, exchanging Asian songs on a Channel 8 charity show :)

Everyone wanted a piece of them, even Channel 8! :) Check it out!

I have to say, I think both of them did pretty well in each other's languages - great renditions of both An Jing and Belaian Jiwa :)

I have always loved how when it was down to the two of them, both Taufik and Sly made a great effort to tell the public it was down to Rock vs R&B (it was their way of saying look beyond the race thing). It was their idea to go with that motto, and it just got infused in all the publicity material :) Cool eh?

They became good friends and supported each other all the way.

I hope whoever it boils down to this season, they will be able to evoke the same kind of support and emotion as these two.

Love ya lots to Sly and Taufik. Keep reaching for your dreams boys!

The other thing I wanted to say in honour of Idol Day is this...
Have you seen this trailer?

Its a pretty well crafted interstitial. But I think perhaps the 'Save The Girls' campaign has gone a little overboard. I admit, I did put the call out there at Piano Shows and then at the first Spectacular. But to hear the same nag so many weeks in a row....

I feel bad for the boys. They are not without talent. In fact, I give props to them all. Faizal has improved from way before and has a swagger and stage presence. Charles for bringing something different to the table every week. Duane for choosing to do Idol AND his O-Levels (this has GOT to be tough considering Idol's punishing weekly schedule). Sezairi for his amazing musicality. And Farhan, for keeping his chin up week after week despite less than encouraging comments from all over - he should talk to Jerry and Joakim who were in that same position in seasons past.

So peeps, lets stop with the girls vs boys, like someone in the comment thread said a few weeks ago - lets call it talent vs less talent (not NO talent).

Vote for your favourites tonight, numbers and song names are listed on the left sidebar. If you don't have a favourite - do watch the show and support the ones you think should go through!

xoxo, s.

ps. Catch up on my tweets/twitpics tonight at the studio, from about 7pm onwards! :)


  1. I LOVE YOU TRACY!!! :D (And to Scarlett & Seth, I love you babies too!) Couldn't agree more with your comments. People, please please PLEASE vote for talent! Don't be complacent k?

  2. Awww Justin! I heart and MISS YOU TONS too!:( see you tonight k...where will u be? backstage? out front? text me k! Aiyo..just realised...i should just tweet u :P LOL!

  3. Hi summer, I highly disagree with that statement "Farhan should ask advice from Jerry and Joakim".

    1. He doesnt sound 1/2 like them.
    2. We should stop comparing him to someone. Honestly summer, do you think he sounds like Joakim? Give him some credit, he sounds wayyyy better than that.

    But anyway, I agree with you that the comments are very mean and for such a young teenager to handle such pressure, it is indeed tough.

  4. hey JW
    looks like you've misinterpreted my statement. :)I was in no way comparing his vocals to J & J.
    I meant that Farhan should get advice from them on how to handle the kind of brickbracks that are being thrown at him because they were in a similar situation; ie how to handle haters and 'mean' comments and people saying he doesnt deserve to be where he is. It was tough to be in his position and these two guys 'experienced it' and 'survived'.

    Hope you get a clearer picture of what I was trying to convey?