Saturday, October 10, 2009

Singapore Idol Top 10 : Duane Ho

Duane Russell Ho, 16
15 January 1993
updated : 5 Oct 09

Spectacular 4 : A Tribute To Michael Jackson
Performing : The Girl Is Mine
Fave MJ Song : Human Nature
Voting details : Not available yet. Watch this space!

MJ Week Interview :

If you had 1 minute with MJ, what would you say/do?
Ask him to teach me how to do the moonwalk.

If you had 1 hour with him, what would you do?
Sing all his #1 hits with him.

If you had 1 day with him, what would you do?
I’ll follow him everywhere, follow his schedule and see what its like to live his life for a day.

Did you believe the child molestation allegations?
No, after his death all the truth slowly started coming out. Like, he didn’t bleach his skin. All this allegations is just media nonsense to make headlines.

When you first heard that there would be an MJ themed spectacular, what was your reaction?
And now that you’re through and will be doing an MJ song, how do you feel?
Actually MJ is not really my era. I only started listening to his songs from when American Idol did an MJ week theme. When I first heard about it, I was really excited because I remembered Matt Giraud’s piano version of MJ’s Human Nature. That performance had a big impact on me.
Now, I’m still excited and I’m hoping the performance will be more ‘me’. I’m singing a ‘boy’ song this week, so hopefully the judges will see more of ‘me’ in it.

What will you be singing and why did you choose to do that MJ song?
I will be singing ‘The Girl Is Mine’. I like the tune, its so uplifting and breezy. I tried to do Human Nature but it had too much adlibbing and so it didn’t work out. I haven’t decided whether to play the piano or not for next week.

Spectacular 3 : An Asian Feast
Performing : Dang Ni by Cyndi Wang

Asian Week Interview :
Who is your favourite Asian artiste?
Lucy Liu

Who's the sexiest Asian star in your opinion?
Lucy Liu (yes, we agree, she IS pretty hot!)

Who is your favourite Asian person?
Regine Velasquez (omg she is so pretty!)

Favourite Asian food?
Sushi! (in general, Japanese food!)

Favourite Asian destination?
Japan. So far I've only been to Osaka.

What Asian culture fascinates you the most?
Japanese culture because they are so amazingly patient and polite. There doesn't seem to be any rudeness in Japan!

What Asian trait are you most proud of?
Respect for elders. Western cultures don't really show this respect much.

What is the one Asian superstition you've held on to since you were a child?
Finish your food or you'll have an ugly wife

Random facts about Duane :
  • Duane loves photography, almost as much as he loves Beyonce.
  • Duane can do the super high octave scream/screech ala Mariah Carey
  • Duane was a child actor for Channel 8 and Kids Central :)
  • Is more kancheong about Idol than he is about his 'O' Levels.
  • Is super shy about the fact that there are girls screaming his name at the roadshows (awwww).
  • Is the baby of the Top 13, and everyone feels the need to protect and take care of him - in't that sweet?
summerr thinks you'll love Duane because :
He's like a big cute teddybear thats just so adorable when you meet him, then on stage...he starts to strut and does the 'bottle-pop' and you can't help but like the guy even more for his antics.
The minute the performance is over, he's back to shy, humble, awkward Duane.

Plus, the boy can actually sing. And from the buzz I hear, tonight's piano-accompanied performance of Pokerface is the most anticipated one - awesome!I'm definitely looking forward to see how he's gonna change it up.

In the meantime, here's a sample I got him to give me, PLUS, a full 'rehearsal' version that he did for Zaki at choreo. Bear in mind these were recorded last week, so he's probably improved leaps and bounds by now.

Lastly, here's the clip from his last performance at the Piano Show.

If you'd like to know more about Duane, check out his detailed profile here.

Find Duane online :

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  1. DuaneRussell's#1FanSeptember 23, 2009 at 11:44 PM

    You bet Duane improved leaps and bounds tonite - I was at the studio for the LIVE show and Duane ROCKED the house man!!!! The audience were singing along to parts of the song and he was super professional on the piano (of course with his great vocals too!!!) - Dick Lee (also a piano guy) was totally surprised - so much so that he has forsaken Susan Boyle at last!!!!

  2. Stunning and mesmerising performance last night on "Poker Face"...well done and keep up the good work:)

  3. Hey Duane hope you didnt faint after seeing Beyonce. The pictures are great posted by Summerr. How come you didnt get to bring someone to the red carpet event like Mae. She looked good with her husband on the red carpet check out the pictures posted

  4. You haters just have nothing better to do... REAL MEN dare to sing women songs AS WELL... cos they know they are not GAY and dont have to be pretentious to hide behind MACHO MAN songs to proof their manhood... Duane can sing any type of songs and he is looking at the challenge of singing the range or octave - It has nothing to do with being men or women songs... Stop this crap gay talk... PPLEEEEEZZZZZ!!!!

  5. those people with the mentality that a guy performer singing a song sung by a lady are really stuck in medieval times . it's called being versatile cave people , not being a gay .

  6. Whether he is gay or not it doesn't matter (nothing wrong being gay anyway!), I still love Duane for being such a sweetheart! Rock on Duane! (Not really liking your song choice this week but let's hope it works out)

  7. nice that he recognized another asian talent - ms regine velasquez of the philippines. good taste!

  8. Getting to the TOP 13 Duane has already MADE it and coming THIS Far right now at TOP 9, Duane is a WINNER!!!

  9. Yo Duane good job.good effort.Dnt care abt all the negative people say. They dnt dare say it in from of u and they dnt even dare put their real name.Good luck.

  10. duane....I think they got the votes mixed up....Why Nurul of all people is voted off not U, seh....Gosh, I'm sooo dissapointed.....U better concentrateon ur O level lah....Go & study ok....

  11. HEY. HOMOPHOBES. GO BACK TO YOUR HETEROSEXUAL INTERNET PORN AND LEAVE THIS BOY ALONE. THANKS. seriously, does it matter if he's gay? or fat? or whatever other characteristic that you guys think is ok to discriminate against? people are different, DEAL WITH IT.

    Duane, I'm not a fan, I seriously think you should pick better songs and get a lot of extra vocal training, but I really admire your guts and confidence, and it must be really stressful juggling so much work at the same time. You're a cool guy and you're NOT ugly. Don't listen to what these jokers are saying. A Song For You is one of my favourite songs of all time and I hope you do it justice. Good luck.

  12. Hey Guys! next on the elimination list will be another guy man......Who will it be??????? I can only think of Duane or Stitch..Duane! Better get your supporters to vote even more for you to stay in the race...Should it be a lady, then I think it will be belly Malaque. Sorry Duane and Stitch, but the truth will eventually arise.Just be prepared okay..
    An honest voter from Singapore Idol.

  13. Hey Duane,with your rich loyal fans giving all the support, I still wish you all the best in your journey to becoming Singapore's youngest Idol. I have to say that even if you don't make it through, which I honestly don't think you will, my advice to you is...keep the faith that you will be somebody in another carreer path. Good Luck anyways!

  14. hey fat baby, i dun tink u wld win singapore idol... there r other contestants hu sing better than u... but juz remember tis, bliv in urself n nvr giv up, even if u r KICKED OUT!!

  15. I think Duane needs a makeover and he will look good - i.e. put on braces and lose alot of weight.

    Personally, I don't have an issue with his looks - as I said a makeover or plastic surgery will do fine for him. The issue with him is - I can only think of his 2 memorable performances i.e. his rendition of David A's song and tonight's performance which I finds awesome. If Duane has been more consistent, I wouldn't have any issue of him winning. But what peeved me is he hasn't been consistent.

  16. plastic surgery???? nooooo. he doesn't need it. I think losing weight, and maybe braces, and that's all. he has a very pleasant warm face and doesn't need to change much about himself right now. he's still 16 so he's still growing, some guys lose a lot of weight later on. Bet he'll look like Justin Jap when he's out of NS lol.

  17. HE IS NICE IN PERSON . Andd , he's humbl and cute haha

  18. YO DUANE! I luv it when you sing songs while playing the piano! Don't care what other people say cos a whole lot of us out there know you've got a whole lot of talent! Keep going! Don't be afraid to dream!

  19. I wonder how he's doing for his 'O's.

  20. Oh my! Regine Velasquez is his favorite Asian person! :)) Well Regine is really really awesome. Wonderful voice and wonderful person. You should check her out guys. She's the best artist that Asia has ever produced. She's beautiful in and out.

    I just wonder how did she know Regine and why is she his favorite Asian person. hmmm...