Saturday, October 3, 2009

Spectacular 2 : A little review

wait ah, lemme get my coffee....
Aaahhh...much better... Starbucks Vanilla Latte always always does it for me... ;)

Ok, so people what have we learned from Spectacular 2? The Year I Was Born? Don't worry, I have coffee, won't be emo-ranting tonight hehehe. That kicked up a bit of a fuss didn't it? :) Nice to know the online community aren't sleep-reading my posts.

So last Wednesday's show saw the Idols singing songs from the year they were born - I loved seeing all the baby pics - especially the Judges' baby pics, no wait, ALL the baby pics! So darn cute cute cute - I was tweeting like crazy - didja all see my tweets/twitpics? Must go see k!

Eh did you notice that Gurmit's and Uncle Ken's baby pics were in the same 'pose'? That was HILARIOUS! :) Pity I don't have a screen shot of it one has uploaded the whole show yet :(

nevermind, we all sit and wait patiently k.

In the meantime, lets do a quick review!

Nurul : Walk Like An Egyptian by The Bangles
I guess the most common feedback I heard was that maybe she shoulda renamed her act 'Walk Like A Gypsy'. The tambourine did not help. I personally thought she looked great - flowy hair, flowy dress, kid boots - nice look overall. My only gripe was I couldn''t really hear what she was singing - words were muffled. But all in all, a pretty fun start to the evening no?

Judges said :
Dick – Worst performance so far, it was flat and I think the audience sang more in tune.
Flo – You sang like an Egyptian. You mumbled through the song however it was an energetic performance.
Ken – You sounded pretty bad and your persona is so forgettable.

Agree or disagree? I think it was a little harsh, but in general, we've seen Nurul really 'perform', so this wasn't her best la.

Justin - Together Forever by Rick Astley
When I was at the studio and I heard him sing LIVE, I thought, 'Oh no, coulda picked a better song maybe?', but then today, I watched it on Ch5 (the repeat) and I thought 'Eh, not bad wat, sounded ok, and he looked pretty good too - the jacket was shiny in all the right places!'. So how'd he end up getting the boot? No idea. Voter complacency perhaps? He definitely has good vocals. Perhaps it wasn't showcased very well with that song :(

Judges said :
Dick – You move awkwardly and you chose a song that needed you to move. You need to know what your best assets are and use them.
Flo – Rick Astley was geeky, awkward looking but sounded great. You are everything he was, but the voice.
Ken – You lack presentation and your voice is ordinary. You need to pick songs that are more challenging.

Agree or disagree? I disagree that Justin has an 'ordinary' voice. I think he has a great voice and he definitely can sing well. But I agree the song choice wasn't the best la. Then again, compared to the other song choices he listed, this one seemed the best pick :P

Tabitha - Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen
OMG I LOVED THIS! My fave part was when she friggin' tossed her hair! phwoar! loved the whole performance, vocals were strong, stage presence was there, loved how she sang to her Daddy. Only thing was hair was quite messy after the flip, but aiya small matter - awesome song choice, great performance - totally killed my buzz when she was in the 'unsafe' group - almost had a heart attack when she stepped forward - but phew! safe!

Judges said :
Dick – You see me smiling? That was just great! You sang it really well. You know I’m your fan!
Flo – You have put the Idol in Singapore Idol!
Ken – You have all the qualities to be in the final 2 but you need to be more competitive.

Agree or disagree? Did you see ME smiling (like an idiot? LOL!) Don't know what Ken was talking about here - Bohemian Rhapsody is SO a competition song. How'd she end up 'unsafe' again?! *scroll below for the story about how the Executive Producer of the show sent me on a roller coaster ride below*

Charles 'Stitch' Wong - You Give Love A Bad Name' by Bon Jovi
I truly enjoyed the start of the performance for this song. Charles did something very interesting - he sang the song to a Bossa Nova beat! It was really nice. Then, it kinda went a bit awry. The whole 'rock' bit looked a bit strenuous for Charles - probably because its not his personality to scowl and screech, both of which he tried to do with much 'garangness' but er, tak jadi la (cannot make it), but kudos to him for trying - really, the whole carrying the mic stand thing, good effort!
I would have preferred to hear the entire song in the laidback, 'quiet'-er bossa nova style though.

Judges said :
Dick – You give rock a bad name; that was just another gimmicky performance. Your voice does not suit rock.
Flo – That was a very confused performance. You looked confused and awkward.
Ken – Don’t do too much, let the audience know who you are through your performance. Don’t pick songs that need power.

Agree or disagree? Agree with most of what the judges said, especially Ken.

Sylvia Ratonel - Sweet Child O Mine by Guns & Roses
Wah, this is another performance I totally enjoyed. I thought Sylvia really became a rock chick for her song - and I liked the way she used to mic - very er, Bo Bice/David Cook/Chris Daughtry. She needs a little work with that 'stunt' still, but it looked goode! Keep up the good work Syl!

Judges said :
Dick – As always you look hot, but the performance was lukewarm. This genre is not for you.
Flo – That was not comfortable but it was an energetic performance. You will make it to the next round.
Ken – There was no improvement to build supporters. You need to be good every week, so don’t get complacent.

Agree or disagree? Disagree, I thought Sylvia did well. She handled the song competently, had a bit of a rock thing going, looked awesome, covered the stage. It was good.

Faizal Isa - End of the Road by Boyz II Men
I enjoyed this song very much. He was smooth and easy and confident. Faizal has a certain 'presence' and performing style on stage thats very accessible. Maybe its his cute face. His vocals, imo, aren't too bad either. Plus this was a great song choice on his part. For a 17 yr old, he's proving to be real competition for everyone else.

Judges said :
Dick – You are the most stylish contestant. Though your singing is good, it’s not getting better.
Flo – Another clever song choice, you glided through your performance.
Ken – Don’t pick songs that highlight your bad diction.

Agree or disagree? I have to agree a little with Ken here on the diction. I think he's got everything going for him - stage presence, style, vocals - except for the diction which could be better.

Fathin Amira - I Love Your Smile by Shanice
The way Amira ended this song - by going up to Uncle Ken and telling him that she 'loved his smile' .....waaaaaaah ....awesome awesome stuff! Couldn't have planned it better! Good job Amira :) that was a real crowd-pleaser move. Plus, you did the song well too. I heard some buzz on the grapevine that Shanice's (yes hello, the actual singer Shanice!) people sent an email to MediaCorp featuring a link to your performance (on youtube!).....HOLLYWOOD IS WATCHING! WOOT! Lets see if that turns into anything....

Judges said :
Dick – Why were you so flat in your performance?
Flo – That was a good enough performance, it was better than last week.
Ken – Today you look comfortable, but unfortunately didn’t sound as good. You should sing from the heart, and could do better.

Agree or disagree? I disagree with Ken and Dick, I thought she did sing from the heart. She looked like she was enjoying herself and it was a fun song. I prefer seeing Amira happy instead of emo (Hurt) or a bit ya-ya (Karmastition). Smiling suits her cos she has a great smile and when does smile she appears so much more approachable. And hello...Shanice called (emailed)!

Mae Sta Maria - 'Lately' by Stevie Wonder

I found (and always do find) Mae's performances to be very controlled. Its good, no doubt technically sound too, but sometimes I wish I could see Mae let it all go and just be freer. Saying that I did thoroughly enjoy her performance of 'Lately', its one of those songs everyone knows and loves. And she did it pretty well...

Judges said :

Dick – It was a very elegant performance, and it’s one of your better performances.

Flo – The girls are thrashing the guys!

Ken – You have to curb your anxiety to gain your composure; learn to control your song.

Agree or disagree? :) agree. nice one.

Malaque Mahdaly - 'Right Here Waiting' by Richard Marx
I thought Malaque did a great job on this song. She presented the right emotions throughout the song and I like (have always liked) the tone of her voice. It was a good song choice for her because it suited her voice and allowed her to showcase herself. But somehow, she landed in the unsafe group again, musta been stressful for the poor girl tsk.

Judges said :

Dick – You are very beautiful to look at and sing beautifully too, but need to put in different moods and levels to your songs.

Flo – You came back with a vengeance and I think it’s your personal best so far.

Ken – One of your better performances.

Agree or disagree? Agree, yay, good comments from the judges for Malaque!

Duane Ho - 'I Have Nothing' by Whitney Houston.
Imho, I think this song was a bit too big for our Duane. I liked what he did previously with Pokerface and also his audition song Mercy. But this Whitney song really is a big power vocal song, and Duane doesn't have that yet I think. But good try. Hey did he look rather tan to you guys? I thought he looked tanned, like he went for Sports Day or something. Or spray-tanned himself <---- doubt it! :p

Judges said :

Dick – What possessed you to sing that song? Songs written for women just don’t suit men’s different vocal range.

Flo – That was plain and boring. There was nothing I liked about it.

Ken – You have to try to be unique every week, because that’s your best bet.

Agree or disagree? I disagree with Dick because some women's songs work for guys, like last week's Pokerface and his audition song Mercy. Flo's just stating her opinion. Did Ken mean to be 'unique' like Gaga? *shiver* Be yourself Duane, we love ya just the way you are!

Farhan Shah - 'Love Will Lead You Back' by Taylor Dayne

I was looking forward to Farhan's rendition of this song because 1. I love this song, and 2. I heard him sing a little bit of it at keycheck and it was really good! Perhaps the screaming fans were too loud or he couldn't hear himself over the music, the live performance wasn't as steady. Havent gotten a chance to watch it back on TV/youtube yet, so will save my comments for later.

Judges said :

Dick – You are looking good but you are not a strong singer. The performance did not work for me.

Flo – I found the performance too whiny and you dragged out the song.

Ken – You need to be on par with the standard other contestants thus choose a simpler song you can handle.

Agree or disagree? Kinda agree based on what I saw. Complicated songs give everyone ample space to criticise and nitpick. A simpler song could be easier to 'perfect' and present without revealing any flaws.

Sezairi Sezali - 'Faith' by George Michael

When Airi said he was gonna be doing 'Faith' I had my doubts, but once he took to the stage and started singing, I realised hey actually not a bad song choice (I musta been blinded by my love for that U2 song!). I enjoyed his funky 'dance' moves and slo-mo walk to the music. Vocally he was competent. Good close to the show.

Judges said :
Dick – Your singing was really good.
Flo – You were comedic cool tonight. I did not know whether to laugh or enjoy the performance. Seems like you were trying too hard.
Ken – You need to have a bigger ego. You need to start listening to songs that make you shine. You have a decent voice, one of my favorites

Agree or disagree? Kanye West look out, Airi's growin' an ego here. LOL. I agree his vocals were good. I thought performance wise he was good too, but not really stand out.

*sorry about Farhan and Airi's pics y'all, I was snappin' backstage and had to stop cos they were running around here and there to get ready for their performance, so I didn't manage to snap any 'baby' pics with the two of them - so here are their 'wacky faces' instead (taken early to the request of someone on twitter).

For me, overall, the stand out for the night was Tabitha. Apparently her other song choice was a Whitney song, which would have been so predictable. I'm so glad she went for Bohemian Rhapsody and brought out all that attitude! Hail the hair flip!

My other favourite for the night was actually Faizal, I really enjoyed the way he sang End Of The Road.

What did you all think of the show? Who were your favourites?

The Results : My mini rollercoaster ride
Just when the lines closed, the Supervising Executive Producer of the show decided to have some fun with me. He told me to 'get ready to blog about this', its a 'shocker' of a results show.

I was frozen. I thought, oh no, another talented one bites the dust.

As Gurmit systematically sent contestants to safety, I was counting down who were left. He'd already sent Justin to one of the 'unsafe' chairs. I had assumed Justin would be safe, he was, after all, voted in by the public. So when Malaque and Tabitha made up the other 2 'unsafe' contestants, I gulped back my anxiety.

No way, can't be Tabby, not after that wicked performance earlier.

Gurms then made her step forward, and I swear I left nail imprints in Intern Syarif's arm cos I was clutching it so tight (didn't realise I had reached out to grab his arm until after cos I was so riveted on the monitor). Sorry Syarif :P

All this while the Exec Producer kept telling me things like, 'See, perform well doesn't mean you get to stay in the show', all this while leading me to think it was bye bye Tabby.

Wahlao when she was safe I was ready to brandish a parang at the cheeky producer! Wah almost heart attack k! His reply. "Hahaha, thought it would be nice to have some fun with you mah!" *kok*

Not that I want Malaque or Justin to be out, just that I think Tabitha's really talented and it would really have been such a waste to see her go out at the 2nd Spectacular!

Saying all that though, it was really sad to see Justin go. Really, really sad. He's become a friend, and we had loads of great chats. Plus I've gotten so accustomed to his quirky sense of humour, his Apple products and his random song bursts.

We will miss you Justin (see you at PSC rehearsals etc soon!)....

End of Spectacular 2 review.... would love to hear your comments about the show. Was it Justin's time to go? Is Singapore finally 'voting for the girls'?

xoxo, s.

ps. If Singapore is voting for talent - they just let one immensely talented young man go. I was surprised by his exit because I thought he had a lot of support. I guess so did everyone else.

pps. Catch the Top 13 Idols on The President's Star Charity show, LIVE on Channel 5 next Sunday, 11th October, at 7.30pm.


  1. So does everyone on Singapore Idol possesses talent? Cause reality is, week after week, one will have to go. By saying that "If Singapore is voting for talent.." are you trying to tell us that Singapore ISNT voting correctly? Are you trying to tell us that the others are not talented? Idk.. its weird but I know its your blog after all.

    Anyway, I just find it contradicting that you said you havent seen Farhan Shah's performance so you have to comment later, yet, in the "Agree or Disagree" segment, you actually knew what the judges said. So have you seen his performance, or not?

    Tabitha will not go out, she might even win the show. I am sure she and Sylvia will be in the finals. Haha.

  2. My bad, you said you havent got a change to watch it back. Nice entry, I agreed with most of your comments, however, I felt that Sylvia fell in the same category as Charles for trying too hard. Tabitha would have been like that if she did not score with that hot number. Oh wellll. I am a Tabitha, Faizal, Farhan and Sylvia fan. And you Summer?

  3. chance* feels like I am spamming hahahah

  4. :) don't feel that way, its good that you have commented. No havent watched his performance on tv. I get the press release from the promo people and they list all the judges comments for all the media, so I just copy and paste from there.
    I recorded it on my hubstation AND my mio tv box, but both cut off half way for some reason - must be some error in my programming schedule. anyway....i'm waiting for the whole show to be uploaded on youtube - fingers crossed that the guy who uploads every week will continue to do so :(

    oh wrt your comment about talent. of course they are all talented, otherwise they would not have made it thus far (top24, who were handpicked by the judges), but i guess what everyone is saying, from ch5's trailers to comments everywhere about talent is that, the best talent should be the last one standing - you have to admit some are more gifted vocally than others.

    Aiya, but ultimately, people can whine all they want (including me) but its the public that decides overall outcome. So whatever it is, just be supportive of the talent that goes through.

    despite my ranting, i still believe in the show and what a good platform it is, and I believe in the contestants. Its the voters that I sometimes find fault with because on the one hand you have so many people bellyaching about non talent going thru, yet these people don't pick up the phone and vote - its the hypocrisy that annoys me really. If you want to put out a comment and complain, make sure you voted you ass off first. :)

    that, my friend, was really the main gripe of my rant.

  5. hello summerr! thanks for the long and lovely post once again, I really enjoy reading your blog :D
    I felt spectacular 1 was better.. I dunno, maybe everyone was trying to experiment with new genres/looks and all so - Maybe it wasnt 'bad', but i probably wasnt used to it so it was quite hard to digest hahaha!

    looking forward to this week's show though:) Singing a song in another language probably shows how well you'll be able to adapt to another market. im rooting for sylvia and sezairi! what about you? :)

    question: does bottom three actually mean three lowest votes? because i thought tabitha actually has a lot of supporters. then again, it may be because her supporters didn't vote (though seeing her fanpage and all im not too sure abt that)

    thanks for answering!

  6. Good job Summerr :) Your reviews for each performance are excellent as they also include the judges' comments. Anyway, I disagree with the judges' comments on a few overrated contestants (but I can't mention names). Completely agree with the comments on Malaque, as she'd blew me away with her rendition of "Right here waiting". It was heartfelt and interesting as I don't remember hearing a good cover of that by a female singer. Anyway, I think Justin should have chosen other songs or "never gonna give u up", and yeah...I agree with you that Justin do NOT have an ordinary voice.

  7. Forget to add, I honestly agree with the judges about Tabby because I think she's really an Idol Material. I will be very interested to see how far Tabby will go after winning SI - so I hope she will not be in bottom 3 again this week. She may be overrated by the judges but well deserved since she's good looking and have the voice (unlike the other overrated girl). Well, Tabby FTW hopefully.

  8. I guess I agree with you summer :) Have to agree with the judges comments for some people though. I guess the idols do indeed have to take a risk when choosing songs, but nevertheless most of them were awesome! And NO justin don't have an ordinary voice I have to agree. Great pity he's out though..
    On a side note, I think your blog's really great and keep up the good job blogging :D

  9. "Its the voters that I sometimes find fault with because on the one hand you have so many people bellyaching about non talent going thru, yet these people don't pick up the phone and vote - its the hypocrisy that annoys me really. If you want to put out a comment and complain, make sure you voted you ass off first. :)"

    sorry summer, I can't agree with you on this. It is not fair when the talented ones go out, and it is also not fair to expect people who care to vote. If they care enough to spend money to express their love for a contestant, go ahead. If not, then why should they?

    It would be more hypocritical to pretend that we'd actually shell out cash to support a contestant when we wouldn't actually spend money to support the Idol's career after the show. We're watching a show, we're not paying for someone's career to advance. We have negative opinions, we're NOT paying to have more positive instead of negative opinions.

    Just because we care more about some contestants doesn't mean we care about them enough to actually part with hard-earned money.

    Lastly, some of us are just not that well-off to vote. But opinions are free. Let that be our civil duty when it comes to idol...kick up enough of a fuss so that OTHER people take notice and vote if they want. But if they don't want, then too bad lor.

    If people vote just because they want a talentless person OUT, instead of keeping a person they genuinely like IN, then that's just mean-spirited and pointless. Vote for people you really really love, and leave other peoples' favourites alone, please. And if you don't love anyone, just watch, have fun, and try to persuade others to voe for talent. Not having a favourite doesn't mean we can't have an opinion.

    And...Justin? Syltra? Both sucked the night they went out. Some of the others sucked more than they did, but they sucked, period. Good vocals are nothing when you don't sing a song people can relate to.

    Boybanders have GREAT vocals but no one cares about them right now because their music's no longer relevant. In the same way, I'm not obligated to vote for anyone just because they sound less like a wounded cat compared to Farhan.

  10. I agree about how you felt when Tabitha was in the unsafe group. People really need to vote for her cos the judges have said it she has put the idol in spore idol, you deserve to be in the top 2, I know you can perform any song....... a real star or singer is a person who can sing any type of songs these is what talent is all about. I really hope to see this young girl will make it through all the way...oh yes i really enjoy all your blogs and tweets.

  11. This so fun :)
    to anonymous #2 : bottom 3 = three with the lowest votes. But notice that Gurms did NOT specifically say bottom 3. He said unsafe group. Like I said in one of my previous posts - unless I hear it come out of Gurms' mouth - i don't totally believe that whoever is in the 'unsafe' group is really the bottom 3. Its possible that they are in the bottom group (as in the bunch with the lower votes), but not necessarily bottom 3. Obviously the fella with the least votes is there la, that one, cannot be manipulated cos the votes and show are audited.

  12. To Anonymous #3, haha, loved your comment - wounded cat indeed. Poor Farhan has really been getting the raw end of the deal hasn't he. Every season there's always gotta be one fler - Jerry, Joakim and now poor Farhan.
    I totally agree with you on the whole voting a talentless person out thing being mean-spirited - is anyone doing that? I don't think so la.

    And of course yes, agree that you are entitled to your opinions, negative or positive, likewise, i'm entitled to mine. :)

    Thank you for sharing - very well written and argued, hope to see more interesting comments like these - do leave your name next time k? Easier to reply - blur scrolling down to count number of 'anonymouses' :P


  13. Hi summerr,

    I am a big fan of Tabitha Nauser like you, i almost had a heart attack when she was in the bottom 3.
    Tabitha deserves to be Top 5 if you ask me, but than again it is just my opinion. With the way the things are going if she were to be eliminated during the Asian week or the week after i don't think the judges would want to use the 'safe' on her coz it is too early to do so and than again they might want to use the 'safe' on Sylvia or Mae coz they are one of their favourites. Hopefully she will get all her supporters to vote more for her if they want to see her progress to the next level. She has a huge fan base and i wonder if they are voting.

    So fan's of Tabitha let's just not talk the talk, let's walk the walk:)

  14. Farhan isnt that bad, really. I am sure he is something there he just hasnt come to his senses or something. We are all rooting for him cause we know he has something to bring to the table. Yes, you might be thinking we are some teenybopper but no. I am father of 2 and my children feels that he and Tabitha should be in the finales.

    I find some people need to have a comparison done to 'prove a point'. You do not need to bring someone down to prove a point. That is for Anonymous #3.

    Lastly, to Farhan Shah, your fans and I are waiting for you to step up the game. You do not deserve the cuts cause you were not the WORST those nights. You just need to get out of your 'thinking shell' as it seems like you were so nervous you were thinking about your moves, your hair, your notes.

    Put down the thinking, release your uncertainty, and make us all proud.

    Luke Ferrigson

  15. Yes, Farhan aint that bad, but thing is, the others are much better. Sorry for the reality check Luke. (:

  16. Well....just out of curiosity...which contestant do you think, does not deserve t go to the next round based on last weeks performance? :)

  17. Anonymous who just replied me, define much better. Break it down to me in clear details. And please dont include 'what the judges say'. E.g. Charles performance vs Farhan's last week's show. Or Syltra pitchy performance, not singing on key throughout, and bad last note vs Farhan's really bad last note.

  18. Summer, Im in australia right now and i cant vote for singapore idol for 2 weeks. AIYA and i cant watch the show too, i will be looking forward to ur updates.. please update FAST.. ahaha.. and whats up with the offical blogger? When will the "website" be back?

    im so looking forward to the idols singing asian songs. Most of them are my favourite songs :)

    Luke, from my point of view, Farhan voice is ordinary. I dont think Farhan will be popular 1 year later but Charles has potenial he can shine in the local industry with his beatboxing!

  19. He Ezekiel,
    Awesome that you watch all the way from downunder, yes will endeavour to update fast k.
    The Official blog is back up already! As of last night I think. Iz had some problems with bandwidth, but apparently its been sorted out so its all good again.
    Sad that no one has uploaded last week's episode on youtube yet. Am trying to see if I can get someone at Ch5 to help me get a copy and I'll upload it after. Looks like no choice, for now just watch wat you can from youtube :(

    Charles is already very very well known in the bboxing circle in Sg. He's one of the pioneers - he gives lessons! :)

    glad to hear you support the show - you can follow my tweets too to see whats happenng behind the scenes tomorrow at the studio :)


  20. Hey Summer,

    thanks for the quick update about ytd results
    im dying to see it at youtube later as im having class now(hehe)

    Thanks AGAIN :P
    Appriciate it