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Singapore Idol Top 10 : Nurul Huda

Nurul Huda, 21
5 November 1987
updated : 10 Oct 09

Spectacular 4 : A Tribute To Michael Jackson
Performing : Ben
Fave MJ Song : Earth Song
Voting details : Not available yet. Watch this space!

MJ Week Interview :

If you had 1 minute with MJ, what would you say/do?
I would just look him in the eyes and stare at him. Yes, stare at him for a whole minute, cos I can't do anything else its so unbelievable that he's there.

If you had 1 hour with him, what would you do?
Have a deep conversation with him. Ask him about his career, his transformation from child star to adult star, his life, how he copes with everything. I'd also ask him for advice and tips.

If you had 1 day with him, what would you do?
We'll go out makan! I heard he likes KFC, so we'll go eat that - that's cool. Just spend the day together, walking around, stroll along Malibu beach and town and just talk.

Did you believe the child molestation allegations?
No, not at all. It's just people trying to bring him down. Things like this always happens to good people.

When you first heard that there would be an MJ themed spectacular, what was your reaction? And now that you’re through and will be doing an MJ song, how do you feel?
First reaction : Happy. Its a privilege to sing Michael Jackson songs. And right now, people are thinking about him because he has just passed away, so its timely for us to be doing this. It gives us a chance to project our condolences.
Now : I'm very excited! It will be my first time singing a slow song in this competition.

What will you be singing and why did you choose to do that MJ song?
I will be singing Ben. Eventhough I had said Earth Song is my favourite song, but its not really a competition song. I chose Ben because I really don't want to lose my personality, I feel I can relate to Ben. Its a cute song, and I'm kinda cute. It's about a pet rat, and eventhough I'm grown up, I still have a tamagotchi, so its like I also have a pet. I'm confident I can do this song well, I think I can pull it off.

Spectacular 3 : An Asian Feast
Performing : Made In India by Alisha
Voting details : Not available yet. Watch this space!

Asian Week Interview :
Who is your favourite Asian artiste?
Ramli Sarip! I love his husky voice, its like we have something similar!

Who's the sexiest Asian star in your opinion?
Rini from Indonesian Idol!

Who is your favourite Asian person?
Zubir Said. He wrote the National anthem! :)

Favourite Asian food?
Nasi Lemak <--- woot!

Favourite Asian destination?
Mt Fuji, Japan. Since I was a little girl I've always wanted to go to Japan.

What Asian culture fascinates you the most?
Indian culture, especially Holi which is a day where they celebrate colour. Basically you dress up in white and get coloured when people throw paint and other colourings at you. By the end of the day, you should be covered in various colours.

What Asian trait are you most proud of?
Our nice hair, beautiful eyes and beautiful skin tone.

What is the one Asian superstition you've held on to since you were a child?
Cannot walk under people's laundry, its bad luck!
And always say a prayer before going to the loo!

Random facts about Nurul :
  • She only really started singing 2 years ago when a friend suggested she enter a 'Rihanna' sing-alike contest and won (and got to meet Rihanna in person! Woot!)
  • Has a keen fashion sense and always manages to wear funky outfits.
  • Is a huge Taufik Batisah fan.
  • Loves crackin' jokes.
summerr thinks you'll love Nurul because :
She has husky vocals that turns each songs he sings into a sexy song! Plus she's really good at changing up the arrangement to make the song her own, case in point, tonight's performance of this Brit Brit song will be different enough to give it an edge.

As a last minute replacement for MJ Kuok (he has withdrawn from the competition), Nurul had a lot of catching up to do at key checks, wardrobe, vocal training, shoot preparation and special choreo for the trailer shoots! Phew! Lucky Nurul is a fast learner :)

Here's the vid that Izked recorded after the Top 13 announcement was made that MJ had left.

Here's the vid I shot of herlast week during key check...

And last but least, check out Nurul's Piano Show performance and her Idol journey thus far.

Want more Nurul? Check out her Top24 Profile here for more Nurul...

Find Nurul Online :

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  1. Hi Nurul! Saw you on SG Idol on YouTube! You are simply fabulous! You gotta some fans here in Belgium! I told you long time ago that you should join Idol... see? I knew you can do it. Win or lose doesn't matter. From this experience you will find your inner strengths, be more aware of your limitations and accept it and acknowledge your gifts and talents with humility. I feel these are the most important lessons. But most importantly, be yourself, enjoy the moment and don't allow anyone pull you down. Have faith in yourself and let your Self shine! Hey, you're already in right? So why hold back right? Shine girrrlll... SHINE!! Lotsa love... from your cuz... I think you know who... :)))

  2. I LOVE YOU!OMG,i juz think that you are amazing.glad that you are back in the competition!

  3. I love you Nurul... Just believe in yourself

    From Ur fan,
    Tampines St 91. Blk 912

  4. Nurul, I guess U started singing when U are barely 5-6 yrs old, singing Ziana Zain song in front of JIns Samsuddin....HAHAHAHAHA ;-) Remember!!!

  5. sing ur best next more confidence and yes show singapore ur HUsky great voice...U can do it..Can't wait 2 see U sing

  6. I love when U sing disturbia with sezairi...Dat was hot...Ru guys 2geter??? U guys make a cute couple...HEHEHEHEHE

  7. nurul nurul nurul....Ur strength lies in your unique voice...Show off ur vocals....Show Singapore what u got baby.....

  8. Hi Nurul! Saw you on YouTube. They don't telecast the show here in Belgium. You are great! Wishing you all the best and good luck! Hope you still remember me!

    Your French fan from Belgium :)

  9. Wah!! Nurul U got a french fan from belgium...How cool!!!! Anyway can't wait for MJ night...I know U will do great..... ;-)

  10. Who is gonna be the next Singapore Idol? NURUL HUDA.....GO all the way, gal!!!!

    Please vote for talent, people... Nurul has a great, unique voice...Common' vote for NUrul...Vote for talent...

  11. I can't believe dat U are out....U have a great unique voice..U will do great...I believe in you...All the best...Never give up...

  12. I know this is kinda redundant already but......

    I wish Nurul had been a bit more assertive and not let the stylists dictate what she wore on the show. First it was bearing of shoulders, then her belly and belly button, and lastly her thighs (albeit they were slim).

    The DJs on the local Malay radio station were commenting on her attire from the smses they received. One DJ jokingly said perhaps the pakciks and the makciks were not keen to vote for her. How to make her a daughter-in-law with the way she dressed? haha... okay, okay maybe they dont even vote in the first place... but in a still relatively conservative Malay/Muslim community, it is not considered appropriate to show so much skin.

    I wonder if her dressing has cost her some votes, in a way that the older people (in her community) perceive her. Sorry if I am wrong but couldnt help wondering why she wasnt getting enuff votes since she performed pretty well last nite and didnt deserve to leave yet.

  13. That's what people were saying too... I was reading the tweets on Twitter because I really couldnt understand why someone like Nurul, with highest votes among the girls during Piano show round would be out so quickly... Especially since her performance was actually pretty good imo.

    So yeah people were speculating such. Some even expressed their distaste >:( So Im thinking that could have been the reason too. But I thought the idols decide their own clothing for the day?

  14. watever it is, she has an amazing voice...Ask yourself, do U wan people like Duane to represent Singapore?? Please is about talent...Is about being unique not WANNABES...Nurul has a lot of potential..If the makcik2 & pakcik2 out there don't like her dressing, then too bad...At least she is true to herself...Common' people, if U go to Orchard road or Tampines Mall, there is a lot of minahs who dress up more revealing than her...Is ok...Maybe is not her time yet...But, we will see more of NURUL in the future..She reali has raw talent...Nurul..JUst be true to yourself....LOve YA..MUaks....

  15. hey u did an excellent job! never give up. find your way to live on wit the way u want it to be even tho u're out of the competition ayte. tc sweeetie!

  16. I guess her fans were being complacent that night. I can only put most of the blame on the cost of each vote - S$0.60 per vote. Tell me how to vote so much every week just to keep your idol safe??

    And another big issue with Singapore is: they need to STOP voting for some contestants out of sympathy - this is not fair to contestants who are more deserving. Please try to learn from American Idol viewers who did not try to make Danny Gokey win. Actually I have no comment for Duane - neither like nor dislike him - he don't seem to have the idol star quality. But he can sing well while having a limited vocal range. Another person whom I feel is receiving some sympathy votes is Mae (you know her past experiences, personal story, pre-recordings and hubby receiving much media coverage - this has given her more edge over other contestants who have worked equally hard especially Nurul and Sylvia who seems to be low profile in the media and even here at Summerr blog.) Seeing Tabitha, Sylvia and Malaque having the tendency to end up in the unsafe group, I really wonder if Singaporeans like to vote for someone just because he/she has an inspirational story, experience or is an handicap? If so, they should better grow up - and learn from American idol viewers. Stop voting for contestants simply because you feel for them no matter how much they suck every week or even if their performance every week are ok but getting boring. This is not a charity show which requires us to do kind deeds.

  17. I also notice that the judges or host seem to be telling people to vote for Sezairi almost every week since the first piano show. this is getting quite irritating n singaporeans tend to always listen to such BS. No doubt he is good, but don't forget other contestants...ya.

  18. Yeah I think Nurul is quite daring for a Malay girl. I don’t think I have seen many Malay/Muslim? girl in a singing contest show so much skin on National Television. How come her parents never say anything huh? Never advise or anything.

    Oh..many Malay girls wear revealing clothes at Orchard? So that makes it ok to do that on National TV? Wahhh.... so good ah your argument. So now we can see Nurul strut down Orchard Road in her zebraaa printsss bigini lah!!!

  19. Hello dear Nurul, I know you don't need the "ooh it's ok you're out, but you're great" talk. But like I said earlier, the most important thing is that you are true to yourself and that you did your best. I am very proud of you. I pray for your success and happiness. Your fan from Belgium and France! Hugs!!!

  20. helooo..wat abt those gals from suria who wear skimpy clothes...her parents never object wat in the 1st place...who are we to condemn her...Is a singing competition...

  21. doesn't matter what she wear...what matters most is her unique voice..........

  22. iT DoeS MaTTer wHat She WeaRs. aFter aLL, sHe is A GiRL ConTestanT. ThIS Is SinGin coMpetiTion, NoT BeauTY PaGenT. BTw I sAw heR STaTUS AttAched LasT weEK, AnD WonDerED HoW CanHEr GuY LEt hEr wEar liKE ThaT.

  23. Isn't it the stylist who dresses them all up?
    If it's not, then I have nothing to say.
    It's her choice anyway.
    Appearance and style is NOT everything.
    It's a SINGING competition not a beauty pageant.
    But she has so much potential, it's a pity to see her go esp
    I just love her husky and utmost unique voice!
    Nurul, rock on yea!


  24. Hi Nurul, you were reaaaaally goood, was surprised you got out so fast :( Nvm! All the best in the future alright :) I am sure we will see more of you, at least we want to;)