Thursday, October 15, 2009

Idol out : Nurul Huda

Its the end of Nurul's Idol journey.

Tonight, Nurul gave us a very sincere and heartfelt performance of Michael's classic 'Ben'. Dedicating it to her younger sister, she sounded like she meant every word.

Tonight's Tribute to Michael Jackson was highly anticipated. The audience were super pumped - Iz and I were practically shouting at each other while trying to hold a conversation. We were sat in the audience tonight and boy, the atmosphere was awesome! Good job fans!

Just a foot away from me were Tabby's fans and they were absolutely crazy screamers - I got this pic off Facebook, courtesy of 'May Tan', thanks May! I am a little deaf right now.

Anyway, I digress, back to Nurul.... it was really sad to see her go. I felt she had one of the best vocals in the competition. It was unique and I loved her husky tone. Granted her diction wasn't spot on (as Dick had pointed out), but that could have been groomed (or is being groomed) along the way. Maybe the last two weeks' worth of less than spectacular performances gnawed at her votes. Either that or her fans just got complacent.

When Gurmit announced that the 3 idols on the stools (Mae, Airi and Sylvia) were safe, and the 3 standing with him were the ones who were 'unsafe', my heart did a flip-flop. I was relieved that 3 really good singers were safe, but at the same time, I didn't want Charles, Nurul or Malaque to go home.

Mae, Malaque, Airi and Sylvia broke into tears when Gurmit announced Nurul's name. They were all 'crying like little girls' in Airi's words. Especially Malaque who couldn't be consoled - see pic of Justin trying to console her - so poor thing, she was really crying her eyes out :(

Anyway, here's Nurul's exit interview with Idol TV host Jonathan Cheok.

Its uncanny how Jon spotted the fact that Nurul was the 13th person to join the Top 13 because she came in to replace MJ Kuok. And now, on 'MJ' week, she's the one to go. Twilight Zone much?

Here's her full exit song - you know how it always gets chopped off on tv cos the credits finish running. So I'm now making it a habit to record the full song - as a tribute to the ousted Idol and also for their fans. (Nurul decides to go out on a happier note and sang 'Oops I Did It Again'. Thank gawd she didn't sing 'Ben' as her exit song or she would have had us all bawling.)

Whatever it is Nunu, we love ya! Nurul fans, don't forget to catch her on Project Hope, this coming Monday, 19th October, LIVE on Channel 5 (and simulcast on some other channels too) at 8pm. We'll also be seeing Nurul at the Idol finale on 27 December at the Indoor Stadium, and again on the Channel 5 Countdown Show on New Year's Eve, so don't worry, we've not seen the last of her yet :)

Oh and yes, don't forget to catch Nurul's radio interview tomorrow on 987FM with Dan & Young at 9am.

xoxo, s.

ps. I heard Flo (as in Judge Flo) wanted to 'talk' to her - maybe she wants her to record something for radio? Woot!


  1. First ken said she was too gimmicky n prefer her to sing a slow song. Nurul sang a slower song. then he asked nurul wad singer she wants to be? -_-

  2. Sezari should have been out, he did the WORST in the night. he was pitchy and he started slurring and not make any sense which totally destroyed the song. Notice that the way he sings sound so fake, the tone is forced, it is not as natural as Farhan's or Faizal's. Farhan and Nurul were so robbed, Sezari should have been out.

    Not only that, he dares brag about originality. apparently the arrangement of 'his' thriller was done by this girl on youtube called Emily Elbert.

  3. Frankly speaking, NONE of the guys appeal to me in terms of their vocal potential. I see no reason why should any of them win since we already have 2 male winners for the past seasons. In fact, their dictions seems to sound very singlish. I was honestly quite disappointed by Faizal's rendition of Billy Jean, I expected it to be exciting but it either sounds singlish or karaoke. However, I give him props for his dancing, he's a good performer.

    Nurul is a raw talent who is robbed. I now place my hopes on Tabitha, Sylvia or Malaque (who can be the darkhorse) to become the next Singapore idol.

  4. I kinda agree with Falcon. In fact, I think the first 3 (mae, sezairi, sylvia) should be the rightful bottom 3 to get the boot - However, Sylvia is the only one who does not deserve to be in this group, as her singing has been very appealing although she has a few performances that didn't stand out very well.

  5. Yesss, I agree with the anon who agreed with Falcon. rofl

    To angie, "I see no reason why should any of them win since we already have 2 male winners for the past seasons." are you saying that since we have Hady and Taufik we should overlook male talent and because of that, look for a female one? Isnt that besides the entire point? We should have a female Idol CAUSE WE WANT TO. OMG.

    whatever you guys, Farhan Shah and Nurul are out, I am putting hopes on Faizal, Sylvia and Tabitha. Maybe just maybe Duane.

  6. I think what Falcon is very much agreeable. Sezairi was awful that night and didn't deserve to stay. Nurul should have stayed for another round to the very least.

    Btw, I watched Emily's video waaaay before Sezairi RIPPED it. So much for being original. It's so easy to do things like this on Idol. Aren't the producers doing something about it. I mean, they're working in the media industry after all right?

  7. Actually I thought Sezairi's performance was quite good. It was different at the very least. I thought it was really original... Right until I read this page and found out it wasn't actually his own. Oops.

    But anyway I thought the girls were disadvantaged, a little, since they were all singing guys' songs...

  8. If they are versatile singers then singing songs regardless of who they were sung by wouldn't be a problem.

  9. Honestly, it's getting irritating that the judges or host keep asking people to vote for him almost week after week. He and Mae actually have limited vocal ranges but they have been unnecesary pimped. On the other hand, Tabitha and Sylvia are the ones with much wider and amazing vocal range that can do different genres of songs - honestly, I've to agree with the judges why they should win - although they were not my early favourites. It's only after their subsequences, I know they can be groomed and what they can be capable of. Nurul is another raw talent who is a strong contender to win - but it's sad that we lost her too soon, she should at least be in the Top 5.

  10. but, the problem is:
    Sezairi did not credit the song and make it like as if he was the one who re-arranged it.
    So much of being original.
    Just like what Ryan Lee did.

    I am very disappointed in Sezairi.

  11. Hey hey... There is a possibility that he didn't know about this arrangement right? After all, this arrangement isnt that well known among the music community...

  12. But, the arrangement is COMPLETELY and EXACTLY the same.
    How can it be coincidence?

  13. It'll be sickening to see Mae win or even get to the top 3. She seriously doesn't deserve it. Hypocrite.

  14. What makes you say that...?

  15. errr...i listened to the girl's version of thriller on youtube and it sounds nothing like sezairi's. just because it's both acoustic doesn't mean it's the same. that's like saying kris allen's heartless was ripped off the fray's cover. the emily girl's one sounded good, and sezairi's was a bit messy. and emily's one is PURELY acoustic, while sezairi's was not. I think that should clue you all in that sezairi actually did try to come up with his own original cover but didn't manage to make it sound good. don't be quick to assume that it's a ripoff just because they're both guitar covers, ok. of course they'll sound similar to some extent, they're covers of the same song, DUH.

  16. To the anonymous at Oct 16 2009 11:28pm, I can honestly relate to how you feel. I am now very worried about other girls like Sylvia, Tabby and even Malaque getting the boot earler than Mae. No offence to Mae, I think she went this far also partly because of SYMPATHY votes (for being the oldest and 'disadvantaged' to have come from Australia and was a 6-time Australian Idol hopeful - as her fan probably feel). It's getting irritating when some of her fans can give all sort of excuses as why she should be added to Top 13 or should stay longer than other girls just because they kinda sympathise with her situation as much broadcasted by the Mass Media about her family, Fanciful story (from Singapore to Oz to Singapore), her passionate love for Michael Jackson, etc etc. However I am not doubting her honesty, she's open about sharing everything abt her life and struggles - but this does not mean we should vote for her because of this. And this also does not mean she is really sincere in person. When Nurul was announced that her journey ends, Malaque was so shocked and cried her heart out - it's rare to see her reacting this way, as Malaque tends to be a straightforward person who don't mind offending others (so I'd think she has more sincerity). Since Mae only cried after Sezairi, it can speak volumes that she may be pretentious. Really, I am very very bummed that Nurul got booted earlier than her - I have believe in Nurul's unique vocal which can also be versatile. Now that she is out, my votes will go to TABITHA or SYLVIA. However, I would also be happy if Malaque will be a dark horse (if Kris Allen can do it, why not her too? He made good use of his ordinary voice with his talent). That said, I want anyone else to win but not Mae.

    Anyway, her audition speech was quite turnoff - it said something like "I am trying at this SI competition to find out if Singaporeans love me enough to keep me in the competition, and eventually convincing me to relocate back......." - of couse this was honesty from her part - but it sounds very self-centred - as it's like saying that I don't win, I rather choose Australia as my home. Since she claims to love Singapore, WHY winning SI must be the only thing to convince her to stay in Singapore? If we prefer to vote for other contestants who connect more with us and really prove that they are idol-worthy winners, this DOES NOT mean we don't love her. You can have good friends, but if you suck every week or never improve, why should your good friend keep voting for you?

  17. To the comment above, what you said sort of reminds me that Ken said she lacks sincerity in her singing during the audition. So, it was Flo/Dick who let her in. Actually I thought she was quite good then. But subsequently, her attitude sort of put me off. Generally, her PR games are very good, use the media very well. She should by now be selling albums like Chris Daughtry who doesn't really have to win. That said, if we continue to vote out of sympathy, our talent industry will not be blooming.

  18. Can't agree more with you guys. Nurul also has the talent of rearranging songs and in fact, her performances were rather good. I personally think her vocal abiliy can be as good as Taufik's. If she goes on to win it, I can expect an exciting alum from her. I trust that she has a lot of potential and can be 'bigger' in terms of her unique voice and looks - So, it's a very great loss for Singapore Idol.

  19. I think there's no problem with Mae.

    I disagree with the people who have been putting her down. Don't say I'm biased cos I'm not a Mae fan but a Tabby fan. Just that I think Mae is talent.

    You guys say that she da da da da da. But she's a married woman with maturity and all that, wouldn't she be more sensible than to go there and use SYMPATHY to get votes?

    If you don't support her, never mind. Don't put people down cos you don't have the rights to. Unless you can sing as well as that.

    Summer, what do you think?
    You love them all right!!

  20. I think Summerr love everyone but she is a fair person who did a good job offering this space to allow people freedom of their expressions, as long as they do not use profanities and vulgar language. Duane suffers the most - just check out his profile page. He don't deserve this too even though I will not be voting for him, Anyone who is this competition has to face criticism, no one is spared.

  21. Have you even read forums during every American Idol season? Aren't their comments a lot more harsh than those over here? Blogs are also created all over the internet to make digs or spread falsehood on some American Idol contestants. But yet, their talent pool and industry is booming. Bottom line is: you choose to be in this competition which will put you into the limelight and be subjected to public scrutiny, the public will of course give negative as well as positive comments. So what is so special about certain contestant that he/she must be spared from a single negative comment? If he/she cannot take it, he/she shouldn't be in this competition.

  22. we don't have to follow shit from America. We can be more gracious, we can be less superficial, we can do our own thing because we are Singapore and we don't need to learn the ways of the west. Take what's good from them but we don't need to take what's bad. They want to do that? Their problem.

    Criticism should be welcome, yes, but unecessary flaming and overreaction to every single little thing? and no, it doesn't speak about whether the kids are weak or strong enough to take it, it speaks of OUR character. nothing to do with grooming the contestants to be tough in the entertainment industry, it has to do with making sure our people don't end up being jerkwads just because they can.

    yeah, of course the contestants should buck up and meet the comments head on...I'm sure they're able to, they're not children. the flaming doesn't affect them. they've got other things to worry about than faceless people on blogs and forums. It's those faceless people that should be doing the soul-searching, not them. they know who to listen to and who to ignore. they're not stupid.

    those who insist on flaming them still...hello, they're not affected by YOUR stupidity, you're wasting time, and you're ugly on the inside. No need to feel ashamed of yourselves if you don't want to, because no one gives a crap in the end. That's all, have a nice life.

  23. To anonymous at Oct 17 4:25pm, you seem to only speak up for Mae - what about the rest like Farhan Shah, Duane Ho, Charlene, Benjamin...the list goes on...etc??? If you think they deserve worse critics than Mae, you're also biased. I suggest Summerr could just close the comments feature. While she compliments and speaks positively for all the contestants, she is not obliged to defend a specific contestant. Kudos to Summerr for never taking sides.

  24. Hi there, wow I sure did not expect this many people to follow up on my previous comment. I was thinking, I dont really care about Mae, she seems insignificant in the competition.

    The sad thing is Sezari someone I thought is original, however, he let us fans down. To use someone's arrangement is pathetic. I hope the producers have something to say about this. Sezari doesnt deserve to be in the competition anymore.

  25. who said summer isn't taking sides?
    She deleted off few comments from SEZAIRI'S profile page because the comment was not in favour of her favourite's, I should say.

    If summer was that fair, she would delete comments off from Duane's page for I think the comment there are way too harsh.

    To Falcon:
    No point bringing up the whole point over and over again because they won't even want to do anything about it.
    Because it is not about whether he copied other's arrangement or not. It's more of Sezairi being talented, has a great sense of musician, versatile, great vocals, likeable etc etc.
    Other than that, people don't seem to take notice of his wrongdoings/mistakes/flaws.
    Imagine, if Sezairi is to be eliminated for the next round because of this, there are only 3 male contestant left in the competition.
    However, I would say the three aren't as strong vocally as Sezairi.
    I believe Sezairi would be in the competition a little bit longer before people would realise that Singapore do not need someone like him to be OUR Singapore Idol.

    Singapore Idol is a singing competition but just great singing is not enough. We expect more.

    Sorry Sezairi.

  26. I am not trying to start a fight orsomething but if you think Summerr is fair or not , its ur own opinion . We should be thankful to Summerr for giving us alot of info about SI and behind th scenes .. so its time to appreciate

  27. Pls guys stop this nonsense!.i think we shld be grateful to Summerr.Nway,i hope Malaque is reading this.Malaque,pls do your best tmrw n show more people u got what it takes to be a more serious.You go,girl.Jgn lupa undi MALAQUE!!If she's out,I am not going to watch SI anymore.

  28. People, can you just get off back the idol's back?
    Stop gossipping about them ald.
    If Sg wants them in idol, then it's settled.
    the results ain't gonna change just because of one of your pathetic complains.
    Please la, cut the act.
    Original or not, pathetic or not, Singapore still voted them in right?
    If you think they're not cut out for idol, then why are they still here? Tell me.
    Just get off their backs.