Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Only a half hour left to vote!

Its've got half an hour left to vote!
Quick quick, keep those fingers busy!

If you're out of credit or your fingers are all cramped out - check out my tweets/twitpics behind-the-scenes at the show. :)

Plus, check out Judge Ryry's critique of tonight's show here. In case you've forgotten, Ryan was our resident 'diva' here at Idol. He didn't make it through the Piano Show rounds, but is fondly remembered by the Idol family.

Just for fun, I asked him to play 'Judge' for me during the show so you all will have something to read and talk about while I'm at the show. :) Go check out his tumblr page for his critiques.

OMG...we are less than an hour away from knowing who's gonna be going home. sob!

xoxo, s.

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