Monday, October 5, 2009

Singapore Idol Top 11 : Farhan Shah

Farhan Shah, 18
20 December 1990
updated : 5 Oct 09

Spectacular 3 : An Asian Feast
Performing : Teman Istimewa by Taufik Batisah
Voting details : Not available yet. Watch this space!

Asian Week Interview :
Who is your favourite Asian artiste?
Taufik Batisah.
He's inspired lots of people around Asia, not just Singapore.

Who's the sexiest Asian star in your opinion?
Taya Rogers! O.M.G. When you speak to her, you will melt. She's an Instant Melter!

Who is your favourite Asian person?
Sleeq (Singaporean R&B duo). They are close to my age yet they can produce their own music, write their own songs - its quite inspiring - that you can start small and eventually get big!

Favourite Asian food?
Maggi Goreng <-- my fave mamak food too!

Favourite Asian destination?
Bali, Indonesia. Its so tranquil there. Just stand on the beach and feel the wind from the sea - its great!

What Asian culture fascinates you the most?
Peranakan culture. They're chinese yet they speak Malay and dress like Malays. I also like that a lot of their traditions and rituals are still in practice today and not forgotten. I also like seeing the true peranakans in their full peranakan attire. :)

What Asian trait are you most proud of?
Our law-abidingness :) Whatever the law is, we will complain, but we will still follow. Perhaps we are kiasee, but because of this, there's peace and stability (for Singapore at least).

What is the one Asian superstition you've held on to since you were a child?
Cannot sit on pillows otherwise your butt gets swollen.
Swollen like how? Like something bit you? Or the does your whole bum balloon? Methinks grandma just didn't want your bum to be where you face is meant to be :)

Random facts about Farhan :
  • Is one half of the Broom & Mop Show (Judge Ken said he had broom stick hair - wth does that mean?)
  • Ken also suggested he start a boyband with Faizal. That will definitely help pool all the female fans who have been voting for them like crazy.
  • Has an insane love for prawns. No, make that obsession. I suggested he go watch District 9, the movie where humans and alien prawns live in harmony.
  • He has been nicknamed FarHair due to his er, generous and often bouffant coiffure.
summerr thinks you'll love Farhan because :
He's a simple guy who like to sing. He's also a nice polite young man, although a little blonde around the ears. Ok, who am I kidding, he can be seriously blonde sometimes, but its endearing once you get to know him.

He received a lot of flak for getting into the Top 13 over some of the other more powerhouse singers like Jannah, but hey, Idol is also about garnering the support of the people who are willing to buy your album later on.

Here's the vid Izked recorded the night Farhan got voted in by the public into the Top 13.

Here's the vid I recorded last week, where Farhan gives us a sample of Bad Day.

Its a pity that no one loaded up Farhan's piano show performance. Its Ep 5 if you've lost count, so you can go check out the full ep, and fast forward yourself to Farhan's song. Click here for the post on Ep 5.

Can't get enough of the Farhair? Check out his top24 profile here.

xoxo, s.


  1. to ; DeeYanNawr (:

    Are you tone deaf? you must be one of the blind voters who are keeping out the real talents!!!!!

  2. to ; DeeYanNawr (:

    Also, you better check your eyes too.

  3. aw come on, he isn't so bad. i don't mind :) i like him :D why don't YOU check ur eyes first? ignore the haters... go all the way! ;p

  4. farhan,poor guy...not a big fan of his but he don't deserve all those harsh comments.boy,don't be so demoralized,if you aren't worthy enuff,judges won't pick you for top 24 in the 1st place,right?my advice:
    ignore those ppl than can bring you down. jia you!believe in urself!

  5. time for you to go home..

  6. I was like, why are you haters so obsessed with him?

  7. Well said Travis.

    You guys should just leave Farhan alone. I mean seriously. The guy;s got alot of guts to even be on the show in the first place, performing in national television every week and bracing the judges comments all the time. If you think it's that easy putting yourself out there to be scrutinized by the public then why don't you try it?
    Don't hate on him cause he actually has the guts to go all out and live his dream.
    AND he has the talent and looks as well. Otherwise the judges wouldn't even put him in the Top 24.

    Give him another chance.
    Fyi, i think he's alot better than Charles who has no vocal techniques whatsoever. And he's also better than Sezairi, who lacks the appeal.

  8. People, just vote for who you think deserve..Full Stop...No need to be such a bitch...

  9. I can't wait to see what's next for Farhan. He's going to own the rest soon.. we'll see.. I've been in RP watching him perform everytime and he is one of the best performers Ive come across in the country.. Its a little disappointing that he doesnt perform up to his fullest potential.. Still voted because I still believe that he is capable in doing something epic...

    Go Farhan.. please let out that stage persona who never failed to amaze me everytime...

  10. Yes, go Farhan, ignore the haters...those 'hater' comments are seriously a waste of good space. Don't be so bitchy la, just go and support your own favourites, no need to put down others if you don't like them. What more, don't even dare to put your name down.

    IGNORE THEN FARHAN - do your best!

  11. Hey Farhan,

    It doesn't matter if you forget the lyrics or go off pitch dude, all the voters are 100% behind you so take it easy man.

  12. Farhan you are the best and I really want you to read this words.Ken knows very well that you are real threat for him,as only you have full potential to be next Singapore Idol.That is why he going after you and you so much affected by that.Bloody man, he is afraid of you.Please don't make him win,we all support you!!! Take it easy and enjoy yourself on the stage!We love you!)))

  13. Farhan is such a lousy singer... he should huz pack up n go home... the reason is bcos he is not a gud singer at all, unlike sylvia or tabitha hu have de voices n de looks... frahna, i think he had better giv up n let de guls win...


  15. His singing is ok but very nasal and forgettable. do we need another idol winner who is probably only good at selling Malay albums? Likewise, a Chinese idol winner who can only sell Chinese albums is undesirable as well. SI winners should be competent enough to meet the demand of the international music market in order to do S'pore proud.

  16. Hey to the anonymous above WITH CAPITAL LETTERS!!!
    I think you have an inferiority complex.
    Whatever you just wrote, i think you are complimenting yourself,
    WELL DONE! lol

  17. To the person who cant write anything else but profanities,

    Just to let you know that Summerr has set some guidelines on the use of such words in her blog.
    Meaning they are NOT to be used.

    I dont like Farhan and I want him out soon but I wont stoop so low to use such words on him. It just shows lack of breeding. I dont blame your parents. Just YOU!

  18. whoever the SI winners are, they at least have alot of supporters. perhaps enough to be an idol to the many people.

    it plain brainless if you were to follow the comments of judges or people, etc. have a mind on your own. Farhan did well. none in SI has reach the peak neither have they reach the professional level.

    To critisize a contestant who is still learning and is improving week by week is stupid. If you want perfection, dont watch SI. Watch Other music television channel, etc.

    people should comment on effort and not the process. people dont even know the process these contestants go through. So are we in any position to say?

    the top 24 chosen are talented ones picked by the judges. There must be a reson why these eople are chosen by the judges. cos they are better than the rest. If anyone think that some contestants go for looks, they why are these people still in the top 24 or top 12? they cant possibly get to the top 24 with the looks only right?

    So these contestants do have talent. you cant judge based on 2 or 3 performances. time to use your brains.

    for haters, if want to hate by all means. but do it correctly with supported evidences and be someone who knows these contestants well enough to see every progress.

    if not, well keep your negative comments to yourself cos you're embarrasing yourselves even further.

    farhan is one of the progressing singers who has had awesome performancesin the idol auditions and way before he joined the auditions. ive seen him perform before he joined idol. hes awesome. huamans will be humans. mistakes, nerves, etc, are inevitable.

  19. he's out..full stop...

  20. haters, why you so obsessed with him? tsk. he's a good looking guy with talent AND coupled with awesome personality, he's a great friend. being on S.I doesn't mean everything really. i think he's better off with H.G.N, his band.

  21. ohyuh, i know you're reading this.

    so, don't cry cause its over. smile cause it happened (: much love.

  22. To All Farhan Fans Out There Do This Poll,
    Please Also Sign This Petition,
    & Join Our Facebook Group,

  23. Enough lah.
    farhan's out..
    face the fact.. no matter what you do, they wont bring him in.

    If you believe in him, in his talent and such, then you wont have to do such things. There are BETTER/UNCORRUPTED/RIGGED platform for him to achieve his dreams.
    Spare him some thought, even if he got back into idol, the judges will keep criticize him and that is not good for his self-esteem.
    I mean, we can always support him and he can always be famous via idol or not.

    ...AND we already have the winner.


  24. what the hell ? you people are so unreasonable ? come on , farhan is good . he has his own talent . maybe he doesnt perform well because his still having trauma on stage . imagine YOU performing on stage infront thousands of people . confirm nervous what ? grow up lah hor . eventhough he is out or not , its up to him if he still wants to sing . so , just shut your bloody mouth up and stop commentiong about him . thin your better than him ? go join SI then see if you can get through or not . Pfft -.-

  25. hey u good farhan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u my fan!!!!!!!!!!!!and ignore those haters i think they just jealous!! u still the best

    Ignore those retarded haters!
    It was really brave of him to actually go on national Television(mediacorp showcases in s'pore and m'sia). Although his out, he still doesnt wanna give up and even created a band! heregoesnoth!ng and his none other then the lead singer. IF you haters think he sucks(which he sooo does not) then why not go join singapore idol and see if you can make it to the top 11?

  27. Heyloo Farhan Shah! Ehys , HAPPY BIRTHDAY IN ADVANCE ! May ur wishes comes true(:

  28. ello...cute seii....anw,hope ur happy alwaes...

  29. Summer you are farhan's friend right, lets see that in one of your entries wishing him a happy bday. we fans wanna see that we love you btw summer thanks for all the work done for farhan and the rest of the idols!

  30. ? wished him happy birthday already, in person, with a big hug when i came back on sunday. :)

  31. he is really good looking,and omg he loves prawns?wat a coincidence,me 2!!!

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