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Singapore Idol Top 10 : Tabitha Nauser

Tabitha Nauser
23 February 1992
updated : 10 Oct 09

Spectacular 4 : A Tribute To Michael Jackson
Performing : Who's Lovin' You
Fave MJ Song : Black Or White
Voting details : Not available yet. Watch this space!

MJ Week Interview :

If you had 1 minute with MJ, what would you say/do?
I’d give him a long hug!

If you had 1 hour with him, what would you do?
Ask him to teach me how to dance.

If you had 1 day with him, what would you do?
I wanna join him on his concert tour. How awesome that would be!

Did you believe the child molestation allegations?
Nope, not at all.

When you first heard that there would be an MJ themed spectacular, what was your reaction? And now that you’re through and will be doing an MJ song, how do you feel?
At first, I was really excited cos I’ve always wanted to do MJ. He’s the best performer ever, second only to Beyonce of course ;)
Now I’m thinking, I definitely don’t want to screw up the song. He’s a legend, so I will have to do the song justice and raise the standards. I’m gonna practice my hardest!

What will you be singing and why did you choose to do that MJ song?
I will be singing ‘Who’s Loving You’. Actually I wanted to sing ‘Black or White’ but it’s the group song. It was a tie between the two songs and since ‘Black or White’ isn’t available, I chose ‘Who’s Loving You’. I saw Shaheen Jafargholi sing it on
Britain’s Got Talent and I fell in love with the song.

Spectacular 3 : An Asian Feast
Performing : Ting Hai by A*Mei
Voting details : Not available yet. Watch this space!

Asian Week Interview :
Who is your favourite Asian artiste?

Who's the sexiest Asian star in your opinion?
Rain - the abs...gasp! 'nuff said!

Who is your favourite Asian person?
Taufik Batisah. I like that he knows what he wants and goes for it!

Favourite Asian food?
Sushi. Especially Sashimi!

Favourite Asian destination?
Nepal - it's so beautiful. I really wanna go there.
Maldives - the sand is so white and the water is so blue!

What Asian trait are you most proud of?
Our politeness. We're generally not hurtful. Unlike most Western cultures who will just tell it to your face, we exercise a bit more tact.

What is the one Asian superstition you've held on to since you were a child?
My Mom always said, 'Never cross over (step over) anyone's legs or you won't be able to grow any taller!' <-- omg is that why I'm so short?!

Random facts about Tabitha :
  • Tabby blanks out, like literally sometimes, then snaps back to reality and will have totally not heard what you just said to her - it sound bimbo but its actually quite funny!
  • She loves to eat.
  • Her dad has got George Clooney hair! People in the audience were staring at him as he and Mrs Nauser sat right up front - they thought they'd seen Clooney!
  • Is an amazing singer - she can SOooo do Beyonce as can be seen in the youtube vid where she sings 'Emotions' (Destiny's Child). And I think she's the only one in this competition who really can handle Beyonce songs.
  • Stars in the 'Broom & Mop' show with schoolmate Farhan Shah (Tabby's the mop by the way) on YouTube.
summerr thinks you'll love Tabitha because :
She's got an amazing voice and she knows how to use it. She's also beautiful. Tabby's the kind of girl that's so gorgeous, you can't stop looking at her face. She's probably used to people staring at her.

Tall, statuesque even, (she has the best posture out of all the girls in Idol), she carries herself with a grace that belies her young age. But once you get talking to her, she's chatty and unrestricted (read : blonde moments).

But I hope people will see beyond the pretty face and really appreciate her vocals because this is where she really really shines. Powerhouse is the word.

This vid was shot by Izked right after she got into the Top 13.

This vid was recorded by me at last week's choreo session - sample of what she'll be singing tonight.

And last but not least, a look at Tabby's Idol journey thus far and her performance at the first Piano Show.

If you wanna know more about Tabitha, check out her Top24 profile here.

Find Tabitha Online :

xoxo, s.


  1. Tabitha,choose a great song for 1992=)
    I believe you can do it!
    make 1992ers proud yea?

  2. um...may i noe how ta find the broom and mop vid and the emotions vid...and..also the blonde moments thingy :) tq

  3. Hwy Summer Tabby is awesome and somehow my mom knows her mother not lying here hey im only 15 LOL
    she my inspiration i swear
    But I cant add her on facebook not sure why ?

    hahaah and the broom and the mopvideo is funnny
    are they like best friends or smething??

  4. Hey Lekha,

    Go into Tabitha Nauser fanpge and you will get there.
    And yes they are friends, they come from the same school.

  5. I Can Get To the fan page but i cant add her as a friend ? hahah maybe her friends list has exploded :P

  6. Hi Tabi, don't be discouraged girl. You have such a wonderful voice and excellent talent. Guess singapore is just so deaf and blind to a wonderful talent. They just dont realise that an idol who will be representing singapore has to be very talented. You sang so well and it a pleasure and delight to watch and listen to you

  7. Hello Tabi, Girl you just rocked singing a rock song!! For the first time I'm hearing a female's version of F.Mercury's hit. It was excellent. I think you have made your mark and will be very sucessful in this line. Just take this idol platform as a head start to a sucessful singing career. Love you girl.

  8. Tabitha,gd job with the yesterday's peformance!
    yr singing n' song choice was good but I was shocked to see that you were in the bottom 3 last night:(
    anyways,it's not yr fault,the voters are!!
    sheesh.. singaporeans really dun noe hw 2 vote!
    you have got talent ya' know! so voters,pls vote 4 her more la.. her voice really rocked last night leh!
    dun worry tabby,I'll vote 4 u more if they refused to.. I will vote 4 u a million times!! lol;P
    make 1992ers proud babyyyyy!!

  9. omg tabby!! u did the beyonce kneel!!( beyonce in halo tribute to mj)btw, keep up the good work. im sure that singapore will realise that ur a great singer..not to mention.., gazelle-icious too! :) keep smilin!

  10. um..may i noe where the blonde moments thing is??

  11. What a wonderful performance Tabitha. Keep up the good work.
    Bohemian Raphsody is not an easy song but you pulled it off girl.
    As your biggest fan i just can't wait for your next performance:)

  12. u r so stunning :) I hope you will be Singapore's carrie underwood or jordin sparks - as I think you will go far. Tabby fans, make this happens by voting at least one or two times for her even if you can't afford the costly vote of $0.60 - every vote counts!

  13. hi tabby you got the look and the voice but i was disapptd that you sang flat.Slyvia is better over all.sory

  14. To the anonymous above,

    Did the judges say anything about Tabitha being flat? Who are you to judge her voice, are you even musically inclined to pass such a comment like that? What i think is, probably you are in denial that Tabitha did so much better than your favourite Sylvia.
    So sorry......

  15. Although I am not a fan of anyone, I feel very inspired now to vote for Tabby (after being unable to get over her gorgeous looks leaving a strong impression). Also, I can see the sincerity and humility she has shown towards her fans and this competition. Furthermore, I need an idol-worthy winner who wants to target the INTERNATIONAL music market.

    Though I'm a Chinese, I do not want to see the idol winner being limited to selling only Chinese or Malay albums. Seriously, I really need a winner who can be marketable in the international music scene - and I can see this in Tabby who has a very good voice too. She may have less experience in being the most vocally competent one but the point of this Singapore Idol competition is looking for a Marketable talent to groom (Not a seasoned/professional singer). She has the talent equal to that of Jordin Sparks and can be trained. Her attitude has been teachable. As each vote is costly, each of us may only vote a little - so I hope Tabby fans campaign for neutral viewers or their friends to contribute at least one vote. FYI, I am also a woman and I honestly think some people need to get over their jealousy on pretty gals and look into the long-term interests of Singapore's born talents - because they are the ones who will fuel overseas demand. Without overseas demand for our music and talents, Singapore can never make it far in the arts and music scene - and our talents will never have the success enjoyed by Kelly Clarkson or David Cook. SO, we need to VOTE wisely, vote for the deserving ones (not handsome guys who will only be good in selling albums in their mother tonque).

  16. Correction to a spelling error in the last part of my earlier post:
    "FYI, I am also a woman and I honestly think some people need to get over their jealousy on pretty gals and look into the long-term interests of Singapore's born talents - because they are the ones who will fuel overseas demand.

    Without overseas demand for our music and talents, Singapore can never make it far in the arts and music scene - and our talents will never have the success enjoyed by Kelly Clarkson or David Cook.

    SO, we need to VOTE wisely, vote for the deserving ones (not handsome guys who will only be good in selling albums in their mother tongue).

  17. just to add - I really don't want Singapore to be taunted as a Nation which needs FOREIGN TALENTS.

    we must vote wisely, stop voting for the handsome guys only because you're infatuated with them.

    Vote for someone who can make it far in the INTERNATIONAL music market (not only just Chinese, Malay or Tamil) and make Singapore shine brightly on the world map.

  18. Carrie underwood was rather pitchy during her idol performances but has improved since winning AI. So, I definitely agree that one's attitude + ambition + marketability to succeed are very important qualities an idol winner should have.

  19. To Peiling, I am an avid AI fan and I'm not sure about you. But I know that Kelly Pickler is one of the hottest bombshells on AI and she definitely can sing. However, she was axed on the night she sang "Unchained Melody" when she was pitchy and out of tune the whole time. So what is your take on Tabitha now.

  20. WEll , HEY ! I agree to what LeeAnn said . 10/10 for her words . & Sis Tabby , All the best !

  21. Tabitha,good luck to you!
    all the best for tonight's performance:)
    dear voters,pls pls pls vote for her..
    she has alot of talent and I hope you do vote 4 her..
    Do make 1992ers proud =)

  22. TABBY!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!! I hope you win!!! :D


    I'M BETTING 500000000000 DOLLARS ON THIS


  24. Honestly, she's not that great....We will see who is the Spore Idol, huh???? Tabitha is just ok only....She is not dat unique...So, common.......

  25. Tabitha,gd job with the last peformance!
    yr singing n' song choice was good!
    luckily you were saved from the elimination!
    how glad I am:D
    anyways,nice song choice for next week's MJ tribute! gd luck 4 your next performance:)
    continue to make 1992ers proud!!

  26. To the anonymous comment above...

    if Tabitha isn't that great..the who is? And why?


  27. Its RIGGED la! tabitha will be in top 2 just like what ken said. winning idol?? wait for his future comments!

  28. So what if she will be in the Top 2 ?? An idol-worthy winner is someone whom I will grow to like and he/she doesn't have to my early favourite - and I can say honestly that Tabitha has won me over to be her fan - even though I often disagree with the judges and their favouritism. My favourites are Sylvia, Tabitha, Nurul and Malaque - I hope anyone of them be in the Top 2. And fyi, I am a married mom in her mid 30s - just in case people would like to generalise that most girls would vote for guys.

  29. Tabitha, You are always my idol. You got both looks and the voice. Even my dad asked me to vote for you every week. How sweet is that. You are the best.

  30. Forgot to add, my brother is so crazy about you as well. You are really one of the prettiest i have ever seen. And the voice, simply wow.

  31. Tabitha,gd job with yesterday's peformance!
    yr singing n' song choice was good!
    luckily you are not in the bottom this time!
    I'm happy 4 u:)
    anyway to the voters,tnx 4 voting this talented girl to keep her in this comp!! I also hope you guys will continue to vote 4 her till the end..
    make 1992ers proud babyyyyy! :D

  32. To Anonymous who posted on OCTOBER 7,

    You are absolutely right, I totally agree with you. Tabitha ain't all that. She's merely a singer who can carry a tune. I doubt she'll be the idol for this year.

  33. Whatever you said, didn't that also apply to some other overrated contestants. I think Tabitha is easier to be groomed and has the potential to be marketable and versatile, this show is about DISCOVERING Raw Talents who has the potential to be markeatble (Not a professional singer who does not need this competition) to be the winner!

    Tabitha will make a suitable idol.

  34. Tabby, thumbs up.Great vocals no doubt.

  35. i tink i see her somewhere before..was she from woodgrove secondary school???

  36. With a good vocal coach to guide her in making effective use of her amazing vocal range, she will go far.

  37. To Tabitha fans, rock the vote for Tabitha. She should be one of the Top 2 contenders to winning the Idol title. She has worked so hard with much sincerity. With her versatile vocal range and potential to go far, she will do Singapore proud. After all, Singapore Idol is a competition discovering Raw talents to be groomed (not professional singers). Even though she may make bold song choices that don't compliment her vocals, we have to give her props for trying to play safe and breeze through with safe song choices - She is working very hard. Both she and Sylvia love challenges, they are idol-worthy and don't need sob stories to win votes. Don't let someone else win by sympathy votes, time for us to stop doing this! This is NOT a charity show! So, lets bring Tabitha to Top 2, make this happen! Every single vote (whether is one or two) counts.

  38. Correction to my sentence: Even though she may make bold song choices that don't compliment her vocals, we have to give her props for not trying to play safe just to breeze through with safe song choices - She is working very hard and love challenges.

  39. Tabitha is a great singer, one of the better ones of the competition no doubt about that. She has the looks.

    But somehow there is something unlikeable about her, especially her personality. She gives off this vibe that she KNOWS she's all that and thus thinks she's better than the others.. work on that Tabitha, be more humble. And to appleton - what sincerity are you talking about that she's showing? I fail to see that..

  40. To the anonymous above,
    Her her personality is just fine.
    Everyone who knows or have met her personally knows that she is a very humble person.
    I don't think she is that sort of person who thinks she is all that or thinks she is better than others.
    Try to get to know her first before you pass such comments about her personality.

  41. Tabitha, WE LOVE YA. You are the best. You Must Win!! gooddd luck.

  42. Pls vote for tabitha tonight all. She must win.

  43. I agree w the anonymous above, who said
    Her her personality is just fine.
    Everyone who knows or have met her personally knows that she is a very humble person.
    I don't think she is that sort of person who thinks she is all that or thinks she is better than others.
    Try to get to know her first before you pass such comments about her personality.

    Tabby is so cheerful and all and though I haven't seen her personally, I can tell from interviews she does like the one with izked after she got into top 12.

    I think maybe she is you can say, more focused on the competition than others, possibly? Not super competitive but really gets into competition mode when on stage and stuff. Eg: aldo mv shoot, the attitude, so cool

    So please don't anyhow judge people cos you sound quite stuckup and think that you're all that cos you come across to me as that as well with your tone.

    Support tabby tonight!

  44. Tabitha,gd luck 4 tonight's performance!
    make 1992ers proud!!

  45. Stop judging people by the cover. And dont talk as if you all know her. She looks humble enough and i think she got a great voice. So stop trying to bring her down to those who are jealous by her presence.. Must be a girl for sure. Stop being jealous of those who are doing well in life. Get a life. Tabby, you are my sg idol :)

  46. My good friend , who is a best friend of her sis , told me she's kind of arrogant a bit when she got the tickets to c tabby. Well , idk about tht ..

  47. Hey anonymous above,
    In the first place you are such a coward for not writing down your name so don't spread unnecessary rumours about a very talented and beautiful person.
    You must ENVY her so much that you to have to write this down.
    Just for your info, your "good" friend,who is a "best" friend of Tabby's sis never attended any of Tabitha's performances.

  48. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  49. She's got the package without a doubt..but I think she need to be more inspiring. There's a certain spark missing.. I hope she finds it soon. Vocally she's alright. Her voice is pretty thin.. can be improved. Tabby's definitely a front runner.. really want her to be top 3 at least!

  50. Anonymous,
    Fans of Sylvia, like Ah Long San who is such an uneducated ass will bring her down! What a pity!!!!
    And just for your info you "Ah Long San" if that is your real name you can bet all you want Sylvia will not win! oh yeah and i bet your mum must be proud of you :( SOB

  51. Hi Tabitha,

    Don't bother about the haters out there, they just envy you so much coz you're the real deal!

    Go all the way Tabby, ftw!

  52. Wow this Ah Long San have no BALLS guess he didn't get enough love from his mummy dearest.

  53. I have voted 'Yes' in the poll to have Summerr moderating the comments. I think the comments made on Tabby were getting out of hand, people who has not known her as a person and experience her loving personality, simply made unfounded assumptions about her....

    While we should be enjoying free speech but some psychos abused it.

  54. On the spot LeeAnn!
    Why can't civilized human beings just leave this sweet 17 year old alone.
    This is a singing competition not a racial one.

  55. Yeah, gotta agree about this one! I appreciate Tabitha's sweet vocals, even though I am not a fan of hers. I don't think others should come here and use all sorts of racial insults cause they are invalid. Moreover, you are spoiling Sylvia's reputation by mentioning her in your comment dude!! Don't bring other contestants into this! And if you don't have constructive feedback, don't comment.

  56. have fun tonite and gdluck for this week mambo mania performance

  57. Hey Tabitha well done!

  58. hmm , in nt spreading rumours so dont say anyhow .

    Im Just saying what i heard .

    And I am no liar .

    My good friend was there okay :)

    She was on tv , holding tabitha's poster at tht time , sitting beside tabitha's sister . :)

  59. Tabby's Aunt said...
    Hey anonymous above,
    In the first place you are such a coward for not writing down your name so don't spread unnecessary rumours about a very talented and beautiful person.
    You must ENVY her so much that you to have to write this down.
    Just for your info, your "good" friend,who is a "best" friend of Tabby's sis never attended any of Tabitha's performances.

    October 23, 2009 7:06 PM

    Its true , Im just saying what i heard , i didnt say im assuming she is one .

    And i swear my good friend was here . I cn out the name but I dont want her relationship with tabby's sis end ok .

    My good friend was holding tabby's poster and she was wearin a white dress and she was in tv , sitting together with serena :) Im no liar ..

  60. As long as you don't put down your name or hers for that matter you're a just liar!
    And as i already told you none of her friends attended the show.

  61. I dont want Serena and my friendship to end if i wrote my name here .

    My good friend was there is the MJ Week . I dont even think Tabby is arrogant .

    Serena and my good friend are best friends . Im telling u serena's best friend ; raifana .

    Raifana attended the show because serena gave her the ticket .

    I have to tell the name so tht u cn believe and ask serena urself if she gave raifana the ticket..

    Personally , I knw tabby is great ok ..

  62. I just feel bad saying serena's bff 's name and i hope they wont end their friendship ..

  63. Um, to Tabby's Aunt,
    I don't think it's very fair of you to say that whoever doesn't put their name down is a liar. It just doesnt flow - So for anyone who leaves comments on Summerr's blog without putting their name down, their comments are automatically "lies" or invalid? Don't think so...
    That being said, no comments about the Tabby thing, I was just stating my opinions about the name issue.

  64. Can you people stop talking about attitudes but instead vote for the deserving talents whose music you really want to buy? Its so childish to attack the contestants for their slightest character flaws - no one is perfect! The problem with Singaporeans that they vote only for whom they feel sorry for or 'sayang' them in a pretentious way. Childish Singaporeans need to grow up! We don't see this happening in American Idol.

  65. To the anonymous above, true it is unfair of me to say that, i apologise.

    And to the anon above you, just for your info Serena does not have a best friend by the name of Raifana, sorry to disappoint you!

  66. Hello everyone,
    This Tabby's Aunt must have been made up. Just because everyone now knows the name of Tabby's sister they make use of the name to start something, this is so pathetic! If they think Tabby is kind of arrogant, this is because they just can't stand that she is such a nice individual and that she is moving along fine in the competition and that is why, they need to cook up about her character.
    Anyone who knows Tabby well will know she is a very humble and down to earth person.
    Fans of Tabitha to shut every one up once for all we should VOTE more for Tabby to bring her to the Finals.

  67. Raifana from 6 Creative , WDPS to be exact :) same class as serena .

  68. Hi Tabitha,
    thank you so very much for taking the time to talk to me at the road show. You are awesome, can't wait to see you on wednesday:)

  69. Tabitha all the best for coming wednesday's performance.
    Know you will do well and be assured that my vote is for you:)

  70. Hi Tabby

    Saw your video on the roadshow and the preview of your song for this Wed. Its one of my favourite song. Hope to see you rock the house with that song. All the best

  71. My mom knows Tabby's mom! It's a nice feeling, what with the fact that I'm only 11. :)

  72. Fill in the blanks!

    TA BIT_H A

  73. Im sure she will make singaporeans proud if she were to become the idol. Its undeniable that she has got the talent as well as looks.
    Tabby, please smile more. Im gonna vote as many times as i can next week. Supporters from all races please vote for this multi-talented girl.

  74. Hi Liza,
    Tabby has a smile to die for!
    I am with you, will vote for this multi-talented girl.

  75. she looks like demi lovato

  76. Hey Tabitha.
    You look pretty and everything but I really think what KEN said is right.Also,I dont think you qualify for singing

  77. @ Anon who wrote "Also, I dont think you qualify for singing"

    Are you qualified to judge how people sing? Think before you post something stupid :)

  78. Hahaha i totally agree with anon above.

  79. singapore idol judges want their fav to be in top 2 la.....if tabitha or charles win it, it would be a disgraceful win...cos one of them were meant to be out today but sigapore idol bent the rules for their fav. and we all know who their fav is... the name begins with a T...and ends with an A.

  80. Yeah.
    I dont really think Tabitha could be the singapore idol.
    This is just what I feels,just a remark which sounds insulting to Tabby's fans.
    I hope there is no offence.
    But really,
    you could try voting for others?
    Thank you and sorry.

  81. she is a little way too young to be the idol.

  82. Dear Summerr/Tracey,

    This is just my earnest request to you, so you need not to publish it.

    Could you please remove the above deframatory comments about Tabby? This is her fanpage.

    I really don't think she deserves such comments. Her performance this week was convincing, she would have been robbed if she got the elimination. I don't think she got the least votes.

    The above comments are totally uncalled for. Summerr, if you love all contestants, such comments should NOT be tolerated, thanks. I voted for moderation on your blog but if you allow such comments to be published, whats the point of allowing you to moderate the comments.

    Your action to remove the above comments would be much appreciated. Tabby deserves to go to Top 3, and I don't want people to discredit her.


  83. Dear Wendy
    Thank you for your thoughtful feedback, its reassuring to know that there are thoughtful people out there who support Tabby.
    The comments that you see published are but a fraction of what comes in daily, most of it many times more derogatory, and usually filled with obscenities which is why they have been rejected.
    This is Tabby's profile page, not necessarily a fanpage, although I understand how you would see it as such.
    My basic criteria is no profanity and extreme personal attacks. If its expression of an opinion, I tend to let it go, positive or negative, because everyone is entitled to an opinion.
    I'm glad to see her loyal fans stepping up to bat for her.
    Comment moderation doesn't mean only good comments go up. This is, after all, a public forum.
    I hope you will understand and not be too affected by what is really quite 'juvenile' banter up above.
    Thanks for reading the blog.

    ps. I decided to publish your comment too, because, its your opinion and it matters and it should be published. Freedom of speech ;)

  84. Truth and nothing but the TRUTHNovember 27, 2009 at 1:59 PM

    reply to the annonymous comment dated 7th Oct.
    if you have the means to bet $500000000000 that tabitha will win why don you put that money to voting for her? unless you don't sincerely think that she actually deserves it....?

  85. I totally agree with Summerr. Everybody is entitled to their opinion. Wendy may think that Tabitha deserves to be in the top 3, however NOT necessarily what everyone thinks AND NOT necessarily true :0.SHAME on you, "Wendy" for trying to get Summerr to remove that very wise opinion and insight on what happened in this week's results show behind our backs :[ tsk tsk...Summerr is truly wise and fair in her reply.


  87. I really didn't want to believe it, but tonight's show really proved that the judges favour Tabitha. It doesn't bother me who they favour, but i think SINGAPORE IDOL is really making a big mistake to show that they are trying so hard to bring their favourite to the TOP 2. Cos next year the people wont be bothered to vote at all if they feel that the show is rigged and that the votes don't matter. Cos then it becomes JUST a means to make money from the public. And not allowing the winner to be a person who the people truly love and wanna watch and listen to.

  88. I am sorry Tabby.
    I used to vote for you,
    but then I felt that Sylvia's performance is better.
    So iam changing my votes to her.

  89. anonymous said,
    Tabby u r a wonderful performer!I've always enjoyed ur performance more than the others.Don't care wat the judges or anyone says about u,thhe most important thing is that u nvr for a second let them change who u r.u U realli have wat it takes to be the next Singapore Idol.You are like a complete package.You have the voice and the looks.Im sure that Singapore and the Indians in Singapore r proud of u.Keep it up

  90. Tabby, you truly deserve to be the sg idol,, hope everyone votes for you,, you are a complete package that is the only one suitable to represent singapore. Do ask you friends and relatives to vote for you as well.

  91. hey tabby.. i think you will be the next singapore idol.. you have a lots of confidence whenever you're on stage.. i really hope that you'll make it through.. won't stop voting for you although had been lectured by parents to not vote more then two but wht the heck.. hehe so good luck

  92. Some of you say she's common.
    She might be common in a way or two.
    But unique in every way and everything she does.
    So I'm pretty sure she'll be the next Singapore Idol. And also our Singapore version of Beyonce. :)

  93. Because Tabby is popular, it's not surprising to see that she will have haters who try to bring her down.

    I have to admit that I was once jealous of Tabby for her youthful appeal and beauty. I didn't think or favour her much until her subsequent performances after the 1st piano show.

    Sorry to her haters, I've overcome my jealousy which would be unhealthy to my mind and soul. Life is much more than hating someone whom you feel is doing better than you in life. She may be blessed to have good looks, charisma and talents, but she also have worked very hard to win over people like me who did not like her initially.

    She is growing on me and now that she will get my votes, irregardless of how much you guys hate her :) Fans of other contestants are indeed threatened by Tabitha - and hence they are desperate to discredit Tabitha as much as they can.

  94. To Sarah who says "Shame on Wendy...."

    Dear Sarah, are you much a better person by namecalling others who try to defend Tabitha?

    Since you said that everyone is entitled to their own views, I'd also say SHAME on you (Sarah) who namecalls others.

    No one's comment or insight is exceptionally wise since everyone is entitled to give his/her own subjective point of view. Those comments that you deem as wise insights may also be speculations we ourselves are not sure of.

    Even if you think the judges are trying to show favouritism, people will still exercise their own critical thinking. They don't need people like you to tell them.

    Oddly, Tabitha has earned my respect for her performances and hard work to have come this far, despite the fact that she was not my favourite.

    Yes, Kudos to Summerr for allowing free speech.

  95. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE vote for this talented, young, beautiful singer!
    Do your part :D

  96. she can't dance so how can she be singapore's answer to beyonce? and her singing is not something to get WOW about as well.. but she is above average singapore talent nonetheless.. goodluck to her.

  97. To the anon who says "she can't dance.....", are you implying that only Sezairi and Sylvia both can dance ?? Go get your eyes check! No one can dance well...your favourite Sylvia is not perfect too though I guess you're refering to Sylvia whom you think can dance.

    We will assure you that your SYLVIA or Sezairi will NOT get a single vote from Tabby's fans (after Tabitha gets the boot), since you tried so hard to say such mean things about Tabitha just so she will get the boot and not threathen Sylvia's chances of winning.

    Be nice instead of resorting to slandering other idols just to make sure your favourite gets to Top 2. Your comments speak volumes about your character and cowardice - and are in fact tarnishing the image of your favourite (Sylvia or Sezairi) even though you dare not make known yourself here.

    Spend more of your life doing something more constructive than slandering someone whom you do not know but is jealous of.

    I dont know why u join the singapore idol cos u should be in the AMERICAN IDOL instead.
    u r my beyonce...weee....

  99. Please vote for Tabby!

    Every vote counts :)

  100. To Sena, dude chill out. I'm just reiterating what Tabby herself said in her VTR that dancing is not her strongest point (go watch again the last episode). I don't care if you don't vote for Sezairi or Sylvia, those two have the most loyal fans you can get in the planet. I'm just saying that people need to stop comparing her to Beyonce or anyone for that matter. Can't she be just Tabitha from Singapore instead? And I'm not slandering her for goodness sake. Go check your blood pressure now, don't want to be blamed for your heart attack. Peace!

  101. Yeah!!!! I Definitely agree with the above comment. Hey man, everybody have thier own individual views. And talking abt slandering tabitha becos the other idol fans feel threatened, then why do you keep slandering sylvia. Nobody mentioned anthing about sylvia. Are you sena (i doubt if that is your name either) threatened by sylvia that's why you feel the need to mention her?????

  102. To the person who replied Sarah, FIRST of all, I never Name called anyone. I merely agreed with Summerr that everyone is entitled to their opinion. Pls read carefully before accusing.;) SECONDLY, this is exactly what it means by "EVERYONE IS ENTITLED TO THEIR OPINION", when it is in MY OPINION that the comment and insight posted was indeed VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY (EXCEPTIONALLY)WISE. THIRDLY, when I said SHAME ON WENDY, its because she tried to influence Summerr ON THE QUIET to remove the EXCEPTIONALLY WISE comment(again, MY OPINION):). Its NOT NAME CALLING,(btw, do you know the meaning of 'name calling'?)LAST BUT NOT LEAST, this is where we put our comment and yes, people will think wat they want but I still have a right to post my comments here. Of course, with the permission of SUMMER. Again, kudos to Summer for her wise and fair reply and actions......Mmmmmmmm... "KUDOS" that word sounds familiar. Tabitha's relatives uses it very often. Well..maybe jus a coincidence.

  103. Truth and nothing but the TRUTHDecember 7, 2009 at 12:48 AM

    To Sena,

    For your info.. NOBODY is known here. Just like you using the name "SENA" nobody knows who you are. You could be...errrrrrrrrr..Tabitha's mother for all we know.. Same goes for me, I don't bother putting a name cos it makes NO DIFFERENCE, nobody knows who we truly are. I could be your SISTER, BROTHER, OR EVEN AN IN-LAW. So its very unfair of you to NAMECALL anyone a coward.

    The ANON did not mention anything about Sezairi or Sylvia, he/she merely mentioned that Tabitha cant dance. So why are YOU ATTACKING AND SLANDERING SEZAIRI AND SYLVIA? YOU are not being nice. Practice what you preach.

    And you even go on to say that you will ensure that Sylvia and Sezairi WILL NOT get a single vote from Tabby's fans after she gets the boot...I'm curious, how are you able to do that? How are you gonna ensure NONE of Tabby's fans vote for them, unless you know EVERY SINGLE ONE OF TABBY'S FANS and you control their actions. If this is the case, then its obvious that Tabby does not have many fans and they are NOT ISLAND WIDE, they are all people YOU know.

    And if Tabby does get the boot it wouldn't matter already, who people wanna vote for, right? So WHY would you be so SELFISH, PETTY AND CHILDISH to influence anybody's vote.

    Also, just because some people may prefer or support another contestant, doesn't mean that they hate Tabitha or that they are jealous of her. It just means that in their opinion someone else is better. Don't be soooooo...SELF-CENTRED to think that every vote for someone else is a sign of jealousy towards Tabitha.

    The ANON is very sincere and mature in his/her reply. Tabitha, herself said that she can't dance. PLEASE DO relax and not get all sooo worked up. You're only a fan, not a relative, right? I mean, we are all only fans, WE ARE NOT gonna win anything if ANYONE of the contestants win, right?

    Lastly, did you read the ANON comment clearly? He/she actually gave Tabitha a COMPLIMENT at the end. He/she felt that Tabitha was an "ABOVE AVERAGE SINGAPORE TALENT". If a COMPLIMENT like that is not good enough for you, and you insist that everyone thinks Tabitha is "PERFECT"...sorry, NOBODY IS PERFECT.

    SO happy voting everyone...

  104. Ummm...why Sena attacking Sylvia huh? Why she type Sylvia's name in capital, huh? Anonymous comment Never say anything about Sylvia, what. Sounds more like SENA JEALOUS of Sylvia. Sylvia innocent you know. Comments are all from fans you know. Sylvia never do anything wrong. People think Tabitha arrogant is their opinion ma...nothing to do with Sylvia. So I think Sena got little bit problem la.

  105. Tabby you will always be our sg idol. You have both the looks and talent to bring you far in life. Since you are out, im not gonna watch diz show anymore. True talent will never be recognised as long as there is jealousy, empathy and screetchin fans

  106. hey tabitha.. kinda broke down when found out you weren't in the top two.. i guess probably.. i didnt vote enough? i dunno that's for sure but tabitha, i really do hope you continue to live up your dream to be the next singapore idol next year i guess.. and i'll support you all the way.. to me, you're already considered as the singapore idol and is an inspiration...

  107. lol. tabby and slyvia fans fight. sezaire ftw. lol

  108. hey tabi i am your distant couzin jeevan
    my uncle brother married to you auty
    anyway hi

  109. @Sarah, I agree that free speech should be allowed. You are of course entitled to have your own opinion and the others are also entitled to slam or criticise or make any untrue speculations about Tabitha as much as they want to. But they are only being Subjective, not 'exceptionally wise' or fair as you claimed.

    You have your right of opinion on her but her fans also have their right to stand up for her when they don't feel those comments are justified or as good as flaming. For example, a comment goes this way on Tabitha's page "you could try voting for to others....", so tell me how this comment is being 'exceptionally very wise' in your opinion which is subjective ?

    Wendy may not be doing the right thing but she is a fan afterall. Try putting yourself in Wendy's shoes, if someone comments on your favourite or idol in the same way by telling others NOT to vote for your favourite or that your favourite was supposed to have the least votes but the producers rig or play cheat just to let your favourite go to the next round, how do you feel ?

    Please read the comments above Wendy's and explain why did you think they are "exceptionally wise" in your opinion ?

    Even though my favourite is someone else, I feel bad reading such mean comments on Tabitha's page. I think there is no need to slam and discredit Tabitha in any way. All the SI contestants are talented individuals in their own ways and they deserve to go this far. You guys can go on spamming this page all you want. At the end of the day, you are just wasting your time. In fact I find it very amusing that her haters bother to spare their time coming to this page to post stuff like that :D

  110. To Sarah, you are not namecalling but you were making a personal attack on someone by saying "Shame on you Wendy". You are allowed to say whatever you want. but this does not mean you are right also. You need reality check on yourself too, put yourself in Tabitha's position. how do you feel when people says such things about you and your fans can't be bothered to stand up for you?

  111. Now that Singapore Idol is over. Just move on with your lives and congratulate the winner. Those who dislike or are not supporting Tabitha, shouldn't be wasting their time to come to this page to post nasty or mean remarks about Tabitha. They should get a life instead of wasting their time hating on someone! Happy new year to everyone nevertheless. Look forward to Tabitha's debut album :)

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