Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Idols for We Are One

Love Lego?
Its Saturday, which means the Idols will be comin' out to meet you at a roadshow. Today's roadshow at Bishan Junction 8, 2 - 3pm, is extra special cos you get to do your part for charity too! This is the 4th charity outing for the Idols (previously PSC, Project Hope, Charity Carwash) how's that for giving back to the community :)

Here's whats gonna be happening today :
Your Top 7 will be competing (friendly wan la), with each other to 'sell' as many lego bricks as possible for the We Are One project. Each Lego brick goes for just $2. Simply purchase one (or more) from a Lego volunteer and drop it in the bin in front of your favourite Idol. The Idol with the most bricks 'wins'. (But actually we all win cos the money raised goes to a good cause :))

All the bricks will then go to Ion Orchard to be part of the Lego structure of Singapore Island. and construction started on Thursday til 17 November. All proceeds of the sale of the Lego bricks go to the Community Chest and the President's Challenge 2009. Check out the We Are One site here for more info on the project itself. Its way cool.

I won't be at today's roadshow, so everyone take loads of pics and post it all up on facebook so I can see what happened ya! And if you can, grab some cool vids too and Youtube 'em!

Hope you all have a great time today and all my love and support to the Idol Top 7.

xoxo, s.

ps. Psst! Look out for Malaque, I heard she'll be at the roadshow today :)

pps. Who else from the Idol alum did you spot at the roadshow today? Tell me here cos I'm kaypoh (and so wish I could've been there).

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