Sunday, October 4, 2009

Idol Roadshow Comin' Up at 4pm!

Stalk Your Idols
(and hope they aren't dressed like this! LOL!)

Wanna meet your Top 11 in person and tell them how fabby-dabby-doo they are or how they make your heart flutter? Or do you just wanna maybe shake their hand and give them a pat on the back?

Well, the Idol Eleven will be at Plaza Singapura is about 90 minutes to meet and greet you, their fans and stalkers!

Plaza Singapura
4pm - 5pm today - be there or be square!

I'll be heading down to Plaza Singapura too for the event, so if you can't make it down, you can follow my tweets/twitpics here :)

next up....
Last night my post included the print ad for Asian Feast. But its so small you can hardly see each Idol, so I've cropped and zoomed each one for your viewing pleasure (and laughs cos they all look so cute in their er 'costumes').

Howsabout we caption them? Add your captions to the 'comments' section. Will add them to the post if they're really hilarious! LOL! Mine are just whatever came to mind!

Sylvia : 'Char Siew Bao? Har Gau? Siew Mai? Henessey?' ( I can't decide if she's more chinese restaurant waitress or karaoke lounge waitress! But still so pretty!)

Sezairi : 'Nah, you want my roti prata?'

Nurul : 'Sorry ah (in a very gentle sweet voice), I talk to you later k, gotta go to the paddy field now...'

Malaque : 'You want 2, or 3 huge chillies for your curry ah?'

Mae : 'Sawasdeekaaaaa....'

Farhan : 'My chilli bigger than Malaque's!'

Faizal : 'My Korean cooking is sedaappp!'

Duane joining Iron Chef tournament!

Hi Dato' Charles :) (he looks so 'regal' and important right? Like a Malaysian Dato' !)

Tabby looks like Korean Barbie :) so pretty!

Amira : 'Haiyah! I karate chop up your sushi for you what you want?'

I wasn't there the day they took these pics. It was a 2-day shoot, so I was there on the 2nd day. Can't it to share THOSE pics with you guys - I got some pretty hilarious (and amazing too) stuff!

Anyway, what did you think of the 'ad concept' for this theme?

xoxo, s.


  1. excuse me.. you did not post about tabitha.

  2. YES. do not ever leave Her Royal Highness out. Even if by accident. You are subconsciously jealous of Tabby and even though you said nice things abt her in the previous post you like the other people better right!!! y nv post about tabby!!! this should be the Tabby blog ok!! she rox ok!!! She is the most most awesomest one in the competition. The rest are talentless hacks who're only there to make the show last 13 weeks! Tabby is sooooooo pretty and sooooooooo talented!!! Every1 else r noobs!!! We need another Beyonce!! No sir, just one is NOT enough!!!!

    =D jkjk.

  3. haha.. relax ar Anonymous #2. getting so emotional for what? I am sure summer does not did it on purpose. haha.

    if tabby was that good, she should not even have joined singapore idol to compete. producers, composer would have taken her in produce a album. You making it sound like as if she is the ONLY talented one in the competition. wth.

  4. to the latest comment posted above... i have to say that i agree with you.
    tabitha is good, but i dont understand what's with the recent hype about her? especially after the recent results show where she was in the bottom 3. maybe people are getting uptight over the fact that she's a good singer but consistently receiving lowest votes. thing is, do we even KNOW that she's receiving the lowest votes?

    i dont know - but i think this isnt being very fair to the rest of the contestants, some of which i think are just as competent. sorry.

  5. lol Anonymous #4...I'm Anon #2. I was making fun of the overzealous tabby fans lah. I'm sick of all this crap about Tabby being the best thing since sliced bread...she's good. but not THAT good.

  6. tabby is good but there are many other worthy dont play to the plot to over focus on her.

  7. i think that is happening now, by the media and everyone else. this is pretty sad. it's unfair!

  8. Hi just like to ask
    Could you get the ad for top 11 asian feast up on your blog
    Always only manage to catch last part of it on chnl 5
    Thanks that would be great if you could

    Anyway this post has made me so excited and look forward to SI this wed! Can't wait for Mae's nobody. Such a hit song among teens recently.

    Wonder if she can pull it off?
    I think she can hahaha

    Tabby Malaque Mae and Airi all the way

  9. tabitha i love you forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  10. Anon #2, you are so lifeless.
    we are just asking why didnt he post tabitha info and you came and do all the bird talking like,

    "was making fun of the overzealous tabby fans lah. I'm sick of all this crap about Tabby being the best thing since sliced bread...she's good. but not THAT good."

    she is very good. better than you. miles.
    so shut up. green.


  11. Excuse me since when has the Media, etc been focusing on Tabitha?
    If i remember clearly from the past shows, the hype has always been about Sylvia "the sex kitten" Ratonel and Mae Sta Maria.

    So just because people are slowly realizing Tabitha's talent, doesn't mean you can DISS her fans and her CAPABILITIES.

  12. chill chill people :)
    sorry its my mistake, was in a hurry to post cos had to rush to get to the roadshow and must have shut the laptop before the post finished loading - tabby's pic was the last one to be loaded.
    rectifying it shortly - hopefully my connection holds! pfft!

  13. If the public comes to terms and realise the talents in this show, then the Top 5 will none other be Sylvia,Tabitha,Mae,Malaque, Sezari/Faizal.

    Anyone agrees with me?

  14. wa wa waaaah. exactly what I was talking abt. I neither "dissed" all her fans or her capabilities. yet here I am, being accused of doing so. thanks.

    nobody is good enough yet, not even tabby. the reason why I think tabby is not good enough is that I actually DO have a life out of singapore idol and I know she's not someone I can imagine entertaining a crowd at a concert like seasoned performers do. It has nothing to do with whether I am better than her, it has everything to do about whether she's better than everyone else in the music industry.

    wasn't responding to anon #1 anyway. just noticed a ridiculous amount of "wawawaaaah tabby not getting enough exposure, mae and sylvia not as good as her but get more attention", blabla...come on lah. if she's really that good she'll let her performances speak for themselves. in my opinion, and apparently, singapore's, she's not all that great YET.

    notice the "yet". don't ask me to change my mind now. I'll get back to you if she manages to catch my interest sometime in the future. peace.

    anon #2.

  15. OMG!, where did this guy/girl come from?

    Tabby is DAMN GREAT!!!!
    She has been consistent in her performance and her vocals are strong and powerful, and oh yes her performance superb. Apparently you must be a fan of Sylvia or Mae no wonder you are so jeolous when the truth is out that she is good.
    Nobody is asking you to change your mind or opinion about her.
    And don't bother getting back to this blog coz your words are just a sore eyes. PEACE


  17. lol to sue:
    what's there to be jealous about? we all have our own preferences. liking one contestant more than another doesnt mean we have to diss others you know. and isnt it apparent that tabitha is good? he was just saying that she isnt PERFECT. nobody is. please.

  18. lol to anonymous above:

    Sorry to say that you don't get my drift!
    And in the future if you want to reply to me put down your name, i think it is utterly rude not to do so. please.

  19. Wth!!!!! to the anonymous above,
    did sue say anything about Tabitha being PERFECT? no she didn't and yes nobody is okay.


  20. Haha okay to sue, sorry about that. I didn't say that you said she was perfect. To be honest, nobody is. It's the competition itself that hones everyone's skills and presentation what. If not, they wouldnt even need to take part!