Saturday, October 10, 2009

Singapore Idol Top 10 : Fathin Amira

Fathin Amira, 17
30 July 1992
updated : 10 Oct 09

Spectacular 4 : A Tribute To Michael Jackson
Performing : You Are Not Alone
Fave MJ Song : I Can't Help It
Voting details : Not available yet. Watch this space!

MJ Week Interview :

If you had 1 minute with MJ, what would you say/do?
Smile and say ‘Michael! I wanna dance like you!’ and then dance for him J

If you had 1 hour with him, what would you do?
‘Michael, can you teach me how to dance?’

If you had 1 day with him, what would you do?
Spend the day at Neverland with him and ask him to give me a tour of the place.

Did you believe the child molestation allegations?
I totally don’t believe it. I believe MJ loves children. He believes in children and writes songs for them. Children are his inspiration. He wouldn’t do that to them.

When you first heard that there would be an MJ themed spectacular, what was your reaction? And now that you’re through and will be doing an MJ song, how do you feel?
Initially, I thought ‘OMG! This is my one chance to show off all my MJ stuff on a stage! Yes!’.
Now I’m just pretty much excited and looking forward to the performance. When we were young, my brother and I used to impersonate MJ’s moves, and now I get a chance to do it onstage? What? I’m so excited!

Spectacular 3 : An Asian Feast
Performing : Bakit Pa by Jessa Zaragosa

Asian Week Interview :
Who is your favourite Asian artiste?
Charice Pempengco. She's from the Philippines, and is only 17, but has a big, huge voice!

Who's the sexiest Asian star in your opinion?
Daeng Nurfaezah

Favourite Asian food?
Chicken Karaage (a type of Japanese fried chicken)

Favourite Asian destination?
Bali, Indonesia.

What Asian culture fascinates you the most?
As a Malay, I respect my culture, but the culture that fascinates me the most is the local Balinese culture. They are so very friendly and polite!

What Asian trait are you most proud of?
I like that Asians are generally very nice, respectful, humble and down-to-earth.

What is the one Asian superstition you've held on to since you were a child?
My grandma always used to tell me, when elders tell you NOT to do something, you should always listen, because they have an instinct that something may happen.

Random facts about Amira :
  • Amira likes to sing in the bathroom. (Who doesn't? The accoustics are fab!
  • She goes by the nickname 'shawty phat' online - aw what a cute nick.
  • Has a thing for hairstyles. Amira likes experimenting. She's had the Shirley Temple curls, corn rows, cropped hair and something that looked a bit like an afro (from what I can see on facebook!).
  • Has an awesome Facebook fanclub run by her incredibly enthuasiatic Aunt!
  • Her dad is a well-known and established musician - free vocal coaching at home!
  • Her facebook updates are crazy cryptic stuff that I still can't decipher (I'm thinking it must be the age gap thats stunting me.
summerr thinks you'll love Amira because :
She's a little Chillipadi Powerhouse. Petite and young, Amira is probably second only to Tabby in terms of 'belting' power.

I love her new look, but I hope she'll keep things young and leave the power ballads to Celine Dion and Whitney Houston. I prefer it when she plays up the youth card. Let's see what she does with Christina Aguilera's 'Hurt'. (see below vid clip for a sample)

This vid was recorded by Izked right after Top 13 was announced.

I recorded this sample of 'Hurt' last week at their choreo session.

Lastly, here's one more look at Amira's Piano Show performance and her idol journey thus far.

If you wanna know more about Amira, do check out her Top24 profile here.


  1. Amira,choose a great song for 1992=)
    I believe you can do it!
    make 1992ers proud yea?

  2. Amira,gd job with the yesterday's peformance!
    yr singing n' song choice was good!
    continue to make 1992ers proud!!

  3. Amira,good luck to you!
    all the best for tonight's performance:)
    make 1992ers proud!!

  4. Amira,gd job with the last peformance!
    yr singing n' song choice was good!
    anyways,nice song choice for next week's MJ tribute! gd luck 4 your next performance:)
    continue to make 1992ers proud!!

  5. GO GO GO AMIRA!!We will sing along with you!!!

  6. Amira,gd job with yesterday's peformance!
    yr singing n' song choice was good!
    gd luck 4 your next performance:)
    continue to make 1992ers proud!!

  7. I personally think she slaughtered "You're Not Alone", Michael Jackson must have been rolling in his grave. She was lucky her microphone was working better than the rest. If you all think she's going to be the next Idol, she better start brushing up on her English. Her diction is bad. To be the Idol and to represent Singapore, she doesn't have it. I wouldn't waste money voting for her. Go Amirah! Go Go GO GO OUT!

  8. Amira,

    I know you're doing your very best, there will be people, young & old, who will try to bring you down. You have such great ability to touch people's hearts and you have done so already. Your passion will take you somewhere higher even if you won't be the next idol.

    I do not know why the person commented before me is so sour about you but if you do read this, here's some words you:

    - There's plenty of people who don't like me
    But there's ten times more who love me
    And I love myself - from the song Happy Face, Destiny's Child

    All the best in your journey!

  9. AmIra..You arE besT sInger..WiThoUT a DoUbt..dont take this critic as a downfall. take it as a fuel that will drive you futher up the goals that you want to achieve. To me you are always our idol. you have make all of us proud without a doubt. week after week you shown that you belong this is competitions. week after week you improve and change...BelIeve in Yourself like we Believe in you that you are our next SINGAPORE IDOL..GO AMIRA!!

  10. To the Anonymous who said this

    "Anonymous said...
    I personally think she slaughtered "You're Not Alone", Michael Jackson must have been rolling in his grave. She was lucky her microphone was working better than the rest. If you all think she's going to be the next Idol, she better start brushing up on her English. Her diction is bad. To be the Idol and to represent Singapore, she doesn't have it. I wouldn't waste money voting for her. Go Amirah! Go Go GO GO OUT!

    Amira this is your Uncle, dnt bother abt the person who said this to you cos probably this person never achieve anything in his/her life since born so thats why he/she felt treaten by your presence.In addition to that its a coward approach, no names nothing, so basically this person is nothing la.Dnt worry abt u not having diction cos thats how Japanese, French and Spanish people are the most recognise race in the world cos they dnt give a shit abt not being able to talk English.They speak their language.So who ever this person is sour abt u not talking good english cos he/she is not even proud being what he/she is.The latter syok sendiri want to be english but still never get recognise. So dnt bother la, this latter takde benda la..Aiya..u can never get rich la listening to this kind of people.Its part of the entertinment world and u knw u have to accept these cheap comments.Whatever it is Im proud of you being this far and at this age u have tasted so much success and more will come for sure.Uncle Yan is here and everywhere to protect u.I will see u around.

    Signing off

    PS: The latter said "She was lucky her microphone was working better than the rest".We must thank this person cos he/she purposely adjusted your microphone sia.. so that Amira sound better.??OOoooo..baik ah.

  11. power ah uncle yan!!


  12. Amira.. Hell care to those peeps who give u all the crap negative post! It ain't worth it! Also its also part and parcel of being popular with lots of critism.. Its very common :). Anyways u did great back there with the show! I'll spend my money votting for u thats for sure!! Im ur biggest fan!! All the way Amira!! go all the way this time!!


  13. Dear Amira - GO GO GO GO!!!!!! We love you and we will always support you!! Cannot wait to see you on Wednesday!!! YAAAAH TRICK YAAAAAAAAH!!!

    Leny H

  14. Uncle... This is the 'latter'. Japanese, French, WHATEVER. Thats their language in their countries. This is Singapore, and we're supposed to be speaking the Queen's English(encouraged by the government). And let me point this out, you yourself cannot spell and speak English to save yourself. I'm an English lecturer and English IS the main language in Singapore. Your words actually humour me.

  15. Dear English Lecturer,

    You are a joke yourself. I do NOT give a damn if you don't vote. For one who is a lecturer, your mindset and comments are far from one who is humble and constructive. The contents of your comments are amatuerishly written and as good as one's English should be, you've forgotten that we live in a multi-racial society. And on top of that, as much as WE are to speak the Queen's English as encouraged by the government, maybe YOU can help tell them all we need to hire more ENGLISH speaking people instead of hiring people from everywhere else. SO if you think you have a problem with the local way of speaking, do what you're qualified for, TEACH US, SINGAPOREANS, TO SPEAK PROPERLY, NOT pinning one down just because they can't speak.

    Such a pity, someone so smart can be so shallow. Maybe you shouldn't be here at all, shouldn't you find something SMARTER to do?

  16. Yeah!! Go Go go Out of here Teacher!! Dont bother!

  17. Willy, why don't you join the lecturer instead and lay off this blog?

    If I'm lost or any supporters here who also are, just because they supported Amira, it is none of your concern. My purpose here is to give my support and give constructive comments. I am not saying Amira can speak well but we all know she is trying. If you can't see it, its none of anyone's problem either.

    We CAN LEARN to speak well, can YOU learn to be kind and thoughtful? What's wrong with you people?? Not enough hatred in the world is it?? Its a talent show, if SINGAPORE decides she's out, so she'll be..for all I know, she's definitely got a BETTER HEART better than YOUR BETTER ENGLISH!! And yes, YOU are part of this silly FEUD for voicing out!

    Grow up!

  18. LOL. A self-proclaimed lecturer and a small willy. 2 things we all wont need to make up for a better world. Yes, i refer to "them" as things. Coz things dont or cant think. Jokes aside..

    Amira has such a great voice. Its amazing such volume can be produced from such a small someone.

    Keep it up mate and ull do fine!

  19. Like I said, hear me out loud! Be educated!!!

  20. Hey Willy... I know it's been very hard for you boy. I understand where you're coming from... dun worry too much boy.. its only a name.. LOL

  21. hahaha.... poor willy.. U claim to be someone educated but the truth is u're just a COWARD hiding behind some fictious name... tsk tsk tsk...I rest my case too COWARD :) LOLLLLLL

  22. sorry but i tink u'll go out this week.. ur voice is gd BUT u leave no impression people could recognised with.. no personalities which connected with people.. and yea diction pretty bad too.. maybe u can try again the next round or try anugerah..
    cos everyone else have characters that peopel can easily spot but u dun..

  23. my take on Amira is dat she may not win the title as our idol. but i give her credits for giving wat she has and hope she'll keep working on her diction and personality. she's not the worst compared to previous seasons. this yr definitely stronger and better talents vocally.

    all the best, Amira. you seemed to be someone sincere to me and even if you got booted out, dun stop singing ok?


  24. I won't bother so much with these couple of people who dislikes Amira. Let them be... Afterall Amira will still sing and we will still watch SI and be entertained all weeks.....
    Amira your best like the rest and hope you will have great fun and get thru again...Good Luck Dear!!!

  25. Willy....

    calibur- no dictionary results

    educated?? NOT!!LOLLLL

  26. vanessa loves vampire diariesOctober 19, 2009 at 5:22 PM

    amira did not 'slaughter' You Are Not Alone. I think Dick was right in saying hers was the only performance that sounded like a tribute and i think MJ would be fairly proud. Plus, I doubt he's as judgemental as two of the commenters on this blog - willy and the professor. (Not that I know MJ personally, but he seems like a person with a good heart).
    Why don't we all use this space to encourage the idols instead of bringing them down.
    If you felt her diction wasn't good by all means tell her to buck up, but don't diss her.
    And hello, I think this is NOWHERE near zibbra preens. Ris Low (bless her for trying) was waaaay more disastrous - hey but she sought help which is applaudable, yet people refused to give up the jokes and the nitpicking.
    If everyone chose to be positive instead of negative, we'd all be better of.

  27. well said vanessa!! GO AMIRA!!!!


  28. Dear boys and girls,
    I know its easy to mudsling in a comment thread, but would like to appeal to you all to keep this about constructive criticism for the contestants.

    Please remember they are trying their best week after week in this competition. Positive feedback and good advice (be it positive or negative) goes a long way.

    Comments featuring derogatory remarks (on anything including sexual orientation) will be removed.

    thank you for keeping the blog lively, now lets show our idols some support k!

  29. Hello Summerrs, I guess you mean well, but if this blog should be left for the idols and encouraging them on, then you should delete the other threads instead of my reply to the anonymous and Lily who tried to be smart in replying nonsense to this blog....Their comments are still on this blog..If you realise, only my reply to the anonymous and Lily was deleted. Is there a reason for this??? I think it's only fair that you do delete the other threads not belonging to the idols' space or pertaining to the idols' comments and encouragement as you want it to be. Could you kindly do the necessary?? You want to keep it clean here right?? Support you will have for sure! But show your part in doing the necessary as well here.. Is that alright with you??? Lets be fair now!

  30. I love when you sing Bakit Pa..u sang it well!!

  31. Peace no war!!! There are better things to do than being self- indulgent!!
    All the best to Amira. Can't wait to hear U sing!!

  32. Amira,gd luck 4 tonight's performance!
    make 1992ers proud!!

  33. To A NEW Beginning!!! Good luck to your new journey after idol:-)

  34. Top 9 Babbbbby!!! Well done!

  35. To Uncle,
    All the big talk about go go go Amira! Now it has turned out to be....Go go go out Amira.
    Now that she is out like I said she would be...The poor girl has to face the world with your boastful comments and encouragement for her. This I hope will teach you to keep your mouth shut when you are supposed to. Didn't you know that by saying what you've said had put her in a whole lot of stress??? Goodbye Uncle!!!! No need to talk to you anymore! You're history!

  36. Dear sir/ madam who wrote the above,
    I really pity you. Basically, I think you do not have a life. I bet you have no friends too. Why? Because I think you are just mean-spirited and have a 'black' heart. I hope you will find love and peace in your life.

  37. Basicly he/she is a loser!! Get a life!

  38. Kudos to Amira for making this far..and to the person who wrote to Uncle, i wanna meet you personally..i dun understand your hatred, your grudges, and your if you have soo much unhappiness abt Amira, talk to me and show me who you are. I would be happy for you that you're happy she's out but you pushed the button. It was peaceful and positive until you started writing again.

    Awaiting your reply.

    To Summerr, I'm sorry if it gets a lil out of hand but I want him/her to stop making this page negative. I do not know what Amira did to offend this person but he has definitely offended me now.

  39. Amira, hope you will make adjustments in your life after the dissapointment of not making it to the top. Kepp on going coz your still young and have much to look forward to. Nothing else to say except to hope you will succeed in your future undertakings. Good Luck Chili Padi.. God Bless! Summerr, let's all give her a big thank you Amira's effort and performance to make SI a great show to watch and be kept entertained. Uncle and Lily, relax and stay cool!! Keep the faith and Amira will do well in some other steps of her career.

  40. to the one above my post,

    If there are more ppl like on Earth supporting every other human being, imagine wat a wonderful this place can be..

    thanks for your kind words..appreciate it loads..

  41. amira is a powerhouse, too bad shes given the boot so early in the competition. its probably obvious to many that her english is not exactly something to be proud of, but honestly its better than some other singaporeans.

    anyway shes only 17, she can learn to improve on her english. to the PROFESSOR.. hrrmph. whats the point of being educated if ure a rude prick? u may be smart, but really none of us want to have anyth to do w rude people.

    oh, and the part where we are supposed to speak the Queen's English, oh i totally see that when i go out on the streets. NOT. most of us may need to get some work done on our english, but u, my dear sir, you will need to work on your attitude. i get appalled at people like you.

    anyway to amira, i still think youre one of the better few. pls dont get disheartened and stop working your magic(singing, i mean), because everytime u sing, it makes me smile.