Tuesday, October 13, 2009

MJ : This Is It!

In honour of Idol's 'Tribute To Michael Jackson' week, check this out....
MJ's latest (and possibly his last, unless they unearth never-before-discovered singles lying around his house) single has been released! Have a listen - thoughts?

I kinda like it. I think its one of those songs that grow on you the more you listen to it. First impressions were just so-so, but I've now heard it about 5 times and its definitely catching on.

This Is It.
Discover The Man You Never Knew.
In Theatres : October 28th, 2009.
The movie that this song accompanies features all the never-before-seen(duh!) rehearsal footage from the concert of the same name. I actually tried getting tickets for his London concert online - but it was impossible. I was ready to fly there and bunk in with my bestfriend (who lives in London) for 2 days just to catch him in concert again. But it was not to be. I actually considered trying to get tickets for his Memorial at the Staples Centre, but everyone looked at me like I had sprouted another head. So ixnay on that idea.

Here's the trailer for the movie, coming to theatres at the end of the month - 28th October - for a short 2-week run only, so if you're an MJ fan or if you're kaypoh curious, better go buy your tickets now (apparently tickets have been on sale since September 27th! really meh?)

I'm definitely off to buy tickets some time this week to watch this (and engage babysitters too). A movie not to be missed for fans of MJ. You can check out the official site for the movie here.

Since its Tribute to MJ week, I'd like to share with you my favourite 'MJ Tribute' trailer. This trailer was done for the recent 2009 MTV Video Music Awards and I just love it. Take a look if you haven't already seen it.

Whoever came up with the concept was just brilliant imo. I loved the gloves and that little red heart-shaped balloon that floats up into the sky....sigh...

Dearest Michael,

Wherever you are, probably perched up on a cloud with a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken (extra crispy :)) ....I know you'll be watching the Idols this Wednesday.

We hope you'll enjoy this Singapore Idol tribute to you and your music .....

R.I.P. Michael.

xoxo, s.

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