Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Its Michael Jackson week next week! WOOT!!
So exciting! I'm super excited because 1. I'm a big Michael Jackson fan and 2. So are the Idols!
His songs are beautiful and I suppose with all the hype surrounding his passing, this is just timely.

Ok, this is quickie scheduled post cos its 5.30pm and I've got loads to do before I rush off to the studio in an hour!

These pics were taken last month at the big-ass trailer shoot (2 full days and 7 different concept trailers were shot) that the Idols did for the Channel 5 marketing team.

Everyone got dressed up as MJ for the concept trailer which will have probably gone on air by now. (someone upload to youtube it please!)

In the spirit (no pun intended) of MJ week, I've asked the Idols some questions and their interviews will be posted on their profiles this Saturday :)

six questions with summerr are :
1. If you had 1 minute with MJ, what would you do/say?
1. If you had 1 minute with MJ, what would you do/say?
1. If you had 1 minute with MJ, what would you do/say?
4. Did you think he was guilty of those child molestation charges?
5. Initially when you heard that Producers had planned a Michael Jackson theme, how did you feel? And how you feel about it now, now that you're here and doing it?
6. You've chosen to sing xxxx. Why?

Check their updated profiles this Saturday for their answers!

xoxo, s.


  1. your post is a scheduled post right?
    so, I supposed that picture above was done way before the results were announced?

    so, how did you ever know that farhan is going to be out?
    or, are you going to tell me that you/the promotion/marketing team did 11 different pictures?

    please explain.

  2. I think that the producers are biased towards tabitha. Severely biased. How can the contestant with one of the largest facebook and twitter followers, who churns out consistent good performances, always be in the unsafe group? Reverse psychology to garner more votes is an emerging possibility

  3. Dean,

    facebook and twitter are free. voting, however, is not. tabitha is also a poly student, and schools have a large number of internet-savvy students who are vocal in their support for fellow schoolmates, but need to save money to top up their ez-link cards every two weeks. farhan has a large following too and he still got voted out, no bottom 3 manipulation there.

  4. Sorry to say, someone needs to drop the conspiracy theory which is getting stale. I can see that Tabby's fans are NOT rich enough to vote for her - they are only students! In fact, $0.60 is already too costly to me who is a working adult - my goodness! Time to stop charging so much, otherwise it will keep the talents and we'll be left with the undeserving ones who were backed by their rich supporters. And yes I agree that Farhan's supporters are students too, unlike the rich supporters of someone from down under.

  5. Time to stop charging so much, otherwise it will keep the talents OUT and we'll only be left with the undeserving ones who were backed by their rich supporters.

  6. YES. agree with Dean.

    Stop voting for Tabitha because no matter what she will ALWAYS be safe.
    Even if she were to be eliminated, the judges will sure to save her.
    So what's the point in voting?

    Might as well help those Earthquake's victim.
    I mean no point voting because it is not us who determined the winner.
    and you know, I have an idea. Why don't the SI producers make a point to donate part of the voting money to the Earthquake's victim.
    For example, 10 cents(or if they think that is too much, 5 cents) of every votes goes to them (the Earthquake's victim)
    It not only encourages more people to vote but it serves two purposes.
    Helping others who are in need and also realizing someone's dreams.

    Oh well, what's the point of wasting our money to help just one person to realize one dream when the dream's of thousand others has shattered, you see..

    and well again. What's the point of voting when there are already a clear winner?

    What's more can I say.
    We just wait and see.

  7. Personally, I have strong gut feelings that the judges will save Mae Sta Maria (because of all the 'drama' and the attention she has gained from being added to the Top 12, plus her experience in Australia Idol and her hubby who flew from Australia just to support and vote for her - if they don't save her, her supporters (her hubby and friends from down under) will cry FOUL loudly, the Ang Mohs are quite typical. So, they think it'll be better to save her and then let voters decide later in the competition as whether she is worthy to win it all.

  8. Think of her good PR skills, she seems capable of promoting herself through her myspace page, on summerr blog (as well as TV, etc) and thus is very good at convincing and pressurising the judges and producers to add her to Top 12. Lets see, I won't be surprised that she'll be one whom the judges will save.

  9. to anon#1, how do you expect summerr to explain? its obvious she did this post before the show. grow a brain la. I'm sure she just did some random collage - if you can count, look again there are only 9 contestants in the picture. who are YOU to ask for an explanation? your tone is so rude - she's doing a service for readers by scheduling her posts and giving you insights while she's not even at her computer (probably interviewing the idols for you people!) and all you can harp on is farhan's missing picture? get a clue, its not on purpose!
    and to the other conspiracy theorists - give it a rest for goodness sake.
    agree with eel, 60cents is too expensive. I'd vote more if it were 30cents.

  10. Anon#1 and Dean are just jealous of the contestants who are able to return for the next show...and therefore, they try means to come out with conspiracy theories that are not even constructive but only stopping Singaporeans from voting. Summerr, I urge that you gotta stop these lamers from telling others not to vote. If we watch the program or are fans of it, I see no reason why we shouldn't vote at least once (perhaps not more than one) for our favourite even though it's expensive. Each vote from one person can contribute to increasing someone's chance even though we are not oblige to vote more. If we're not even trying, how do we know if our vote don't make a difference. Anyway, if the judges choose to save Tabitha, I don't mind as I really feel she or Sylvia deserves the save since they'll be marketable based on their appeal (not only because of their singing) - and FYI, I don't necessary have to like them. Though I am NOT a fan of them and never like listening to the judges, but I gotta admit that they have won me over with their attitudes. I need to think for the interests of Singapore.

  11. Also, I'd like to add that I hope the judges would not save Mae though I can't control their decisions. I just feel that she lacks the sincerity and seems to be desperate for attention. She has an ordinary persona that has been overpromoted. Are we SO pathetic that we need an Australian Idol reject to win?? She's good only because she has received more vocal training and experience than others. But she don't have a distinctive appeal in her looks and voice. At least, Amira has a girl next-door appeal or Nurul with reese lookalike appeal and voice that appeals like rihanna.

  12. This contest is about popularity - whoever get the most will win. While I can't deny that most of the girls are more marketable and talented (especially Sylvia, Tabitha, Nurul, Malaque and Amira), I can anticipate that they will get booted out sooner than the guys - this is sad. As last night's results were encouraging to have shown improvement in the Singaporean voting pattern, I haven't given up on the show yet. Among the guys, I hope Charles and Sezairi (Airi) stays longer as they are the only talented male contenders who can bring something interesting to the table every week.

  13. Correction to my first statement - it should be "This contest is about popularity OR who has the RICHEST supporters - those with the richest supporters will win - this will be a sad fact."


  15. anyone remembers Sylvester who seems to have rich parents and families?

  16. i really dont believe tabby is again at the unsafe group.She is good though still have areas to improve on.Really appr summerr can clarify and adv what's the definition of "unsafe" group?Thank you

  17. 2 theories which I deduce about her being in the unsafe group - (1) many people are jealous of her being pretty and having the package; (2) she could be put into the unsafe group to pressure her fans to vote more for her (I hope #2 is NOT true because this is a very unscrupulous, unethical and lame strategy used by Mediacorp - which can do Tabitha more injustice - seriously they ought to be transparent about the votes.

    If Tabitha really receive less votes, we can at least understand if jealousy from the viewers is the most prevalent factor in causing her that spot.

    While I personally think that Tabitha needs a good vocal coach to bring her good voice to another level which will make good use of her vocal range to sound more heartfelt in her singing, she is very likeable and has grown on me - so I don't see why she should get the least votes. As a woman myself, I am even able to overcome my jealousy because of her appeal and potential.

  18. sezairi need more fans. I can't believe more people haven't been voting for him, he is a not just one of the most talented ones left, but he's actually a unique talent. He isn't quite like any other past idol or musician that I can think of. I don't think he has a huge loyal (or rich...) fanbase, and has been surviving each week on the strength of his performances only. this week was nice, but not great. he needs to really stand out if he wants to survive based on the casual votes.

    all the best sezairi. I hope he goes far, and I hope the judges save him even if the audience doesn't.

    MJ week should be cool, but IMO sezairi, sylvia and nurul are the only ones who knows how to add some extra stylistic oomph to their singing. the rest? karaoke... prove me wrong ok.

  19. All of you people are just talking about this conspiracy and that. For once rewind your Hubstation if you have recorded the programme or watch the repeat this Sat. Cant you guys see the poor girl's face? Please lets be focused here for a moment. She is talented and she deserves to be in the top 2. She is always in the unsafe group no matter how well she does because of insufficient votes and not because of some bloody conspiracy theory. Mediacorp is not so sinister to do such things to a person. Please remember these contestant are human beings and they do have feelings just like us. Stop attacking them and just vote for them base on their talent. Stop the politics just to help your favourite win.

  20. i don't think there's a conspiracy to put tabby in the b3, nor do i think she deserves to be in the b3 compared to some of the people who were safe, but i completely understand why people don't want to vote for her.

    she's talented, she's gorgeous, she sings on pitch and looks great on stage. whatever. she's boring. when she tries to not be boring, like last week with Bohemian Rhapsody, she looked gimmicky and inauthentic.

    I don't want to vote for her just because she stays on pitch and looks amazing on stage. I want to see that she has worked hard for that performance, and worked it well. Big voices are soooo 90's. You need more to impress people nowadays.

    I'm not asking people to keep on voting for the "safe" ones because those people aren't exactly great performers either. But unless Tabby steps it up to set herself apart from others, she won't gain any more fans than she already has. good singing and good looks can only get you so far.

  21. *sigh* all this talk about conspiracy.. idols with rich voters... blah blah blah... no wonder MJ (as in Kuok) and his family decided the best thing was to step down, else although he has the entire package (voice, looks & talents), in case he wins IDOL, he would be tagged as being a winner becos he has ULTRA WEALTHY relatives who spent thousands $$$$ and voted him in and not becos he deserved the spot!.... so sad.... I wish people would just allow the "winners" (stayers) to feel like they earned their spot each week becos they moved their voters to vote, be it 60cts or $600.. afterall, it is beyond the stayers' control if voters are willing to part with their money - so please dont spoil it for these IDOL hopefuls who have worked so darn hard to get to where they are.. It really isnt easy one way or another...

  22. helo peeps, quick one, nate's right. its just a collage of random shots taken at the shoot - was rushing to leave the house for the show, so i put the collage togehther in under 5 mins, I think i also left Duane out - sorry Duane! Just a coincidence that Farhan's pic wasn't there.