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Singapore Idol Top 10 : Sezairi Sezali

Sezairi Sezali, 22
6 August 1987
updated : 10 Oct 09

Spectacular 4 : A Tribute To Michael Jackson
Performing : Thriller
Fave MJ Song : Billie Jean
Voting details : Not available yet. Watch this space!

MJ Week Interview :

If you had 1 minute with MJ, what would you say/do?
I would ask MJ to write me a song in a minute.

If you had 1 hour with him, what would you do?
Ask him to teach me how to dance.

If you had 1 day with him, what would you do?
Get him to bring me to Neverland and go on all the rides!

Did you believe the child molestation allegations?
No, I don’t believe them, I think people were just after his money.

When you first heard that there would be an MJ themed spectacular, what was your reaction? And now that you’re through and will be doing an MJ song, how do you feel?
Initially, I thought ‘oh crap!’ cos MJ songs are very difficult to pull off. Good MJ covers are an ART! So there’s lots of pressure.
Now that I’m here, I think this theme gives me an opportunity to really show what I can do. Its my style. His songs, the way they are written, is like my style. The musical aspects of the songs are really appealing to me.

What will you be singing and why did you choose to do that MJ song?
I will be singing Thriller, but I’ve given Abang Indra (music director) a real headache cos I’ve totally rearranged the song in my own way, I’m doing an acoustic version. But then, Ann Hussein (Idol vocal coach) said it was good, so I’m happy.

Spectacular 3 : An Asian Feast
Performing : Jeritan Batinku by P. Ramlee
Voting details : Not available yet. Watch this space!

Asian Week Interview :

Who is your favourite Asian artiste?
Maliq and The Essentials
They are an Indonesian jazz funk band . I'm interested in the whole jazz/funk/soul type of music. They play Live in Bahasa, and its so cool, cos usually bands in Bahasa sing rock or pop only.

Who's the sexiest Asian star in your opinion?
Alicia Pan

Who is your favourite Asian person?
Tan Sri P. Ramlee because I grew up watching his movies. The music that he writes/sings during his shows really brings forth a lot more emotion than just acting could.

Favourite Asian food?
Satay! (Iz also loves Satay! Trivia : Iz's mom works for Airi's aunt at Lau Pasat Stall #12 - Jumain Sataysfaction) <-- must try!

Favourite Asian destination?
Bandung, Indonesia.
Because the people there are real. Bandung's like in the mountains, its like a ghetto-semi-city, and everyone's friendly, no pretenses, everyone's genuine. Its great there!

What Asian culture fascinates you the most?
Japanese culture. They're very polite. I also like to watch them eat, they're so passionate about their food - like they slurrrrrppp their noodles!

What Asian trait are you most proud of?
Our humility. Its that one important thing that all Asians, regardless of race and religion, naturally have.

What is the one Asian superstition you've held on to since you were a child?
I was told that if you lie down on your tummy and lift your legs up, your parents will die young. Since young til now, I never lift up my legs, because you just never know.

Random facts about Sezairi :
  • Airi loves his kuayteow goreng - now after trying his, I love it too!
  • Is really the Guitar Hero - he can play practically anything, any genre on the guitar thanks to the music course he was taking at LaSalle.
  • Airi and his 'brothas from different mothas' Jonathan, MJ and Theodore nicknamed themselves the 'pendejos' (which defines as a Spanish slang word for stupid, idiots, ignorant, useless people - what are you trying to tell us boys?)
  • In case Idol doesn't work out for Airi, he's planning to put a demo out because according to him, music is definitely his calling.
  • He can do a seriously good Topman model 'broken limbed' pose. :) Its hilarious!
  • Airi also does a lot of impersonations and he's pretty good with accents - especially the black ghetto 'kick-yoah-a**' accent.
  • The boy has 4 guitars! FOUR!
summerr thinks you'll love Sezairi because :
His smoky vocals are exceptional when paired with his soulful guitar playing.

I gave him the nickname Guitar Hero ages ago (and some people thought I meant MJ) and his skills are really shining through now. If Syltra's the Guitar Goddess, then he's the Guitar God, as can be seen from the vids that are up on youtube, if Airi's not singing for himself, he's usually accompanying one of the other Idols on guitar.

Soft-spoken, very musical and intelligent, he's not your High School Musical hero or cookie-cutter cutie, but Airi is definitely one to watch - hopefully his talent moves everyone enough to vote for him.

This vid was shot by Izked right after the Top 13 results were announced.

And this is the vid I recorded featuring a sample of 'You Give Me Something' which he'll be performing tonight.

Finally, here's a look back at his Idol journey and wonderful performance of 'Sunday Morning' at the Piano Show.

If you wanna know more about Sezairi, check out the previous Top 24 profile I did for him here.

xoxo, s.


  1. hes attached? =(
    omg whose his girlfren???
    she better be pretty

  2. sezairi, bring back your guitar..

  3. this girl call syaza qistina,can find on facebook
    got try add her one time but she din accept jus send me msg asking who am i

  4. of course la u don even noe her u add her for what. lol

  5. u and nurul look cute together...esp when u playing the guitar & nurul singing Rihanna's Disturbia...I'm sooo rooting 4U & Nurul....U guys are my fav.

  6. i tihnk i saw his gf at the show yesterday. she not pretty at all la. she was crying during the results. so nonsense.

  7. of course lah cry.. her bf was in bottom two what..
    what sia you.
    I cried at home too hoping it won't be Sezairi who will get eliminated.

  8. he not that handsome how to have pretty gf?

  9. he is cool okay..

    looks arent everything..

  10. she was with 1 small girl also,look like her daughter or smtg. maybe he wld get more votes if he was single, she obviously is not worth it(esp if shes already a mum)

  11. WTH. they are not married.
    dont spread rumours and spoilt his reputation please..

    what's wrong being attached?
    Charles is attached too.

    Mae is MARRIED.

  12. lucky U never get eliminated...All of Us prayed that Farhan will go out...Don't try to pick song that are too big 4u...Jeritan batinku is just too ambitious I guess...Just stick 2 what U are comfortable with..Songs that are smooth....I only like you & Nurul in the competition...U guys rawks...

  13. i din say hes married to her. maybe its just hers

  14. i dont think so lah.. might be just her sister or what.
    she's still schooling.

  15. its her little sister la

  16. can you all not be so shallow. Thats her sister. stop making stupid comments if you don't know the whole story. why don't you ask summerr?

    and please, don't call peeople ugly. Would you like it if people make personal attack on u like dat?

    he's talented ok. and his girlfriend is just supporting him. why do you have to pick on her? what has she done to u?

    I'm not her friend or anything but i think the comments above are just so shallow lor. want to criticise people then so cowardly never even put name.


  17. sezairi will be bringing back his guitar..

  18. Check out his official blog at!
    Tell your friends too! =))

  19. he has a double alliterative, rhyming name. that's enough reason for me to vote for him. thank god he has talent too, hahahah.

    and I think "faith" was such an underrrated performance. his quirky coolness was really refreshing. and every single one of his performances brought something different to the table, but all still in his style. I really like that abt him. he's been consistent so far, but he needs to be GREAT so that people will take notice. good luck to him, he deserves it!

  20. oooo, i think syaza's one of the gorgeous girls i know of.
    go sezairi go! (:

  21. wtf is wrong with you ppl, her life and sezairi's life are two diff entities, why are u even readg her blog? you are a supporter of sezairi or are you a supporter of syaza?? wth do u even care what she eats or does? damn, you guys are crazy. wth would ppl judge sezairi by the way the gf blogs? cmon dont tell me spore's are as shallow as you, really, its really sad.

    and btw, its her own blog, she has any right to decide what to do to it, whether to privatize or not. you guys can learn to shut up really. if youre not happy, i suggest you making a blog and rant all u want at ur own blog and not here.

    dont read her blog if you dont want to, no one's forcing you.

  22. my god u pple so dumb.....stop posting things dat r irrelevant n nonsense...

  23. okay. if that is what you think.

    i'm just afraid sezairi's will lose votes because of that.

  24. damn... that bitch is hot!! i love bitches with specs!! sluuuuuuuuuurrrrrrppppp~!!

  25. why would he lose votes? is his girlfriend a child molester or something? I don't get it.

  26. you have to read her blog to get that answer.
    It does not certainly portrays a good image of both her and Sezairi.
    haiz. I really have nothing to say.

    My perception towards Sezairi changes 360 degrees after reading her blog.
    BUT, WELL. I am still rooting for him though.
    period. =)

  27. for that matter of fact, I am not going to give you the link because no matter what. I am still a fan of Sezairi.


  28. if her blog offends your moral code so much, do yourself a favour: get some balls, stand by your principles, and stop rooting for someone who you'd rather criticise than support.

    Or, you know, you could actually try being supportive by not publicizing something that you think could lose him votes. Whichever floats your boat.

    Because, unless they're both drugged out promiscuous party animals who steal candy from babies, I'm afraid you're just overreacting because you live a much too sheltered life. sorry about that. this is 2009. kids are not as squeaky clean as they used to be. that doesn't make them bad people.

  29. what's with all his moping on twitter? oi, chin up lah bro. even if you suck this week, you've been great. keep that in mind and stop bringing yourself down.

  30. First and foremost, Sezairi is a great musician, true that he has got talent. But what has being in the public eyes got to do with his personal being?

    Does that mean just because I'm a nobody in the public eyes then I can have my private life? You see celebrities, and all you people do is talk about them, gossip or whatever you call that. But the honest fact, they are popular, they are known by many, rumors spread from one ear to another, and then in the middle all the nonsense becomes even more rubbish than before.

    We are all human for crying out loud, take yourself (any of you commenting as anonymous criticizing others), who are you to judge their way of life? Sometimes even we do things that are seemingly "wrong", but so? You don't give a shit, neither do others because you are just a nobody, speaking of myself. So why do celebrities have to go through all the shit just because they are up there? At the end of the day, you'll see them somewhere in Singapore leading their own lives just like how we are doing so.

    Blogs on the other hand are also personal, who are you to hate or despise them just because of what they post? Or maybe just because she's someone close with an idol, doesn't mean that she don't get her freedom of speech. It also doesn't mean that she can't lead her every day life the way she wants it.

    Imagine if I tell you this "I think you should do something about your blog, make it private." Why do I have to listen to you when you already said "it's YOUR blog". Am I right to say? You're just giving the simple lady a harder time. Look at how stressful the idols are? Already not having time for themselves, how would their partners feel? Let alone looking at all this junk-type.

    Sometimes I even wonder why is this such a hott topic. C'mon it's Singapore. At the end of the day, that's all I've got to say about this topic.

    I won't put myself under anonymous because I know what I'm talking about and I know I'm just touching on issues on the surface, not just Sezairi. Think about it.

  31. PS Votes should be based on music-personality-talent. If it's gona let him down just because of one or two minor issues about his life with his girlfriend, then... I have nothing to say, what is Singapore thinking.

  32. Hi anonymous, i think all you want is-ATTENTION. Leave Syaza alone, im sure she hasn't done anythg wrong with you. I know her, she's not what you think she is.

    and to all his other fans out there, Im sure youre not as shallow and naive as this fella is, im definitely rooting for Sezairi! you better do! (:

  33. Check it out. his status now says 'single'. I bet they broke up because of all this crap. She's an innocent party here and now look at what all this nonsense has done? this better not affect Sezairi's performance tomorrow!

    Sezairi, if you are reading this, we love and support you, please keep doing your best in the competition because we believe in you.

    farrah & melody

  34. his fb still says they r together so maybe just for show

  35. yeah they're still tweeting each other and all, so i think they're alright.

  36. It would be better if anyone did not know who Sezairi is dating.
    nurul, sylvia, charles are all attached but we have no idea who their partners are.

    oh well Sezairi. You are TALENTED and that's enough to get OUR votes coming in.
    PLEASE give your best tomorrow.

  37. why should he hide her.if hes not ashamed of telling the world about her than let him be la.heard next week theme is for them to dedicate song. maybe he will dedicate to her and we can see who she really is.hes a nice guy im sure he will date a nice girl so dont be so judgemental

  38. My only statement for everyone : Stop listening to rumors and gossip talks if you don't know the whole truth.

  39. if thats true then he should dedicate to her. if shes still sticking around after all these stupid comments then she deserves it

  40. Hi yo all, I am sure Sezairi welcomes all your comments. I trust that you will be voting the next Singapore Idol, one with talent and does it matter if he or she is married, attached or the person who they are attached to has kids or not, pretty or handsome...remember beauty is skin-deep and it goes beyond external beauty?

    What is important is the idol you root for is talented and Sezairi is the keep voting for him cos I will!

    Sezairi, keep improving yourself and while "sticks & stones may break your bones, words will not!"

    Keep it up, well done at MJ week, you are different and you have your own unique style!

  41. theyre deifinitely still together. saw them hugging yesterday then they left together afterwards. go sezairi and syaza! such a sweet couple.

  42. stop it with all the comments about food already. it's completely and utterly irrelevant.

  43. this is so funny, you 12 year olds must be giggling like little girls

  44. lol funniest shit ever, if you guys don't care about Singapore Idol, you won't be posting comments like that and using people's name in disguise, it's hilarious. Seriously get a life, you don't have to hate it to comment. Tell him in his face if u see him on the streets then.

  45. Irwan aka Oby Wan TanameraOctober 16, 2009 at 5:04 PM

    Sezairi... great cool calm and collected.Nice vocals and definitely can go far fo sho.


    So, did you copy her?

  47. i think he look like najib ali!! hee...

  48. SEZAIRI.. please explain on that song arrangement.
    was it yours?

    you cannot afford to give the wrong impression to the public if that arrangement was all yours to begin with.

  49. To know who you are...

    stop pushing your own views about what an idol should be on other people who don't share the same beliefs, religious background, or opinions. as long as he performs well and is a nice, likeable guy, then vote for him. who the hell cares what his girlfriend is like or whether he eats halal food or whatever crap.

    get off your high horse and judge him on what's relevant. all your lecturing is NOT relevant to the competition. I'm a practicing muslim and I take care to eat halal food only, but whether HE does or not, that's between him and God...he's not harming anyone else. so if you're concerned, fine, but don't make it everyone else's problem. because non-muslims vote for him too, and even muslims are NOT overly judgmental about things that are not relevant to a person's character.

    if you want a good role model for the muslim community, then a singing competition is NOT a good place to look for one. even Siti Nurhaliza doesn't cover her hair and girls are not supposed to sing and dance, however goody goody and sopan she appears to be. but I'm not gonna pounce on her for that, because she's a nice gal who sings well and that's all I want from musicians I like. And don't give me crap about how it's more important to keep to a halal diet than for girls not to attract unwanted attention to themselves ok. You want to judge? Don't apply different moral standards for different rules of Islam, for different people. If I want a religious role model, I'll look elsewhere, thanks.

    just enjoy this show for what it is, without being hypersensitive to whether this guy is representing our community well or not. don't be's his dream, not ours. He seems like a decent guy, and he's talented. please lah, don't spoil this with your preaching. there is another time, another place for that. I'm not saying it's ok to not eat halal food, but whether it is or not is NOT relevant to the competition, however much you insist that it is.

  50. oh. so you mean, what he did is forgivable just because he is talented and can sing well?

    I beg to differ.
    Oh well, it is your opinion.
    I can just wish Sezairi best of luck.

  51. why did u cry when nurul was voted off??? U guys seem to be pretty close....I love the disturbia song...Why don't U & nurul sing 2geter...I'm sure it will be great...

  52. whether its forgivable or not is not up to you. it's up to God. you are not God. that is not my opinion, that is a fact. you are a servant of God, and you are pointing out a single "flaw" that exists among many other "flaws" that you overlook. you want to simplify my argument into a single sentence? ok, do me a favour and actually READ what I wrote, thanks.

    my opinion is that this is a singing competition, on TV, and any concern about morality dictated by organised religion is by default, irrelevant.

  53. eh tok is is a one range vocal?

  54. Dear readers, from here on in please refrain from any further racial or religious comments. This really isn't the place for it. How about we give Airi some constructive criticism - am sure he appreciates that.
    thank you.

  55. So defensive ok people its Singapore you dont talk about race and religion who gives a damn about that. We just need an explanation on the youtube video. Seriously, he should be the last person to talk about ORIGINALITY.

  56. i watched the recap and it sounds nothing like the youtube video.

    firstly do you guys understand the term music arrangement?

    the only arrangement in the video was an acoustic guitar whereas sezairi had a whole backing track which sounded neither like the original or the video.

    if you people are musically trained you would have realised sezairi's arrangement sounded more minor sounding i think so was his first chord during the verse. the original and youtube video was a major chord. its so obvious.

    the reason why you think it sounds alike is because the values in the rhythm sounds alike. other than that i find no similarities.

    get your facts straight. it only takes one monkey to say it sounds alike for everyone to create such a rave. monkey see, monkey do

  57. LOL an inside source said he used the youtube video as a sample. the very fact that he took the guitar arrangement is wrong. so what if he changed up the chords and add a backing track, he sang the exact notes like the girl Emily from the video.

    i am sorry your favourite is bashed. what originality seriously.

  58. to the anon who tried explaining, move over cause you're not him.

  59. Whats wrong with being inspired by another person's arrangement? Did he take 'emily's manuscript' and pass it off as his own? I don't think so.
    A few months ago 987FM also played someone's accoustic version of thriller on radio. maybe he got inspired from there. Personally I don't think he needs to clarify himself.
    He's been musically sound from day 1, and it wouldn't be farfetched for him to come up with an accoustic version of Thriller. Perhaps he got the idea after hearing the tune on radio or on youtube, but that doesn't take away the fact that he and the musical director worked on it.
    get over it. He's not like Ryan at all.

  60. oh and btw, I've seen other people beatbox to BillieJean and other MJ songs - are you gonna say Charles copied them too?!

  61. Well're not Sezairi either. Either both of us are right, or both of us are wrong. But the plain fact is this: the two songs do not sound exactly like each other, therefore I a more right than you are.

    Note for note, Emily's version of thriller sounds like MJ's, are you gonna say she ripped off the original thriller? It's the SAME SONG, for god's sakes. Sezairi did his own version of THE SAME SONG too, and while the melody remains the same, the arrangement and entire feel of the song was changed. MJ's was very poppy, badass cool, Emily's kind of bluesy acoustic, and Sezairi's was funky/soulful (but muzak-like, unfortunately. sorry dude).

    You don't have to admit that Airi's the MOST ORIGINAL ARTIST EVARRR, but you can't deny that his arrangement was his own. tell him his singing's not up to par, or the arrangement was distracting, but don't pretend that he's not playing fair.

    See, that's how you do a cover of a song = take the words, take the melody, but change how you sing it and play it. Sezairi didn't "rip off" Emily's version. Both Emily and Sezairi *ripped off* Michael's version.

    Of course, if you want an absolutely ORIGINAL cover of thriller, watch this:


  62. well since you guys said so, the whole "ORGINALITY" is officially null. we dont need a Kris Allen in SI so really, stop the whole originality crap. worse was when the judges think he is. LOL

    "He's been musically sound from day 1, and it wouldn't be farfetched for him to come up with an accoustic version of Thriller."

    really? so if you're good from day 1 means you will not commit something wrong on consecutive days?

    liz you said he was inspired, are you him? you said he heard it from the radio MANY MONTHS ago. are you him? if thats a defense that summer or Sezairi is trying to put up, its an epic fail.

  63. seriously Sam? you're gonna move on to something new to pick on everytime you can't come up with a good enough reason to support your previous nitpick about sezairi? ok, carry on.

    of course we don't need a kris allen. but point me to this season's adam lambert? who? even if sezairi sings whitney houston songs every damn week, he still has one of the best vocals in the competition, and we need that in the competition. (cue Sam's BUT HE SINGS LIKE CRAP in 3...2...1)

    ARE YOU HIMMMMMMMMMMMM???? LOL. The world would be a much better place if we could all be each other for awhile right? God forbid we have opinions!! Wow, didn't know there were people out there who do covers of songs without getting inspired by the original or other cover versions! impossible!

    Here's a suggestion, Sam. Relax. No one's perfect. The Singapore Idol is not gonna be everyone's favourite. You know what's an epic fail? Trying people to see your point of view by telling us that WE ARE NOT SEZAIRI. We're not Sezairi, and we're not idiots.

    So, I assume that since the whole originality thing has OFFICIALLY been declared null, you are indeed The God of All Things Original. Or you own Singapore Idol. Or you own us. Cool. I worship at your feet.

  64. Oh, and:

    "He's been musically sound from day 1, and it wouldn't be farfetched for him to come up with an accoustic version of Thriller."

    "really? so if you're good from day 1 means you will not commit something wrong on consecutive days?"

    Sam, read what that anon said again. The part after the comma, see that? Did it mention anything about his performance being perfect? Yes? No?

  65. sezairi doesn't remind me of anyone when he sings. that's original enough for me.

    which is why he should stop trying out these awful 'creative' arrangements of perfectly good songs. Ordinary People would've sounded amazing with just a piano. Not a lot of people are familiar with it, so a mediocre rearrangement kind of misses the point of bringing something new to the audience. His voice is unique on its own, no need to much flashiness.

    I was horrified when I heard the backgrd music for Ordinary People..that's one of my most fave songs ever and it sounded like watered down soul. He sang well though, as always. Keep it simple next time, Sezairi. Don't need to try too hard. IMO your best performance is still Sunday Morning.

  66. I think Sezairi looks better with specs and sounds better with guitar.
    Bring that Sezairi back okay?
    I think at this point of time he has to do what he is really good at.


  67. Don't mean to barge in but,
    People, please stop criticizing him or whatever.
    He's got really powerful vocals if you listen closely and he's original too which makes him a great potential idol.
    If you guys detest him so much, then just don't write unnecessary negative comments that'll piss people off, just leave if you may.
    We all have our favourite idols, not all of us have the same one that we like.
    If you detest the idol, just keep those harsh comments to yourself.
    AND this is a singing competition, not some what-do-you-with-your-life competition.
    Just let them be.

    I think all the idols are great.
    You just have to focus on their strengths, not their weaknesses.

  68. yah. some people wear lenses to look better, some people wear specs to look better. I think sezairi looks better with specs. He has squinty eyes. no offense dude, cos we know SI is really tough on the sleep, and those eyebags don't do you any favours. just saying.

    if you really don't want to go back to specs, then it's ok, it's a singing competition not a beauty contest. but if the reason you switched to lenses was to look better, then I think you looks better WITH the specs.

  69. No point insulting Sezairi . Cos why ? It doesnt affect him , he is still a good musician no matter what andd Ken likes his voice ok . Tht must be good . If ee u guys dont like him , wy bother coming to ths page ? LEARN TO BE RESPECTFUL RATHER SITTING BEHIND THE COMPUTER SCREEN , INSULTING HIM HERE WITHOUT UR PATHETIC NAMES :D


  70. He's not single. Just saw him with his girlfrend that day after the show.

  71. unless you leave your facebook page here, or your phone number or address, or photo, then a name means nothing. it's just as good as being anonymous.

    Jane. or Carol. Or Winston. Or Ali Baba. omg wow I put my name here I'm soooo daring!!!

    sorry maya, I like Sezairi. I just can't stand it when people think our opinion is invalid just because we're anonymous. Hello, being anonymous does not weaken our argument. If people want to hate on him, and are anonymous, too bad lor. Not like they're worth listening to anyway.

    But listen, even if people say negative things, not all negative things are useless. Sezairi should learn from some of those and not just ignore them. That's how complacency develops.

  72. heyy! i think u should bring back yur specs, sezairi. i mean, we all noe u with yur specs and now u are without it, it looks weird... but hu cares?! u still rock!! GUD LUCK SEZAIRI! i do think dat u are the best male contestant! :) hehe. GUD LUCK!!

  73. To all the Idols,

    Do your best the next round all of you. Don't worry about what the people have to say they got nothing better to do!! I just wish I can go to the studio to watch all of you singing sooo cute all of you. Every wed I never work overtime because I got IDOL TO WATCH :) You all must make singapore proud ok. All the best.

  74. Sezairi, when Ken says he doesn't want your identity to be "dull", he doesn't mean he wants you to don a neon jacket and wail your fragile little lungs out like a wannabe rockstar. There are ways of not being dull without making a fool of yourself and obviously aping the vocal tricks of a certain American Idol contestant.

    John Legend isn't dull. Your delivery of Ordinary People was. Adam Lambert wasn't comical. Your delivery of Play That Funky Music was.

    But. George Michael is a cheeseball. Your Faith was quirky, fun and compelling. Adam Levine sounds like a girl on helium. Your Sunday morning was effortlessly cool.

    These two performances - you were trying to add something different to the songs, but you didn't get too overly ambitious with the vocals, wardrobe, song arrangement, stage props, and stage moves. You should try to find that balance again. All the best.

  75. dude...there's no such thing as an "audiophile enthusiast". that literally means "a person who loves people who love music". or...are you trying to say that your dad loves you? =p

    "music enthusiast" or simply "audiophile", or if you want "enthusiastic audiophile" would make more sense.

    heh sorry for the english lesson. all the best for next week!

  76. Sorry...thank you for the correction! I was under the impression that an audiophile was a person who liked audio equipment! LOL! Now I know better! thanks again! :)

  77. wow. seriously to the extend of checking out sezairi girlfriend is really foolish.

    anyways, sezairi has been really consistent. his voice is just amazing and i love love the way he sang ordinary people and georgia on my mind. and im definitely looking forward to him singing what goes around comes around.

    he looks nice with contacts or glasses. im sure he's just experimenting with his look. we're all human. to the rest of the supporters, give constructive comments. and it dont matter if he's single or attachd. we love him for who he is and thats what matter.

    continue to vote for sezairi!


  78. summerr, is the syazaq that you and airi twit to airi's girlfren?

  79. hi airifan.
    yup that would be her.

  80. I think you can now depend on shah to help you chose THE song.

    I shall see you in the FINALE.

  81. he's such a cili padi. that was probably the most exciting performance of the season. good job, sezairi!

  82. If Sezairi has a girlfriend, why is his status single?

  83. being single technically refers to being unwed. you don't find 'in a relationship' or better yet 'it's complicated' on official marital status declarations.

    or maybe he doesnt have a girlfriend? no one can confirm that but him right.

  84. he does has a girlfriend but he just too shy to admit. hahahaha.

    and he is afraid of losing votes from the girls.
    oh well.

  85. But if you read just a few comments earlier than ours, Summerrs has confirmed its sezairi's girlfriend and on Charle's page, it writes there he is attached.

    So how?

  86. Confirm the next singapore idol. Not for the talent, but credits goes to the screaching fan girls. Lols. Just like what happened to the last 2 idols. But the very first idol really deserved to win, my personal favourite anyways.

  87. Sezairi,
    I will be voting lots of times for you and Sylvia to be in!

  88. I felt that you and sylvia should be in the finals.
    Anyway,keep up the good job of singing.
    Dont let your fans down!!!

  89. To LIYANA:

    Riiight. That was one very screechy fangirl who chose his song for him during the fan choices week. Stop stereotyping people's fans, seriously. How narrow minded can you get? Just because young girls tend to scream for guys doesn't mean screams are the ONLY evidence of a fanbase. sheesh.

  90. Please lah,
    Sezairi is just great in singing right?

  91. relax and don't give up cos u can make it to the final 2

  92. sezairi, you have to do your very best on tuesday. dont disappoint us, your fans.
    we don't want to see a girl-girl finale. it's boring.
    tabby and sylvia is almost doing the same thing.

    No doubt 'bout that.

    I want a sezairi-tabby finale!

  94. just a fan of sezairiDecember 8, 2009 at 12:01 PM

    heyy airi..

    i think dat tabby & slyvia will go to the finals. dey r just too gud for u to beat, airi.

    now, i've said wad i always wanted to. and i wan you to prove me WRONG! PROVE ME WRONG, SEZAIRI!

  95. just a fan of sezairiDecember 9, 2009 at 4:14 PM

    indeed u have proved me wrong. i am so glad dat u r in the finals! i wan u to promise me dat u r goin' to try yur very best to be the next singapore idol. yur fans,including me, will be behind u for every step dat u take. we have FAITH in u sezairi! gud luck for the finals! all the best! DO BE OUR NEXT SINGAPORE IDOL!!

  96. Our cover of sezairi's original composition :

    Do support us :D

  97. im sure ...sezairi will be the first s'pore idol !!!!!!

  98. yay!! im sooo happy sezairi won!! i voted for hym 5 times!!

  99. i voted 28 times for him !!!!!!!
    it is all worth it !!!!!!!!!!

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