Friday, October 16, 2009

Project Hope & Another Busy Idol Weekend

Idols not Idle.
Its a busy weekend ahead for the Idols as Project Hope rehearsals, a Carrie Underwood concert, vocal training sessions and a roadshow abound.

Carrie Underwood is coming to town. If you din already know dat, heloo where have you been? She's here for the official opening of Ion Orchard, performing a 45-minute free concert right outside Ion's front door. I saw the bleachers out front this morning - looks to be a massive production :) awesome stuff! Check out a snippet of her press conference from Razor TV.

She also had some advice for the our Idols...

“Everybody asks me what advice I’d give… but, really, I don’t know. I try to think of what would have made my time on Idol a lot easier, and you know what? Whatever is supposed to happen is going to happen.

“You just have to go out there and give it your all. I mean, you’re down to the top nine, so people already love them and they’re voting for them, so just take some chances and leave it all out on the table. Don’t hold back. This is it!”

Interview taken from <-- do check out this amazing Carrie fanblog, very very informative!

So the most successful artiste to come out of the Idol franchise says to take risks eh, lay it all out there and don't hold back! Well, I totally agree. Time to let it all out and go for the gold!

Well as of yesterday, I heard producers were still trying to secure our Idols some access to Carrie, be it to just attend the concert or a backstage pass to meet her. But as of 5 minutes ago, I saw siproducer's tweet 'No go with Carrie.. thank you ION'. Looks like it's not happening :P

But seriously Ion, why la liddat? Howsabout some love for our Idols? Its not every day an Idol alum comes to town right, it would be such a great photo op. Just 5 minutes backstage would do so much to boost our Idols' spirit. Plus, wherever the Idols go, cameras follow and it gets broadcast on the show - extra mileage for a 5 minute backstage pass - good deal no?

I still have hope, the concert's not til 7.30pm tonight, thats like 16 hours away, I have hope, maybe the Ion people will realise that this would totally make 9 young aspiring singers' day.

But if tak jadi, it's okay la Idols, come join me, Iz and Syarif - we can all go together :) Hey maybe we can like cheong the stage and carry a big Idol logo-ed poster and wave at her - aiyo perish the thought - Idols cannot be so groupie and LC! <-- LC =low class LOL!

Roadshow this Sunday, 4pm, Plaza Sing!
k, Carrie Underwood aside, there's the Plaza Singapura roadshow comin' up this weekend. Judging from Gabby's 'most emotional vlog ever' post last weekend, the turn out at Cineleisure sounds like it was less than encouraging?

Well fans, time to get your butt down to PS this weekend and support your Top 9. Clap, cheer, yell and woot as loud as you can k? Don't just save it for the TV Theatre on Wednesdays - bring it outside too. Cos nothing is worse than standing on a stage, all vulnerable and stared at, and not getting a positive response. If you don't woot, at least clap and smile la. Can? Can right? I know you can. Go fans!

Project Hope
Ok, this one deserves its own post, so will stop here and start a new post :)

xoxo, s.

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