Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Next Week's Theme : Mambo Mania!

This picture says it all... :)

Click to see the pic in full size :)

It's now 10pm. Lines are closed...who are the 8 that will carry on next week to boogie their way to Mambo hits?
As you would have figured out, this pic was taken ages ago at that major trailer/photoshoot, which is why you see ousted Idols there. But I like it this way don't you? Its like the whole Idol family's back together...

Definitely the most fun theme out of all the themes that they did - they had a funky 'mambo' choreo that they all did. I recorded vids for each one of them...unfortunately my phone decided to all my vids are gone (sigh, a big huge sob!), but Iz also managed to video some - so hopefully he puts it up on youtube tonight ya.....aaahhh I'm so excited just thinking about it cos it was HILARIOUS I tell you - Sezairi is surprisingly limber at the hips! :)

More pics + songs they will be singing for Mambo Mania later....this is my scheduled 10pm post....(hopefully I've managed to successfully put the kids to sleep and am on my way to MediaCorp for the Results Show!)

xoxo, s.

ps. One more pic for the road - check out Charlie's Archangels! (pity Charlie and Justin had to go to the soundstage when I took this pic and Duane wasn't done yet at the time!)

pps. Majority of the boys' shirts/pants were from Growing Up! ahhaha it was written on the label!


  1. Sylvia looks so gorgeous :) As always.

  2. i couldnt recognise her at first. she looks gorgeous as usual. let's help sylvia brainstorm for songs that suit her voice. as long as her supporters send in song choices that would suit her, she would be able to do well in spectacular nine. ALL THE WAY SYLVIA. i love her humble nature.

  3. yes love sylvia totally <3 haha. she looked so gorgeous during tonight's spectaculars and results show. yes i will definitely think of songs that suit her voice (: and us supporters DEFINITELY have to keep voting for her so that she'll make it to spectacular nine. she must and she will :)