Thursday, October 22, 2009

Idol out : Fathin Amira

Bye bye AMiRa :(

Just as I was getting to know her a lil better (hey we shared a box of 'Wheatables' last weekend and she told me loads about everything), she had to go :(

I haven't watched tonight's show so I don't know how she did, but I did hear from Justin that the girls weren't 100% tonight. I later heard from Ann Hussein that everyone was SPOT ON during rehearsals, and she thought 'OMG its gonna be an amazing show', and it was such a pity that they didn't do as well during the Live show - nerves I guess. Never underestimate the debilitating power of nerves.

Imo, Amira has been improving week on week. Her vocals were shaky at the beginning, but after last week's MJ performance, I thought she would have it in the bag this week. Plus, I heard her rehearsing tonight's song over the weekend (although not quick enough to whip my phone into vid mode to capture it!), it was full-on phwoar!

Sigh, am gonna miss that lil cilipadi - she was so random. Dazed one minute - opinionated the next.

Here's Amira's exit song and exit interview for IDOL TV. I shall call my vid 'The B-roll' from now on - you know, like the extra side profile camera MTV shows always have - just so editors have another perspective when they put the show together :).

After singing the song, she came off stage and was smiley, but there were tears in her eyes. :( But by the time she reached the green room for her exit interview - she was bac to the strong and positive Amira!

Thanks Amira for sharing with us your Idol journey, keep at it babe! The Idol family will always be behind you :)

Don't forget to catch Amira's radio interview tomorrow morning, 9am on Idol's Official Radio Station, 987FM with Dan & Young.

Next post - what the Top 8 will be singing next week on Mambo Mania ....

xoxo, s.


  1. Mae has been overrated since day 1 when she received more coverage during the auditions and should be out. She was added to Top 12 to "raise standards" but my peers and myself just don't see her doing that. She has not been consistent too. All her performances have proven that she is not versatile and has a limited vocal range. I think she is in longer just because she tend to appear more to the cameras, oh well sure she speaks well - but is this criteria to win? Frankly speaking, I see OTHER girls have the POTENTIAL to be the next ASIAN Idol. I hope Singapore stop getting their decisions so tainted by the Media over certain contestants - they must learn to exercise their own critical thinking power. No excuse for being sick last night. Even Duane managed to impressed me without allowing the 'O' Levels to distract him - as much as I dislike him, but he has proven that he has the talent to do well except that he needs a makeover.

    Amira did not perform up to standard but her vocal range is less limited than Mae's. Last night, Mae was worse than her. The problem with Amira is that she choose the wrong songs or fail to make them interesting week after week. My parents even guessed that Mae should have been out. But what a big shock?! Alongside with Tabitha, Sylvia, Malaque and Nurul, Amira is another raw female talent who shouldn't leave the competition at this time. Very sad that Amira lost the 'Magic' she once gave to us during her auditions. But MAE really should have been out, sorry.

  2. Sorry Summerr, I wish to apologise for my honest comment. But I am expressing what I truly feel. I'm just very peeved by contestants who have been unnecessary overrated. It's just disappointing that People vote for she mainly because she is nice and motivational and can be a good friend, but not someone with musicianship and radio-friendly voice - so sad :( Leona's and Maria Carey's versions definitely sound better. She should be a host replacing Gurmit instead. I really don't want to see other girls and some of the male contestants being booted next week - they're Singaporean, home grown talents who deserve their spot in top 5, and make Singapore proud.

  3. Agree with the above anon,
    Sorry summerr, but i feel that Mae has a fake personality.
    The one person who was supposed to get eliminated should have been Mae not Amira.
    Mae has not been consistent and yet singaporeans are still keeping her in this competition. What a pity!

  4. I truly don't think she should be out.
    She has really powerful vocals!
    It's a watse she has to go.


  5. Singapore will end up having Mae,Sylvia,Tabitha,Faizal,charles as top 5.

    Just you wait and see.

  6. To the above anon:
    Just ditch Charles for Sezairi and its good. :D:D

  7. Sezairi should replace Mae as he is way way better than her who lacks artistry and X-factor. Her 'Better in time' still sound more like a Karaoke version rather than a professional cover of Leona Lewis's popular song which has melt hearts worldwide - listen carefully and if you don't agree, you are tone-dear. Charles has real talents but has to pick the right songs to showcase his decent vocals. But at least he has the X-factor. As for Duane, he needs to be consistent. With an makeover, he would look better.

  8. malaque should have been eliminated. lyk seriously her voice is not as good as the other girls

  9. oh least Malaque can sing better than you and is pretty, has the X factor. if you're not even as good as her to join the competition, cut the crap. Some people can go far even with ordinary voices.

  10. Why is Mae getting worst? She was at her best singing "I'll be there" , "better in time" , and her audition rendition.

    I do find her as good as sylvia and tabitha, maybe better?

    Who do you think has the best vocals of all the female and male contestans?

  11. I dun agree with the above anon that Malaque shud be out.true,she might have ordinary voice but she has such a beautiful face to compliment that.others might not even has that quality.Even thou she might be at unsafe group more often that the others but the fact is she's still in,rite?.Nway,if you dun like her you dun hv to vote for her coz there area many others who will do that..Aiin..

  12. Hello summerr! Looking forward to your next posts. (: It would be good if you could do a review, would like to know what you think of the contestants (not just for ytd's performane, but generally as a whole)

  13. So far - after the performances week after week, both Sylvia and Tabitha have proven to me that they are the strongest contenders to taking the idol title. They have been consistently good. So, I'll be happy if either of them win, I can really foresee myself buying their music and be interested in their post idol journeys. Malaque is my 3rd favourite as her sweet personality and voice has grown on me somehow - I just hope she will get better and better in her performances

  14. Malaque is all show, she has this bad personality.

    Why do i say that? in the formal episodes of idol. Malaque was caught saying about Rachael Gan.

    She commented like "You know the bow haired hair? I dont know why she is in, she is in to confuse us" upon being interviewed after the threater rounds.

    and also she was like " if my voice was SO original then why am i even in the top 24?! "

    seriously, BAD attitude.

  15. Btw i would like to address on the point of tabitha and sylvia clinching the title. It'd wont be good as everyone has been predicting them to win, hence it should be someone else instead.

    Hopefully charles,mae or sezari. Good choice huh?

  16. To the latest comment above... I beg to differ. It is true that they are pipped to win the title but just because they are strong contenders it doesn't mean that they shouldnt win. We shouldnt play down their chances and abilities just because they've been rated highly by the viewers. If they are good, and well-liked, then they deserve it.

  17. yup i agree with anon above abt malaque (anw i was the one who commented than malaque should hv been eliminated instead)

    anw to e anon below me... u sure sound lyk a die hard fan of malaque. well did i say her voice suxs? obv not. all i said was that her other girls lyk amira and nurul have a better voice than she does. can u deny that? if u do then i suppose ure deaf or just plain superficial. well she may have the looks but then again this is a singing comp. dun worry anon u'll definitely see more of her in suria or sth coz she will obv become an actress. oh btw im not against malaque or anyth.

    ps: well i hope tabby will win coz she has BOTH the LOOKS and the VOICE :)

  18. Totally agree with the Anonymous who wrote "If they are good, and well-liked, then they deserve it". To be very honest, Mae has been most overrated - people choose not to remember her inconsistent performances, but instead remember only her best ones. If you're not consistent, then you shouldn't be the idol. As for Malaque, people choose to forget how much she improve. Her last night's performance was not even rated well by the judges - it was awesome according to neutral viewers who actually watched her performance last night. I even got blown away by Malaque's cover of Richard Marx's song, Flo said it was a breakthrough performance - but yet people choose not to talk about it. Instead, they gave so much recognition to Mae who has some pitchy performances.

  19. To the anonymous who said Malaque should get the boot, I am very sad that Tabitha has a fan like you who tried to put other contestants and their fans down - i.e. you suggest that her fan is deaf or superficial if her fan thinks Malaque is better than Amira and Nurul. HOW can you say like that ??? WHO are you to judge?? Are you a vocal coach or record producer?? People have different preferences - we're all made different and thus have different tastes.

    If you don't like them, just DON'T comment about them! Yes - while I agree that Malaque's not the vocally strongest among the girls, I wouldn't speak disrespectfully about Malaque here. By the way, I am also Tabitha's fan - and I'm annoyed that fans like you are ruining Tabby's image. If you don't have anything nice to say, QUIT commenting! Shame on you!

  20. To the anon who mentioned Rachael Gan - hey get over that and MOVE ON!!!!! That's OLD news.

    How petty and immature can you get when you can continue your HATE on Malaque just because of what she said about Richael Gan? Honestly, I miss Richael Gan's singing (not her personality) - but I really do not think she should feel so conscious about looking like Ah Lian - she has confidence in herself. To be honest, I was also personally turned off by her being so conscious of that when the judges have NOT said so yet. She has talent - no one is taking away from this - but it is her attitude she needs to watch.

    I think Malaque is the type who just shoots her mouth and speaks her mind - nothing wrong about this - at least she is unassuming - and unpretentious. She is at least more sound than people like you who is immature and seriously need to grow up..yeah. How old are you, kid? The way like as if you have never come out to society to work and experience how others stab your back without you even knowing.

  21. Hey everyone,
    Leave the girls alone, let the voters decide who they want their Idol to be and as their fans all you have to do is Vote and keep them in the competition. We don't really know the idols that well, so we don't need to speculate about them.
    To all the girls Good Luck in your journey towards becoming the next Singapore Idol, no offence guys :)

  22. Thanks Kathy - well said. To the anon who commented that malaque should get eliminated, perhaps you and the anon who mentioned about Rachael Gan, are probably the same bitter person - otherwise, you're just a lame detractor trying to put others down since your post has shown that you are not only picking on Malaque's vocal ability but also about her non-singing qualities. You should seriously get a life or grow up. Quit getting so petty over the Rachael Gan's story. Do something constructive by voting for your favourite instead of speaking ill of other contestants.

  23. To the latest comment,
    Eh dont bring the race thingum into the question again la. Plus your comment is so irrelevant?!

    Whatever it is, Sylvia ftw :)

  24. Whatever it is Sylvia will never win :)
    Malaque ftw :) :)

  25. This is getting out of hand. Summer already gave us the freedom to comment without moderating them. Still, you guys dare to talk bad bout our local talents. How can we even be successful if we keep on critising our local talents? Critising them is like critising yourself, you fall under the local talent. I bet you guys are nothing better than them even. Try participating then, its not as easy as it looks. I bet most here who have nothing better to do but act as if they are one fabulous vocal coach can't even pass the audition round. Rather than critising,find ways that they can improve on. Look at yourself first. Do you even have a talent that can help our country?


  26. Just watched the show today, workin' on the review. in the meantime check out Izked's review on the Official Blog :)


  27. Sorry Summerr..but I juz want to say something abt those nasty remarks above.for those who like Malaque,pls continue vote for her.For non-Malaque's fans,u dun hv to vote for simple as ABC.If you dun like somebody,you dun have to put her down.Nway,as a reminder,Malaque was thru to top 24 due to judges voting!As whether she wl appear on Suria channel,that's for sure simply becoz she's PRETTY.She's got the looks n juz nid to polish her talent n perhaps go for vocal lessons as suggested by Dick..Even if she doesn't win IDOL,she wl go far..Lastly,all the best to you,Malaque..Dun let those nasty comments affect your idol journey..Aiin..

  28. I honestly feel that Farhan had the best tone amongst the guys, Sezairi's tone is forced and sounds fake. If Farhan been taken serious and not having the media placed focus on his looks, people would have taken him seriously.

    However, it still sucks having to see Sezairi pimped. Especially on originality cause it is clear that its fake. Look at Thriller. His arrangement is similar to this girl in youtube.

    Having said that, Amirah should not have been out. Basing on performance, I think it should have been Malaque. Week after week, Malaque gave lacklustre performances(to be fair, Farhan did too on his Bad Day). Amirah has such a big fan base, she also did the best last week, this week, the song she chose connected with us. I say, shes been robbed.

    Lastly, Mae. I think there should not even have a spot for a Top 13.

  29. fathin amira shouldnt have been given the boot. if i were to compare the vocal abilities of the contestants, its so clear tht shes one of the better few, given her better vocal range and her soulful voice.

    i just dont get why singapore didnt vote enough for her. its really sad, not seeing her talents on idol every wednesday anymore.

    and im not being pissy nor biased, but i want to know why charles is still in the competition considering hes performances are mostly not comparable to the other contestants. has he even been in the bottom two? frm what i rmbr he prolly hasnt been. sure, he can beatbox and play the piano and guitar, but i feel strongly tht hes nt good enough to be in the top 8. im nt an avid fan of syltra, but i think even she deserves it better.