Thursday, October 15, 2009

Spectacular 5 : Song List

Songs for Someone Special...

One last quickie post before I catch some's what your Top 9 will be singing for their someone special next week, check it out. (in no particular order - performance order is usually determined over the weekend)

Tabitha Nauser
"Halo" by Beyonce

Mae Sta Maria
"Hero" by Mariah Carey

Malaque Mahdaly
"Because You Loved Me" by Celine Dion

Faizal Isa
"I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz

Charles 'Stitch' Wong
"Fall For You" by Secondhand Serenade

Sylvia Ratonel
"When You Believe" by Whitney Houston featuring Mariah Carey

Duane Ho
"A Song For You" by Leon Russell

Sezairi Sezali
"Ordinary People" by John Legend

Fathin Amira
"Back At One" by Brian McKnight

Looking at the above list, I see lots of ballads, so like I said in my previous post, its gonna be an 'emo' episode of Idol :)

I'm looking forward to hearing the power ballads from Mariah, Whitney, Celine and Beyonce. The Leon Russell classic 'A Song For You' is also bound to be a crowd pleaser. Plus I've heard a pretty good buzz about Sezairi's rendition of 'Ordinary People'. 'Back At One is a personal favourite too, so it looks like its shaping up to be a pretty good show judging from the songs, lets hope the sound quality for broadcast is just as good as it is in studio :)

Ok, gotta go sleeeeeeeeeeep. Review and judges comments tomorrow. Night!

xoxo, s.


  1. Can't wait for next week's show! Finally, I know almost all the songs, so can properly appreciate/comment on them :D

  2. Faizal's song choice is VERY expected. And considering he auditioned with this song i don't think it's a great choice especially since the judges already told him he is being really predictable each week. What do you think summer ?

  3. Summer can't wait for your review!!! Love reading them!!

  4. Hady has chicken pox? (Isked's blog)
    LOL I had mine in p6!!

  5. OMG, yes poor hady has chicken pox! I wasn't sure when I saw Gurmit's tweet earlier on talking about Chicken Pox, but yupe, confirmed, he has chicken pox, poor boy!

  6. faizal isa vocal should be up..

  7. not liking faizal's song choice. i'm yours is overplayed!

    not liking amira's song choice either, boring song.

    Tabitha's halo is also predictable.

    Malaque's song is BORING.

    Don't think Duane can handle A Song For You.

    Sylvia's doing Mariah/Whitney?! She better be great or the audience is not going to be very forgiving.

    Hero is quite Mae's kind of song, just that once again it's predictable. Something new on the Idol stage please.

    Charle's seems like he got a decent song choice. Kinda suits him.

    Haiz...Only Sezairi's got a great song choice, sounds like a winner already. We shall see what happens.

  8. all the song choices next week are big...all the best to all idols, it is their chance to make or break..

    looking forward to Amira's...she's got smooth licks!!

  9. To anonymous who posted about the song choice thing for every contestant:
    I think that it's perfectly fine for them to choose whatever song they want.
    Even though yes it's idol and they should "do something different every week" but still "keep their style", if that's the song that brings out their best abilities and at the same time let's them express their true emotions towards the "special someone", why not?

    Just looking forward to wednesday!
    I think they will all do well.

    Rooting for tabby airi malaque mae

    So sad that nurul is out.
    She did Ben so great!!!

  10. am a little worried about sylvia's choice of song. it's so difficult to sing it spectacularly. summer, do you think she will pull it off well. do you have a video like the one you uploaded about tabby. it would be nice to have more videos about other idols as well, other than tabby (although i support her and sylvia. we are all rooting for the two of them.

  11. hey all,
    i'm excited about next week's show because eventhough the songs are slow and some say predictable, i think because of the theme and who they are singing it for, I'm expecting the 'emo' part to bring out the best in each Idol. Thus am not THAAT worried about Faizal or Sylvia's song choices, as long as they can emote and bring it to another level. Its not JUST about the song, but how they deliver it. Who knows, Faizal said he will 'give a surprise every week', lets see what the boy has up his sleeve next week.

    I'll be meeting them during their vocal training session tomorrow, will see if i can grab a few of them to sing. Although at this stage with everyone falling sick, I'm loathe to get them to sing when they should be resting their vocals. Will try though (sometimes I'm not allowed into the room when they're having training - i suppose its distracting or maybe they have some top secret plans on nuclear eradication to discuss :))
    ps. the more difficult the song choice, the bigger the reward when they pull it off. I guess they are listening to the judges and 'bringing it' :) or 'amping it up'.

  12. Haha there sure are lots of big songs coming up next week. Seems like a rather risky choice but I agree with you summerr, if they pull it off, it's really going to say a lot about their abilities. I just hope they do it well :) Am looking fwd to Sylvia's performance! It would be nice if you could post up a video of her singing. Or maybe just tell us how vocal training went if we're to be given a surprise? Just curious, was she sick during this week's spectaculars or something?

  13. i agree with the posts above. summer, i hope you can post more videos of the other idols as well. like sylvia for eg. the fans would love to see more of her on this blog.

  14. hi anonymous, do check out my vids on youtube, i believe there is one of Sylvia from vocal training just yesterday :)