Monday, October 5, 2009

Its Asian Week!

Proud To Be Asian :)

Its Asian Week folks and the Idols are tra-la-la-ing it in various Asian languages this week. We've got songs from Indonesia, Malaysia, Korea, Philippines, India, Taiwan and of course, Singapore.

I asked each Idol 8 'Asian' questions and their profiles have been updated with their answers, check them out if you haven't already seen them (quick links are on the right side bar).

My favourite question was the 'superstition' one, and surprisingly (or maybe not), many remembered the old wives' warning that if you don't clear your plate of food, you'll end up with an ugly (and some say pimply) spouse! :) *Yes, we all know its a ploy to get kids to finish their food, but its one of those 'sayings' that you've heard so many times your subconscious makes you clean your plate to this day, 'just in case'!*

Two names kept popping up : 'Taufik Batisah' and 'Rain'. The former because he inspires Singaporeans and the latter because he's just so hawt - in Tabby's words : "Those abs gasp! 'nuff said!"

This week, I'm looking forward to see how everyone's gonna bring it in another language, especially those singing in a language they don't even speak - coincidentally, its all the girls!

Amira's singing in Tagalog, Mae's singing in Korean, Malaque and Nurul will be singing in Hindi. Sylvia is singing in Malay (she took Mandarin in school) and Tabitha's singing in Mandarin (she may have taken it at school, but she hasn't been using it for a while now).

The boys are sticking to the second language they know best - look out for Charles' 'An Jing' - its quite a moving rendition and he's playing the piano (betcha din know he could hey?) and Faizal's 'Hapus Ku' <-- chills!

Oh, and yes, I'd like to hear Farhan's take on Taufik's 'Teman Istimewa' :) I'm a fan of Taufik's music and that song has topped the charts here (and in Malaysia) before. So it will be something many are looking forward to - show 'em you can do it Farhan!

Ok, off you go to check out the profiles then - links for each of the Top 11 profiles are listed on the right sidebar!

xoxo, s.

ps. Voting numbers and order of performance have not yet been determined as at press time, will update those once I get them.

UPDATE : 2 mins after I posted the above, I got email from producers with the week's votings numbers LOL! Talk about serendipity! (and no chance to eat lunch, cos I wanna get this out there!)

Anyway, here they are....will update the profiles with voting numbers later when the kiddies are asleep!

1 Sylvia Ratonel
Song : Sinaran by Sheila Majid
Call 1900 112 1201 or SMS 1 to 43657 (IDOLS)

Duane Ho
Song : Dang Ni by Cyndi Wang
Call 1900 112 1202 or SMS 2 to 43657 (IDOLS)

Malaque Mahdaly
Song : Kuch Kuch Hota Hai from the OST of the movie 'Kuch Kuch Hota Hai'
Call 1900 112 1203 or SMS 3 to 43657 (IDOLS)

Fathin Amira
Song : Bakit Pa by Jessa Zaragossa
Call 1900 112 1204 or SMS 4 to 43657 (IDOLS)

Sezairi Sezali
Song : Jeritan Batin Ku by P. Ramlee
Call 1900 112 1205 or SMS 5 to 43657 (IDOLS)

Mae Sta Maria
Song : Nobody by The Wondergirls
Call 1900 112 1206 or SMS 6 to 43657 (IDOLS)

Faizal Isa
Song : Hapus Aku by Nidji
Call 1900 112 1207 or SMS 7 to 43657 (IDOLS)

Tabitha Nauser
Song : Ting Hai by A*Mei
Call 1900 112 1208 or SMS 8 to 43657 (IDOLS)

Farhan Shah
Song : Teman Istimewa by Taufik Batisah
Call 1900 112 1209 or SMS 9 to 43657 (IDOLS)

Charles 'Stitch" Wong
Song : An Jing by Jay Chou
Call 1900 112 1210 or SMS 10 to 43657 (IDOLS)

Nurul Huda
Song : Made in India by Alisha
Call 1900 112 1211 or SMS 11 to 43657 (IDOLS)


  1. Why do the guys all get to sing in their own respective languages and not the girls? Anyways, all the best, girl powerrrr!! a bit unfair la

  2. lol unfair? the girls get an trailer of their own, the girls get the best comments from the judges even when they screwed up (tabitha was shaky in big girls dont cry, nurul cant be heard in the 2nd week song, malaque was forgettable in the first week, fathin was pitchy in the first week) only sylvia deserved all the praise amongst the girls.

    girls get pimped every week, getting overrated and boring already.

  3. Anonymous above,

    Obviously you are a fan of Sylvia's but just for your info before you give comments on the other girl's go back and do a replay of wednesdays' performance and you will find out that Sylvia totally killed her performance coz she was trying too hard and not to mention she was pitchy.

    My prediction is Sylvia will go out before Mae.

  4. disappointed observerOctober 5, 2009 at 10:27 PM

    hi folks - just so you all know - i have reliable information that the contestants all choose their own songs... so its not about fair or unfair on song choices between guys and girls... (so perhaps some strategising on the part of the girls here, trying to outdo each other??) - on the other subject about the girls - well, everytime we hear the judges say to the guys its not about looks but if you can sing or not, but then to the girls, they suddenly dont know how to comment on singing cos they are distracted by their sexy hot looks... GOSH! wish the judges would be consistent in their comments at the least... I still think we should all vote for TALENT and NOT Looks (looks can always evolve / make-over) and also NOT for the sake of just wanting a girl idol for a change,PLEASE.

  5. can i know how they determined the voting numbers? I realize farhan is ALWAYS one of the last performers. is it randomly given out? I believe the order they perform, plays a part in the voting system since the voting starts beginning of the shows ( for example, if the last performer performs well, there would not have enough time to vote for them)

  6. heyy anonymous #3, it's true that her performance was a tad uncomfortable (being a fan of hers, even I couldnt really digest it haha) but the judges didn't mention anything about her singing. i dont think her singing was bad. if you consider going pitchy at some points i think several other contestants were guilty of that too.

    and yes i do happen to know that the contestants choose their own songs too. perhaps they want to be unique? :D anyway, all the best to everyone. much as I agree that we should vote for talent (PLEASE, singapore) i still think that the girls are more competent as of now. let's hope their performances are consistent - only that would tell.

    cheers and chill, people :D

  7. Urm to the anonymous who had a problem with Farhan Shah being one of the last few contestants to sing. Lol why? He can sing, he can sing ANY positions. Dont blame it on his position, dont blame it on his looks, dont blame it on him. He got voted through because of fans and believers of Farhan Shah like me. You mad?

  8. Instead of whining your guts out, do something constructive, like vote for your favourite? Like what I am doing, I am voting for the two I believe has the voice and the looks. Which are Farhan Shah and Tabitha. I am over the whole destroy the guys with judges criticism JUST to get a female Idol. I want an Idol that is out of purely talent, not because of the need to have a different Idol from the first 2 seasons.

  9. to NATE..

    i though i was defending farhan? haha. like why is he ALWAYS as the last few performers? (IF he did good, people would not have enough time to vote for him)

    LOL. you are mad.

  10. to nate..

    oh well.. I guess you have to thank me because I AM defending Farhan even though I am not his fans.

    I am and will be VOTING for SEZAIRI. He may not look as good as farhan but well, his talent is not questionable.

    p.s. I think we end this. Let's just support our own idols.

  11. fyi peeps.
    1. Contestants choose their songs each week. They prepare a list of a few options and decide at keycheck with advice from music director and vocal coach and producers, which would be best for them.
    It is ultimately their choice, everyone else just advises.

    2. Order of performance is usually determined by ballot. However, I need to doublecheck this and let you all know.

    Just a coincidence that all the girls chose songs in languages they don't speak - I only noticed it when I was writing the post. I don't think they CONSCIOUSLY did it to trump the boys. Nor do I think the boys chose the easy way out etc. They each picked their song individually.

    Hope that clears things up somewhat? :)


  12. No worries man its all good. Just so you know, I enjoy Sezari's performance too. I think the guys are strong this year. They are just mostly played down by the media.

  13. Nate, just curious, does the 'downplaying' make the boys' fans work harder and vote more? Am just wondering. :)


  14. I agree with nate..
    What's up with wanting a girl to win just because the previous two winners are male? TOTALLY unfair.
    If SI wants a girl winner, might as well put all girls in the top 13.
    Now, there are 6 girls and 5 males.
    OH, c'mon. VOTE FOR TALENTED MALE winner.

    and btw, if Singapore really wants a girl winner, they would have done it right in season 1. And what? only after two MALE winner won the competition, there's this issue of wanting a GIRL winner?.
    If a girl won the competition in season 2, would singapore still want a girl winner this time round?

    It is totally unfair that the media is focusing more on the girls and seems like 'brainwashing' us to vote for girls just because (according to them) they are MORE talented and will be singing songs not in their language. (BIG DEAL HUH?).

    ENOUGH of this publicity and lets vote for someone who is worthy of the title.


  15. If I want to be really irritating, I would want to ask why is it that the MALES' picture are way smaller than the girls'? (The Asian week trailer's poster)

    She gonna win, man.
    hands down.

  16. It's fine, I bet she loves the big picture of her

    Well, like she sang..



  17. Hey people!

    I think that all your sentiments of the media pressing for a girl winner is justified. I mean, we can make our own choices and see the talents for ourselves. However I still feel that in spite of what the media has supposedly been trying to 'brainwash' us to think, the girls are GENERALLY more talented this year. I really am saying this from my own point of view, having followed every show till now! Of course, you guys may have your own opinions. Thus I'm supporting the general thought that the girls should win. HOWEVER, the guys should be given due credit for their talent.And I dont think summer did this intentionally, chill lah people!!

  18. I agree with many of the comments that the media and judges seems bias.The boys are at their mercy.Infact so obvious that i am turn off.Dick is the worse..when the girls sang off pitch or his favourite performed so so,he dont criticise on them but said you are so beautiful,i am distracted and the bla blabla.Most of the time he seems always already to knock the boys down.However most of the time Ken gave constructive criticism.Well done Ken and Flo (for showing mercy to all)


    (sorry for the caps, didn't want my comment to get lost within the sea of conspiracy theories, haha. thx summerr!)

  20. Hi Anonymous last - LOL! - I SAW IT! CAPS V. EFFECTIVE. no la..its more like its the bottom most comment so i saw it hahaha.

    Sorry to say, but nope, he won't be playing the guitar.

    As for tabby's picture so big - er i didnt design the poster lor..its done by the Marketing team at Ch5..and I don't think its intentional guys - don't read so much into that stuff - its probably just creative layout.


  21. I think Sezairi will be out soon (maybe today) because week after week i am waiting for him to perform with the guitar but he did not. sigh.

    He just need the guitar to BOOMZ man.

    and Jeritan Batin is really not an easy song.

    I don't want him to go just yet.

  22. to anonymous #3, although I am not a fan of Sylvia, she has grown on me and way more likeable than Mae (who is overhyped because of her Australian thing - anyway, she had tried out for Australian Idol for 6 times. what's the hype about this? she has ordinary voice). Though Sylvia is over-pimped, she is at least more likeable, more quiet and less drama. I will be voting for all the girls except Mae (who seems to love promoting herself - i'm sure she has rich supporters to vote her in.) :)