Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Idol Day Random pics

Wakey Wakey! Good morning Idol Lovers!
Since we never know who's gonna be going home on Idol Day, here are some random pics taken over the past week... :) collaged so its easier to upload here - click to enlarge....

These pics were taken on that crazy hot Sunday at the Plaza Singapura roadshow two weekends ago where Daniel Ong made the Idols play the Hands & Feet game. If you missed it, I have it recorded.... check out my post here!

These next few pics were taken just a week ago right after the show in the dressing/green room area. Gabby was acting as temp host for Idol TV.

We're less than 11 hours away from show time....

Right now, Mae, Malaque and Sylvia are at 987FM doing their radio interviews (hurry! tune in!) and the other five (gosh, that number seems so small!) are already at Caldecott Hill, picking up their wardrobe and heading down to the studios for what is to be their usual Idol Day routine of rehearsals, soundchecks and camera blocking!

xoxo, s.

ps. Btw peeps, it's Mae's and Charles' birthdays tomorrow (29th October), so if you're seeing them tonight at the studio, do wish them a Happy Birthday!

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