Sunday, October 18, 2009

Idols at Plaza Singapura

Charles can do handstand! Woot!
If you missed today's Idol roadshow at Plaza Singapura, fret not, I managed to record the best part yet! Daniel Ong was the host today, and he played a hilarious game of 'Idol Hands & Feet' with the Idols and some lucky fans. Basically, each team has to place whatever number of hands and feet Dan calls out and do so the quickest to win. Check the vid out.

Didja see Charles do a handstand? TWICE? Hidden talent eh?
Hope you enjoyed it....Iz and I were laughing our heads off watching this!

xoxo, s.


  1. i saw it coming when daniel asked for 12 feet................... and 12 hands. that last one trick question was hilariously like musical chairs too.


  2. heyhey summer
    update when you're free yeah :) :) :)

    looking forward to your posts

  3. WOOHOO!
    Charles rock!! hehe :)

    ;yeah i'm a teen.

  4. lolx can Charles beatbox and do a handstand at the same time?

  5. wow at charles ! ohh ya, whats on mae sta's mind hanging on the stairs. HAHA. I enjoyed the video.

  6. LOL, i know right? they're hilarious! I hope whoever hosts next weekend's roadshow will come up with creative things/games like this too, cos it gets boring week after week if they only talk and don't interact with the crowd.