Thursday, October 29, 2009

Idol out : Malaque Mahdaly

*sob* :( byebye Malaque
"Last Dance" turned out to be her 'last song'.....

It gets harder and harder every week to say goodbye to the Idols I've grown to love, and Malaque is one of the ones I truly truly sayang. She's always been so thoughtful and genuine and ready with a smile every time we meet. Definitely someone who's great friend material.

Over the course of the competition, she has sometimes come across as cocky or arrogant on air (tv and radio). But she is definitely neither. In fact, she's humble to a fault. She's just candid. And somehow, for Malaque, it tends to come out a bit salah :) dunno why.

Those who know her will attest to the fact that she is indeed the sweetest thing. Just ask ShanShan *wink* <-- LOL secret LODI codeword.

Anyway, I thought that tonight, Malaque did really well, I think Mizz Summer woulda been proud - this summerr definitely was. I was whoopin' and clappin', I think the Fremantle people (the people who own the rights to the Idol format) next to me musta thought 'wah so groupie wan this blogger - act yer age not yer shoe size girlfriend!'

But I guess someone's gotta go, and from an outside observer, although her vocals weren't the weakest tonight, Malaque's voting track record has not been the best. She's been in the 'unsafe' group many-a-time.

At least her Idol journey ended on a high. She agrees with this by the way, "at least I know I went out when I did my best and not sucky performance you know?" <-- well said sweets!

Here're her exit interviews, one with Producer Gillian, and the other for Idol TV.

And here's her exit VT (video clip) and song in full (yes its annoying how it always gets cut off in credits). I apologise for the poor vid quality, I was sat quite far away, and had to zoom. Shall ensure that I am beside the stage again next week.

I'm so gonna miss Malaque. She is one of the most caring, sincere, genuine people I've ever known. Plus she's hilarious and the girl is gorgeous to boot! And in my honest opinion, I think the tone of her voice is so beautiful. I hope one day, she cuts a demo and gets it out there, because I so totally believe that in a studio, if she's well produced, she could go places with that sweet voice.

In the meantime, she's goin' back to culinary school. Hopefully she'll come back to TV Land (camera loves your face babe, can't deny that!) and becomes a celeb chef good enough to rival Nigella herself!

To Malaque, don't ever think you're not good enough my dear. You have it in you, just always believe in yourself. You have touched the hearts of many, including mine, and with that Ms Syarifah Malaque Aimana bte etc etc etc Al-etc (sorry girl, its so long I can't remember! no disrespect to your father or grandfather at all k!) I hope we'll always be friends :) Don't be a stranger!

Much Love,
xoxo, s.

ps. Don't forget to catch Malaque's radio interview tomorrow at 9am on 987FM, the Official Idol Radio station :)


  1. I was crying when Malaque.So poor girl,I knew she must b v disappointed but so sad tat instead of letting it out ,she juz keep smiling n smiling to hide tat sadness.Nway girl,it might be a good thing tat you r out so tat u din hv to listen to those crappy nonsense fm the judges wk aft wk.No matter how well u sing,the always give negative comments.Thou I know you r juz being herself n non-pretentious but some people think u r being arrogant.So lame.As for my case,I no longer nid to rush hm every wed to watch SI n I no longer nid to do any voting.Dun c the purpose of doing that when my favorite is no longer there.Dear ms Malaque,hope u wl continue ur passion n who knows u wl bcome a singing chef one day.Hopefully, Suria wl sign her up.She's juz such a eye-candy.Having said that,thank to u Malaque for making me feels young again coz b4 this,I had never vote for anybody, not 4 the last 2 SI n not even Anugerah.I used to think am too old 4 these kind of things.But Malaque,you make my day.Would b very wonderful is I cud me ur godmother or perhaps be my daughter-in-law.May shld get my only n beloved son to enrol at Sunrice academy n get to know her.hahaha.juz kidding.Last but not least,dear Malaque all the very best in your future endevours.Hoping for Sylvia to get into finals as I find her the least pretentious juz like Malaque.I love you so much Malaque.FYI,wanted to get into her fb but cannot as I dun know how to since got no fb myself.wanted to ask my son for help but so paiseh lest he think mom is crazy.So summerr,PLEASE Send my regards to her.Mayb could give her my email add coz I really want to communicate w her email to get her somethin but to my busy schedule,I totally forget.I tot I could deliver that to her next wk but alas she's no longer in Idol.PLEASE HELP ME SUMMERR.Thank you so much.

  2. While I am a fan of both Tabitha & Sylvia, I agree with the First Anonymous - Malaque was not my early favourites. However, week after week - she grows on me and I was starting to love and enjoy her cutesy image and performances. My parents didn't expect her to be out and they even think she has been improving. We disagree with how the media underrated Malaque. Because of her 'mild' or cutesy vocals, she may sound weaker than other girls - however, I think it's unfair for us to compare her level with other girls in terms of having diva voice - Malaque has to probably adopt a sweet/cutesy musical identity - that is, every contestant should bring out their individual musicial identity/style so that a discerning or casual voter can make a choice who to vote.

    Sorry that I have to be honest - it has absolutely pissed me last night to see the 3 beautiful and awesome girls being in bottom 3. To the haters and whoever, you're disgrace to Singapore. Did Malaque and the 2 other girls do so bad that they deserve to be in the bottom 3 last night? I am sure most of us know this very well ourselves if we were not Tone deaf.

  3. I am the anon above, thanks so much for allowing my above comment to be up. I personally feel very angry with how Singapore voted. I am a Singaporean who actually voted for Malaque, Tabitha and Sylvia last night. Now, my votes will go to Tabitha and Sylvia - but I doubt they will be enough to make them last long to the finals, after seeing in horror how Singapore voted last night. Sorry for my comment but hope you understand the frustration here. S$0.60 is expensive to an average income earner - I have done my part to vote but I cannot afford to vote non-stop for the 3 girls :( Hope you see my point.

  4. I really think the haters of Malaque should be ashamed of themselves - for doing their job to vote her off.

  5. Sorry Summerr, my honest take about this talent show is, I now really lose interest in watching it anymore. You can count on me for NOT voting anymore. Last night when I chatted with my friends on msn, I realised that my friends don't even like to watch and they even think Singapore Idol is a money making scam which plays in people's emotions while ripping off people's hard earned money on the votes - but after watching last night results, I have to agree with them. It really hurts so much to know that I have voted but only to realise that HATERS (who are jealous of Tabitha, Sylvia and Malaque for being young and promising) and the media who underrated Malaque got their way - disgusting!

    Oh by the way, I hear that mediacorp has owed freelancers lots of money and that they cannot even afford to pay the bloggers - so much so for their Poor quality production.

  6. I wasn't a fan of Malaque, but I dont really agree with all the criticism she has been receiving. In fact, I was quite shocked at the judges' comments yesterday. I thought Sylvia was good, the best of the night but the judges kept criticizing her. She HAD the problem of not emoting very well but I thought yesterday was a huge improvement. Malaque did pretty well too, I thought. Perhaps she isnt as good as the other female contenders (she admitted it herself on radio) BUT her voice is so unique and soothing! Omg I love hearing her speak hahah.

    Secondly, the results were a total disappointment too. Tabitha + Sylvia in the bottom 3? I'm not saying Malaque deserves to be there but she's been there a few times already so... If the voting pattern keeps going this way, I'm really afraid that these 2 talents would go to waste.

  7. Hi Summerr..I am anon above..actually I forgot to thank you for doing such a wonderful job and also tks for uploading Malaque's exit performance.Juz can't imagine u doing this wo being paid.So noble of you.I think there r way too many commercial breaks that Malaque perfomance had to be cut short.For sure, I won't b voting for SI again but I hope the voters wl vote for talent coz if not the one laughing all the way to the bank is Mediacorp coz this is the time for them to make money out of people's pockets.So do vote wisely.Btw,is the official blogger get paid?If he is,I dun tink he's doing his job.Even the videos he took were shaky.N he doesn't blogs as often as you do.You SHOULD be the OFFICIAL bBLOGGER not him.Nway,I fully agreed with the DJs tat Malaque is being modest by admitting that the judges r waiting to use judges' safe on the better singers.Glad tat she taking it nicely.All the best Malaque!!

  8. im not a fan of malaque but i do tink she did a good job yesterday. i was shocked when i saw tabby and slyvia in the bottom 3. i tink they both of them should go to the finals actually and it sure will be a very tough fight.

    Anw goodbye malaque the singer (for now) and pretty soon its hello malaque the actress,chef/host or whatever suria or ch5 wants her to be :))

  9. Oh and summerr, really looking forward to your review of this show! :)

  10. thanks you guys for the constant support. both iz and I took this job with our eyes open :) so don't worry about no-pay issue or what - its a running joke, but we both love what we do and we took it on knowing that there would be no remuneration. But what we get in return is great support from the readers of the blogs and loads of love for the idols.

    I can't speak for iz, but I do this for the love of the show. I truly believe in it as a platform. Yes MediaCorp has to make money from this - they are a business, not a charity.

    And as for haters 'voting off' the idols, that doesn't happen. The show is about voting 'in' the idols to the next round. So if your favourites aren't getting enough votes its because not enough people are voting for them, or more people/votes are coming in for the others whom you may not be supporting. This is part and parcel of the show.

    I know its tough parting with 60cents per vote. Like in previous comments posted be earlier readers for when Syltra was out - you can't blame people for not voting enough, everyone does what they can. And if it isn't enough to save your favourite, its because someone else has more people rooting for them.

    I hope you won't continue to be disillusioned and disheartened by Malaque's exit. It gets harder every week. And yes it feels awful to have voted (once or 100 times) and not have had an effect on the outcome.

    Hopefully this week's Bottom 3 shakes and wakes Singapore up for next week.

    If you all give up on the show, you, the fans of the girls, you will have conceded the win to the others. If you don't vote, there is an even slimmer chance of the girls' survival, because if you're thinking this way, I'm sure there are many others like you who may be giving up on watching idol - then where will Tabby and Sylvia be next week?

    So I hope you'll think it over and stay on and support Tabby and Sylvia, because you know they will need it.

    I love those girls so much, and I was so very very sad to Malaque go (not that I don't sayang the boys, I do too, I am so attached to each of them!), she is just such a special person.

    ANyway, i do hope you'll stay on, support the show, support the idols (and support the blog too ;)) -- wahlao tearing up chey!


  11. Glad that you also love Malaque. I had not expected Malaque to go far, but week after week, she has subsequently grown on me.

    No, I disagree that Malaque should continue to be a Chef. Even though I am NOT Malaque's fan, but her recent performances have convinced me that she deserves something much better than being a Chef!! She should become a Singer or Actress - otherwise it will be a waste of FRESH talent like her. I hope Suria or Mediacorp signs her on. Malaque is a fresh talent.

  12. hey susan,
    apparently Malaque is a really talented chef! So maybe she should pursue both - rachel ray meets .. i dunno Faith Hill? (apparently Faith Hill is also a good cook!)
    I'll make sure Malaque sees your comment - she'll be so happy with the support.

  13. you can upload the spectaculars via this account:

    from jeremy