Sunday, October 18, 2009

Comment Moderation

Helo peeps,
Meant to do my review, but got sidetracked due to the above.

It has come to my attention *again, sigh* that the comments section of this blog has been....going boomz. And not in a good way.

Fyi, I never put on the 'moderation' mode because I'm a believer in freedom of speech and also in instant gratification (I never liked having to leave my comment at the mercy of the moderator because I mean, whats the point of a comment page if you need to seek approval for your opinion right?).

But lately, some comments have been getting out of hand. Irresponsible flaming has also occured, which is SO unnecessary. There are also comments nitpicking on sexual orientation, religion and race of the contestants/fans etc.

This is what happens with the comments on this blog.

1. I assume that every reader here is an upstanding netizen who has enough common sense to know right from wrong, and as such will post comments responsibly and sensibly.

2. I have 200 over posts, and thus do not have time to comb thru every single comment on every single post every hour of the day. I have two kids to raise - seriously, thats time suckage for you.

3. I only go in and delete away hurtful comments (those with sexual, racial, religious overtones, and/or profanity) when I either chance upon it on my random checks, or when someone flags it to me (usually a friend or a producer, sometimes a caring Idol fan).

Going forward, I would like to appeal to you all, please, spare a thought for others reading this blog especially the younger fans who frequent it too.

Comments featuring sexist, racist and religion(ist?) remarks are not welcome here. Profanity is definitely not welcome here. And last but not least, outright unnecessarily malicious remarks directed at anyone, be it contestant, producer or another reader will also not be tolerated.

One reader commented that how you 'comment' reflects on YOU as a person. I totally agree. So lets put our best feet/typing fingers forward when commenting and try and keep it constructive. You're free to share your opinion, positive or negative, just don't launch into a personal attack or tirade. Its unnecessary.

Remember we want to support local talent. Not crush it.

Do take the poll on the left sidebar. Much appreciated.

xoxo, s.


  1. Great input, Summerr...some really went a lil overboard with their comments..hope to read more positive feedback where idols can learn and grow or at least for family members and friends to read and help relate to the contestants as well..

    Great blogging..may we all be a lil bit more constructive..

  2. can summerr enlightens me what's consider "unsafe" group.I have been voting faithfully weekly but dont know whether my 'idol" has one of lowest votes when he/she is in the "unsafe" group.Really appreciate your kind assistance to verify this and revert.Thank you.

  3. Hi anon,
    This is what i've been told by producers, the 'unsafe' group are contestants with the lower set of votes.
    the person with the lowest votes is definitely in that group.

    Imo, the others in the group, however, don't necessarily have to be bottom 3 (ie 2nd and 3rd lowest votes respectively). they could be 3rd and 4th lowest votes. But suffice to say their votes were low. Thus the term 'unsafe'...

    Those whose votes top the pack are never in the 'unsafe' group.

    Hope this helps?

  4. btw, the second half of the comment above was 'imo', producers did not specifically say that...just wanna clarify that this is my theory la. Cos gurms never really says 'bottom 3' or 'bottom 2'.

    but either, doesn't really matter right? we should always just assume our favourites need our votes and vote like its their last show right? Cos you never know.

  5. Hi Summerr,thank you for yr reply re "unsafe" group.Btw you are doing a very good job..updating and clearing readers doubts.Keep up with your excellent work.

  6. agree. summerr's doing a great job! kudos to you for taking time out to do this (understand you're a mom and all). imho, u are the best blogger for this job - shame on the official blogger for holding the title but never living up to the job.
    its been a week and no picture no sound, mediacorp should just fire him -pfft!

  7. imho, u are the best blogger for this job - shame on the official blogger for holding the title but never living up to the job.
    its been a week and no picture no sound, mediacorp should just fire him -pfft! ( I HAVE TO AGREE WITH THIS )