Friday, October 16, 2009

Project Hope, Monday, 19th October, 830pm on Channel 5

Idols not Idle (part deux)

The Singapore Idol Top 10 (yes this means Nurul too!) will be performing on Project Hope this Monday, 19th October, at 8.30pm. They will be singing Hady Mirza's 'You Give Me Wings'. Check out this MediaCorp ad for more info on what Project Hope is all about....

When the news about Project Hope was announced on Monday, Lucas Chow, the CEO of MediaCorp had this to say about why the show is named as such...

"As the region unites in grief, we also hear of many heroic acts of courage and kindness. We at MediaCorp feel strongly that we can give hope to the victims and their families, which is why we have called our television special, Project Hope.

We urge the public to donate generously to help the millions affected by the recent spate of calamities."

source : To read the full article, click here.

If you'd like to donate to the cause, here are the deets :
1900 112 5010 for a $10 donation
1900 112 5020 for a $20 donation
1900 112 5050 for a $50 donation
*Phone lines are open til midnight on Monday, 26th October. An administrative fee of 21cents is chargeable for each call.

For even more info, do check out Project Hope's facebook page here.

Funnily enough, although the ad above says Khai and Michelle are hosting, the facebook page for Project Hope lists Taufik Batisah as host - hrm...3 hosts I guess. As far as I know, for sure Taufik is doing the show, but as what he'll be doing exactly, I'll find out tomorrow and let y'all know for sure :)

Remember to catch Project Hope - you have no excuse, your Idols are performing, so you have to watch. Plus, its so accessible, you can watch it on Channel 5, Suria, TV Mobile and even the video screens at Orchard Central.

In the meantime, the Idols will be having rehearsals for the show over the weekend. Will catch up with them and tweet y'all the latest!

Acks! Its 4am - time to sleep!

xoxo, s.

ps. Check out these headless pics! Guess who's wearing what for Project Hope on Monday. There are 11 pics because one of the Idols tried an extra outfit - can you guess who's who? And how'd you figure it out?

A true Idol fan would have absolutely no problem figuring them out :) hehe.


  1. Let me try. ;D
    #1 - Tabby?
    #2 - Nurul
    #3 - Charles
    #4 - Faizal
    #5 - Sylvia.
    #6 - Malaque
    #7 - Amira.
    #8 - Duane.
    #9 - Malaque
    #10 - Mae
    #11 - Sezairi

    Did I get it right? :D:D

  2. Hey Summerr, I would like your advice if we can get their past performance songs in mp3 file formats which I can just listen to?

  3. lemme guess !

  4. my turn!

    1 tabitha
    2 nurul
    3 faizal
    4 sezairi
    5 sylvia
    6 amira
    7 mae
    8 duane
    9 malaque
    10 malaque (THE HAIRR)
    11 charles

  5. How on earth can 10 be mae the hair is frigging malaque's red hahaha :)

    Malaque tried on 2 that's for sure. I prefer 10.
    Tabby 1
    Mae 2
    Sylvia 5
    Amira 6
    Nurul 7
    Malaque 9, 10

    Guys idk hahaha more difficult
    Guessing 8 is duane
    11 charles? (so fair)
    3/4 is sezairi faizal respectively. That was totally a guess


  6. Lekha Ding! Correcto!
    Anonymous #1, only 4 correct. HEHE.
    I believe the telcos will be selling such content soon. Heard from the grapevine that they are working on it. So you should be able to get it. Otherwise-there's always youtube and your computer's 'recorder' :)

    ps. for the rest, i shall reveal who's who on Monday, lets give more people a chance to try shall we? :) so fun!

  7. 1. tabby
    2. nurul
    3. sezairi
    4. charles
    5. svlyvia
    6. amira
    7. mae
    8. daune
    9. syltra?
    10. malaque (for sure!)
    11. faizal

    omg.. and i don't even live in singapore..

  8. 1. mae
    2. nurul
    3. charles
    4. sezairi
    5. tabitha
    6. amira
    7. amira (again!)
    8. duane
    9. sylvia
    10. malaque
    11. faizal


  9. I can take a guess... hope I'm close :)

    01. tabitha
    02. nurul
    03. sezairi
    04. charles
    05. sylvia
    06. amira
    07. mae
    08. duane
    09. malaque
    10. malaque
    11. faizal

  10. 1) tabby
    2) nurul
    3) charles
    4) sezairi
    5) sylvia
    6) amira
    7) mae
    8) duane like duh?!
    9) malaque
    10) malaque
    11) faizal!!


  11. Fatin, almost got it - you got Faizal and Charles mixed up!

    Leenet - 7 out of 11. Good effort :)

    Anon#2 - you got all the girls right! Applause. Guys, also not bad. check out my posts for the full answers :)

    Anon#3 - kudos for getting 50% correct (you got 5) and you don't even live in SG! :)

    Methylc, sorry babe, you only got 3 right - Amira, Duane and one of Malaque's pics ...check out the latest post to see the answers.

    Michael - not bad 7 out of 11. :)

    belle-oh - 6 out of 11 :)

    Answers in today's latest post....
    thanks for playing!