Monday, October 12, 2009

PSC...a video of tv...

20 minutes into my ride to KL, it hit me...
I had forgot to set my mio TV box to record the President's Star Charity show. BIG. SIGH.

If you're like me and you missed the Idols' segment on the President's Star Charity show, here's what they did. The video's not the best quality, but beggars can't be choosers :) Thank you Izked for recording the that I could watch it!

I heard that Gurms did a wonderful job - apparently he had tons of segments throughout the show. He's always been the President's favourite :) I recall one year, apparently the President himself asked that he host the show. Arrrgh, can't wait to watch the repeat - whenever it is, probably next weekend :P.

Lets hope someone else recorded it in er, higher quality and YouTubes it soon.
In the meantime, this will have to do lor.

xoxo, s.


  1. Is there a reason why syltra didn't perform?
    She was in the vocal training rehearsal video on youtube with the girls
    Thanks for the video summer/isked

    Anyway I think the girls did better than the guys, no offence. The guys had way too much moves that I think it affected their singing. Some of them even look awkward, no offence again. They should have just shown off their awesome voices!!!

    Can't wait for MJ week

  2. gosssh. why must the kids go thru all this crap. it's not just time-consuming, it's embarrassing. I know it's for charity and all, but even though they're talented, dancing is not one of their strong points. (and, for all their talent, Jonas Bros and Cheetah Girls? really?)

  3. thanks so much for uploading this!! =D yay!! also couldn't catch it on tv was too busy with assignments and all that! just curious was Gurmit really singing on he just lip sing? No offense sounded alike! Hahaha. =)

  4. Hello! (:

    The PSC rerun is this coming Sunday at 530pm! (:

  5. Hey got this at face book on syltra lee music..
    Catch the Singspirators' debut performance this 24 Oct. Details at