Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Some random vids while we wait for the show....

The Singapore Idol Tribute to Michael Jackson is on in less than 3 hours....
Vote to keep your favourites in the running. Or vote for talent if you haven't got a favourite yet.

Check the left sidebar for the voting and song deets for each of your Top 10.

In the meantime, while we wait for time to pass (and I go tarpow some chicken rice for DFK - yes, I'm actually getting them some dinner from outside today cos after weeks of canteen food, I hear they're bored), check out these random pics and vids I recorded of some of the Idols yesterday while they were getting their wardrobe sorted out for an upcoming show called Project Hope (more on this show after tonight)!

Check out Duane in his school uniform - so cute right?

There's Nurul, always having sushi for lunch. And check out Malaque's lovely new hair colour, but sorry, the pic quality isn't the best cos I took it with my phone. Its VERY red :) love it! And btw, doesn't it look cool as a bob? She looks gorgeous right?!

Here's Tabby and Duane swopping Beyonce tips (they have GOT to be the two biggest Beyonce fans I've ever met) cos Tabby loves to sing 'Halo'. Back up vocals provided by Nurul.

And in case you haven't noticed, check out Tabby's newly minted bangs. Love it too! She looks so fresh - you SO can't tell she's pretty sick (987FM DJ's dubbed her the 'perpetually coughing Tabby' on Tuesday's interview) and on antibiotics! What a trooper!

Check out the last two vids of Charlie. A special Billie Jean beatbox version just for today's blog post in random tribute to the great King of Pop! I have no idea who was 'hu-hu-ing' behind me - coulda been Nurul, or Faizal, or even Iz! LOL!

Don't worry about the wonky end to his 'Remember The Time', he was just saving his vocals. He has that part down pat and will be unleashing it tonight on the show :) Must watch k, comin' up at 8pm tonight, Channel 5! (as if you didn't already know...)

Good luck to all the Idols and have a great show you guys - channel the King of Pop!!!

much love, s.

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