Friday, October 23, 2009

Idols Burger King Music Video Shoot

It Just Tastes Better!
...and it really does - today's french fries were superb - am swearing off McD's fries for a while cos I watched that vid where it doesn't biodegrade even after 2 months - worrisome can?

But like Tabby said, she staved off fast food for 2 weeks after watching the McDocumentary (can't remember its name!) and then slowly-slowly got back into it, and now, its like it never happened! LOL! are some pics of the Idols at this morning's shoot at Great World City's Burger King outlet. The BK people were real sweet, they provided the Top 8 + crew + Iz with loads of drinks and makan to while the waiting time away ....although the executives looked a bit stressed...

I love the pic where they all wear the crowns - Idol Royalty :)

haha, check out Idol writer Clarabelle being a calefare as a BK staffmember too. She and Mae were SO in character they decided to clear tables! Apparently some kid even asked them for a straw. Mae's name tag actually had her name on it. Sylvia's however, said Nurse Low :)

This is a twitpic from @siproducer when the Idols moved on to shoot the second part of the music video (I guess where the 'audition' and transform into the IDOLS we know and love?) at Caldecott Hill...

Shoot Concept :
The Top 8 play ordinary people who share the same dream, the dream of becoming an Idol.

Roles :
Sezairi : Pilot
Sylvia : Nurse (her tag says Nurse Low - LOL!)
Malaque : Traveller/Backpacker
Mae : Burger King staffmember
Charles : Chef
Duane : Businessman
Tabitha : Teacher (the outfit looks surprisingly similar to Jade Seah's teacher togs in First Class!)
Faizal : Fashion designer/stylist (he even has BLING!)

When I first asked Faizal who he was playing he said 'Dick Lee' and I almost fell for it cos he had the lil kerchief sticking out of his pocket in purple and a snazzy jacket and even a scarf plus huge bling ring! Check it out!

Can't wait to see the final cut of the music video - they'll be singing the 1983 Grammy Nominated song by The Eurythmics called 'Sweet Dreams' (this is the same year MJ's Beat It, Billie Jean and the album Thriller were nominated for Grammys).

Here's the vid of the song - so you know what it sounds like (and won't think they went all weird on ya - the song itself is weird to many - but I love its haunting melody, love Annie Lennox!)

"Some of them want to use you
Some of them want to get used by you
Some of them want to abuse you
Some of them want to be abused...."

- kinda metaphorical about the entertainment industry right? Idols you have been warned ....

Check out Official Blogger Iz's awesome BTS vid (he edited this himself k!) here...

xoxo, s.

ps. sorry peeps, post came out a lil late cos Blogger was down this afternoon - freaked me and like gazillions around the world - help forum was flooded - turned out there was a power outage somewhere in the US east coast. Oh well, better late than never! ON to the review!

pps. I remember the name of the McDoc now...its 'Supersize Me!'


  1. the McD fries don't biodegrade as fast as the other burgers because it has low moisture content relative to its high salt content, an inhospitable environment for bacteria to grow. it was kept under a bell jar for the entirety of the Very Scientific Study (lol) so it would take fairly long to get bad.

    heh it's still not healthy, those fries, but don't worry, won't turn into a mutant if we eat those, haha.

  2. OMG thank you ANON...i shall scarf down my fave fries tomorrow :)

    as you can tell..i am not so much into the science kekekeke! (although i was science major - have no idea how I survived (and passed with distinctions!)!