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Boys Trump Girls Week? The review...

Did the Idols' 'Someone Special' Melt or Cringe?
The Top 9 sang their hearts out for their 'Someone Special' last week, each one picking very meaningful songs dedicated especially to their loved ones. But were their performance note- or cringe-worthy?

Here's the recap trailer for last week's show...

I wasn't there at the show last week. Had mommy duties, but I got there (after putting the kids to bed) about 5 minutes before they announced the results. The first thing Iz and Justin reported were - aiyo the girls screwed up tonight and wah the boys were really good. I couldn't wait to watch the show (recorded faithfully on my mio box for viewing ASAP).

I later managed to steal a minute of two for a quick chat with Ann Hussein who said the Idols did very very well during rehearsals. So well in fact, it gave @siproducer the creeps because it never went that well before - the usual trend is screw up at rehearsals and do better on live show. Well, looks like his uneasy rumblings were founded - even the boys, who did well, apparently weren't as good as they were during rehearsals...tsk. Shoulda just recorded rehearsals and aired it instead hor...

Oh well...lets get started on the reviews then...
The theme was 'For Someone Special', so each Idol chose a person that meant a great deal to them. It could be anyone apart from their parents.

Charles Wong - Fall For You by Secondhand Serenade
I thought Charlie opened the show beautifully. When I first heard the song on YouTube I thought 'what? really? oh god, I hope Charles changes it up a little'....imo the song was a real snoozer. But when Charles sang it, omg, it was so heartfelt and gentle and dreamy - melt. MELT.
A few days before the show, Charles admitted to being nervous as he said this song always had only two reactions from people - either they hated it or they loved it. So he said that he planned to 'add some runs and make it more likeable'. :) Well, you did it boy!
I think everyone wanted to be Sherry (you lucky girl!) at one point!
Like Flo said 'Girlfriend, this one's a keeper!'

Judges said :
Dick – You should sing a love song every week, you were comfortable and honest.
Flo – The performance was very sexy and heartfelt. To you girlfriend, I say he is a keeper.
Ken – You sounded desperate …. Desperately in love. The way you professed your love will get you through to the next round.

Agree/disagree? TOTALLY agree :) I loved their glowing reviews! What a great way to start the show - who knew Uncle Ken had such a good sense of humour :) Good job Charlieboy!
In hindsight, best performance of the night - tied with Airi!

Sylvia Ratonel - When You Believe by Whitney Houston & Mariah Carey
I was totally blown away when I heard Sylvia rehearse this. Her voice was just so amazing. You can see the rehearsal vid that I recorded here. This song is by no means an easy song to sing - plus you have not one, but TWO divas to channel! I have to admit, I was a bit worried. But after watching her rehearse, I thought - wahlao she can do it man!
Watching the show now, I felt she seemed to be very anxious or nervous or something. As usual, her vocals were spot-on, but it was like she wasn't present (same as last week) - her eyes were elsewhere.

Judges said :
Dick – Consistently you pick good songs and deliver them beautifully but you need to sing with more heart and emotions.
Flo – You sang with the confidence of a professional.
Ken – You were too pre-occupied with the lyrics of the song. You need to focus on the emotions.

Agree/disagree :
Agree totally with Dick and Ken about needing to present more emo. Maybe she got too wrapped up with the technicality of the song (because there are just so many notes that need to be met and the melody isn't simple). I had told her before, sometimes, its like you can see the wheels of her brain turning. Maybe she just needs to relax a bit more. Like when she did Mercy, she looked like she was having fun. She didn't look like she was having fun with this one.

Faizal Isa - I'm Yours by Jason Mraz
When I posted the song list, a few people commented to me - Aiya Jason Mraz again ah. Why this guy always Jason Mraz ah? And I was meh? He's only sung this song once right? At Theatres. Why is it people have this impression that he only does Mraz songs?
Anyway, I thought he did great. His diction was spot on except for one word, but who cares - ONE word oni mah....
Stage presence - check. Vocals - check. Adorableness - check.

Judges said :
Dick – It was really great, really you!
Flo – Your breakout performance! This shows your confidence as a performer.
Ken – Last week you were predictable. This week you came back just as predictable, that was a bad copy.

Agree/disagree :
I agree with Dick and Flo. I totally enjoyed it. I think Aunty Mona would be so proud - she was beaming and beaming :) . I disagree with Ken, I don't think he was 'copying' Mraz. As for being predictable, I kinda do see his point there, as initially when I saw the song choice, I had wished he woulda picked something else cos we've already seen him perform this. But now I know why he picked it - because he's so comfortable doing this song. If he does get to the Finals, I have a feeling he may want to sing this song again.

Malaque Mahdaly - Because You Loved Me by Celine Dion
When I first heard that Malaque had chosen this song, alarm bells went off in my head - Celine? Girl, you sure not? But after I heard her have a go at it - I felt vocally she could do it - she just needed more practice. Check out her practice vid here.
But watching the show on tv, it was shaky from the very start. She actually looked a little nervous, but still very very sincere. I could feel like she was singing it to her BFF Fatma (who is super pretty btw!)

Judges said :
Dick – You have what it takes but your singing is getting worse week to week. You need to work on your vocals.
Flo – It was a heartfelt tribute but you are too young to interpret it.
Ken – You have the looks but not the voice; it was a totally wrong choice of song.

Agree/disagree? I disagree with Dick and Flo. Dick cos I don't think she's gotten worse week on week. I think she's had ups and downs based on song choice. And, last week WAS NOT BAD, I reiterate - it was because people weren't familiar with THAT version of Rock With You, thus the bad comments from judges/viewers.
Disagree with Flo because I feel the song is about attributing your successes to someone who's supported you, and it can be done as light as between two good friends, or as deep as between mother and child. In that light, I think Malaque conveyed her message successfully - but also shakily.
I guess Ken is right, maybe she shoulda picked a song that would have been easier to tackle. Celine (and all the big diva songs) are very much 'suicide' choices. But I disagree that she doesn't have the voice. She has a very unique tone which comes out really lovely when she sings on recordings - maybe she just needs to hone it? Go for more vocal training - Dick offer lessons?

Mae Sta Maria - Hero by Mariah Carey
I have to say this has got to be Mae's weakest performance to date. She was shaky almost throughout. It was so disheartening to see her hand shaking (the one holding the mic) throughout the song. Her delivery was also kinda 'quiet' like she couldn't push her vocals out. Definitely something was up with Mae that night.

Judges said :
Dick – You were not singing at your peak, you look defeated.
Flo – You were nervous tonight. Believe in yourself.
Ken – I don’t know if you will be able to impress us again.

Agree/disagree :
Mae revealed she was sick when the judges asked. I totally agree with what Dick said, she did look defeated from the very get go. I guess she was just feeling terrible. I hope for both Mae's and our sakes (we want to watch a good show right), Mae will be able to 'impress' them again.

Duane Ho - A Song For You by Leon Russell
To be honest, after watching Elliot Yamin's take on this song, I wasn't sure if Duane would be able to bring something different to the song and make it heartfelt too. But whoa - Duane did a brill job! Just brill! I think the piano to Duane is what the guitar is to Airi. It just brings out his vocals, perhaps because he's comfortable.

Judges said :
Dick – This is the Duane we love, your best performance so far.
Flo – It was a competent performance.
Ken – Between your GCE “O” Levels and winning Singapore Idol, you should focus on your education.

Agree/disagree :
I would like to agree with Dick. I thought he did really well, and I was 'sold'. Maybe Uncle Ken is just being old-skool - ie education is more important than 'singing career'? Who knows Uncle Ken, Duane may just win this thing. (But Duane, if you are reading this, even if you DO win, education is still important - you gotta find time to do it k?)

Fathin Amira - Back At One by Brian McKnight
Sucks that I don't have her rehearsal vid, cos she was awesome in that pingpong room! She's the 4th girl to perform and its like a plague on the females - right from the start she's shaky. And yes Dick, her orange top was a little distracting and worse still, it made her look a little tired (I don't think the colour suits her).
Initially she had told me she would be dedicating this performance to a certain 'guy', but I found out that night she changed that to her good friend April instead - worried about the 'rents? Maybe in her heart she was singing to that 'guy' and that tripped her up? Nerves?

Judges said :
Dick – You look like you’re ready for Halloween, you look like a pumpkin.
Flo – It’s a love song but you dedicated it to your friend so I did not connect with it.
Ken – Unfortunately Duane’s performance was even better than yours!

Agree/disagree :
What Dick said - Oh well Amira, its ok, I've been called a pumpkin too whenever I wear an orange top... at least we DARE to wear orange right?!
What Flo said - sigh, if only she this Flo....(skip to Amira's interview)
What Ken said - Why was he comparing Amira to Duane? apples and oranges - or pumpkins...
But overall, I have to agree it wasn't her best performance to date. She seemed a little lost.

Tabitha Nauser - Halo by Beyonce Knowles
I was really looking forward to seein Tabby perform this cos I know its like one of her favourite songs. And although I heard she was waaay better during rehearsals ( the words ' Tabby screwed up big time' were mentioned when I arrived at Results Show), I thought she did a commendable job on this one. Not bad lei.

Judges said :
Dick – You got to really train and exercise your body, mind and soul.
Flo – You got the halo around you!
Ken – You looked the best but sounded the worst. You lost your confidence.

Agree/disgaree? I think the judges were harder on her because they expect a lot more from her because she's the one with the most potential - because she has vocals and looks. I seriously didn't think she did as bad as they made it out to be - perhaps in studio, the live performance wasn't too good. On tv, she seemed fine. Shouting and rushed at some parts, but overall, a good performance. So I'll have to agree wholeheartedly with just Flo :)
Side note re Tabby's wardrobe : I disagree with Ken's comment that she looked her best, I never liked seeing Tabby in these 'prom-like' dresses she's always made to wear...I would love to see her in 'funkier', younger stuff. Like maybe something Nicole Richie would wear (although I know thats not her body type, but just the 'feel' la - Fathin - help inject some awesome style into your BFF's wardrobe ya!).

Sezairi Sezali - Ordinary People by John Legend
Best performance of the night imo (tied with Charles!). Well done Airi. I'm not a big fan of John Legend. He puts me to sleep most times. Not a big fan of this song either. But something about Airi's delivery, I was riveted. It wasn't boring. It was ... soothing and heartfelt and convincing. I totally bought it.

Judges said :
Dick – You sounded great, great song!
Flo – That performance was cool sophistication.
Ken – You are the closest to being original. The image you creating for yourself is a bit dull.

Agree/disagree : Agree with all the judges. Except the 'dull' point (in no way is he dull). However, I understand why Ken may have said that, the performance did seem a little more 'grown-up' and Airi tends to be 'quiet' (albeit v smiley) during the 'chats' with Gurms. So Airi, your music's spot on, time to amp up the personality - cos you are one hilarious dude. :) Overall, job well done.

That's the review... on to the Results Show....
I thought the Idols did a great job singing 'Just Stand Up', the medley for 'Stand Up To Cancer'. Here's a vid of the actual song in case you haven't heard the original (hello which rock have you been hiding under?)

As usual, the producers could be counted on to give us a heart attack/rollercoaster ride with the way they dole out the 'you're safe/unsafe' news. But the results were a shock to me because I always thought Amira had a huge fan following. I thought she and Farhan (bless him and his white white teeth) were invincible when it came to the votes. Guess I was wrong.
Well its even stevens again now....4 girls and 4 boys left to duke it out this Idol Day.

This week's Mambo Mania theme is bound to be fun for everyone. Or super cheesy if it goes belly up *fingers crossed it doesn't*.

I hope Fuji (the set designer) had got his huge-ass Glitter Disco Ball ready to spin :) And the idols have got all their air-pointing and hip locking down pat!

Do you think the judges will come in 'mambo' baju? Flo with beehive and Dick in bell bottoms? I won't even bother about Uncle Ken cos we all know he doesn't compromise on his teeshirts :) Maybe an Astroboy tee with karipap hair? Wishful thinking!

xoxo, s.

ps. I'll be back at the studio this week - am so excited - I missed everyone terribly (whalao, Idol withdrawal symptoms much?) and I'll be tweeting/twitpiccing as usual. Sorry Iz didn't do so, his twitpic was down - he said couldn't send any pics!

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  1. Hi summer!! Sorry that time when I gave my comments about the idols "someone special" week, I said Malaque: BEST PERFORMANCE!!
    I kinda forgot that it was duane's that was "Best performance" cos he was around there (after M?). OOPS!! HAHA

    Apart from that, Duane's perf was truly awesome. He should do piano songs as often as he can man!! THINK. HE TOTALLY ACED POKERFACE (spec 1) AND THIS TIME ROUND. SO???? :D:D:D

    Suggest to him please!! :)
    But obviously he can't do it for mambo week


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