Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Matt's Vid : Charity CarWash @ Dempsey Hill

Hot. Sweaty. But so much fun!
.....and all for a good cause!

Check out this great vid by Matt (www.matt.sg) who was the roving entertainment reporter onsite at last Saturday's Channel 5 Charity Carwash event. Got pro mic and all - go Matt!
For those of you who frequent the Idol shows, you'll know Matt as the wubby who warms up the crowd before the show starts and keeps you entertained between commercial breaks and that hour-long break between Performance and Results shows.

Anyway, check out this vid - he interviews the Polo Boys, Michelle Chia, Claire Jedrek, Jade Seah, the FHM girls (v. boomz) and the two Idol teams - the current Top 8 and 5 idol alums from Season 2 (the guy in green is Levin, Top 24!). Also check out great impromptu singing by both teams, with beats supplied by our very own Charles. :)

(if you cannot tahan - idols are at 06:20 :))

In summary, there were 3 rounds of competition :

First Class ($695) vs Fighting Spiders ($856)

FHM Girls ($1,762) vs Polo Boys ($1,772) *wow, beaten by $10!

SI Season 3 Top 8 ($1,110) vs SI Season 2 Alum ($675)

Congratulations to all the celebrity teams for a job well done!
Er, but to which charity does the $$$ go...I'm not quite sure....I shall go find out pfft! LOL!

Thanks to matt.sg for the great vid! :)
Now time to buckle down and get ready for Idol Day tomorrow wheeeee! Mambo Mania here we come! Right now, your Top 8 Idols are busy fine-tuning their performances tonight at their all-night vocal training session with Ann and Indra.

xoxo, s.

UPDATE : Where does the $$$ go?
The money raised goes to 3 charities :
Operation Smiles (which is Class 95's adopted charity), HCA Hospice Care and Rainbow Centre - Yishun Park School (both of which are MediaCorp's adopted charities).

UPDATE #2 : Official Blogger Iz's Carwash Music Video
In case you missed it cos Iz uploaded this to YouTube on Monday, here's his lil music video - shot and edited by Iz himself ;) lov the song choice!

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