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Singapore Idol Top 10 : Sylvia Ratonel

Sylvia Ratonel, 21
14 June 1988
updated : 10 Oct 09

Spectacular 4 : A Tribute To Michael Jackson
Performing : The Way You Make Me Feel
Voting Details : Coming soon, watch the left sidebar.

Michael Jackson Week Interview :

If you had 1 minute with MJ, what would you say/do?
Kiss his (gloved) hands!

If you had 1 hour with him, what would you do?
Ride the rollercoaster with him at Neverland!

If you had 1 day with him, what would you do?
Ask him to teach me his dance moves and give me a crash course on how to be a better artiste. Get the legend himself to impart the knowledge.

Did you believe the child molestation allegations?
I think that some people were jealous of him, so they created nonsense and they tried to take advantage of his money. But I understand he had a deprived childhood. So its 50-50 for me.
But I also think some people are so hypocritical. When he was alive, they made fun of him all the time. But then, after his death, they change their tune. Just goes to show how human compassion is. Only when people depart then you feel something for that person.
I like MJ’s music, and I think he’s a great artiste, but I’m not like a huge groupie fan. When the news broke, it didn’t really affect me directly.

When you first heard that there would be an MJ themed spectacular, what was your reaction? And now that you’re through and will be doing an MJ song, how do you feel?

When I first heard it, I was excited cos its really cool. It’s a great theme.

Now that its next week, I’m still excited. I understand that the songs are tough but we’ve come so far, and it must mean that we have the vocals right? So we shouldn’t be afraid to explore and try more challenging songs. With more and more vocal training, your vocals actually do improve. My voice has never sounded as good as this before, and its all thanks to Ann – she’s awesome!

Spectacular 3 : An Asian Feast
Performing : Sinaran by Sheila Majid

Asian Week Interview :
Who is your favourite Asian artiste?
Coco Lee

Who's the sexiest Asian star in your opinion?
Tata Young

Who is your favourite Asian person?
Ken Lim. seriously?
Sylvia : Yes, seriously, its the first name that came to my mind when you asked that question :)

Favourite Asian food?
Cheese Prata @ MediaCorp canteen
Egg Prata @ Circular Road
- looks like someone loves Prata?

Favourite Asian destination?
Bali, Indonesia.

What Asian culture fascinates you the most?
Korean. Especially the language! I love to hear them speak (and Sylvia proceeds to do her best gibberish-Korean ever - quite convincing!)

What Asian trait are you most proud of?
My Tagalog. I'm proud to be Filipino (Dad is Filipino, Mom is Eurasian (Irish/Indonesian)). I am Singaporean, and my race is Filipino.

What is the one Asian superstition you've held on to since you were a child?
Don't eat messily or your husband will be very ugly!

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Random facts about Sylvia :
  • She does a pretty mean 'robot' dance
  • Loves to do the 'broken limbed' model pose - I swear for weeks this was the only pose I would get every time I pointed the camera at her.
  • Sylvia's employers at the Conrad Hotel are so totally supportive they've stuck her 'poster' up everywhere in staff quarters, urging people to vote.
  • They even transferred her to a less 'stressul' position so that she could cope with the Idol schedule - awwww....what an amazing employer :)
  • Has never sung on a proper with full lights and makeup, until her Piano Show performance! (that blew us totally away woot!)
  • Sylvia is Idol's most notorious chameleon - she's just a natural at transforming herself into different characters once the camera is on! Very fun to watch!
summerr thinks you'll love Sylvia because :
She can totally sing her face off and she's pretty cute (and hawt when totally vamped up!)
Sylvia's sense of humour is the type that sneaks up on you. She's pretty laid back offstage and you just don't expect the joke that creeps up on you quietly when you're looking the other way - her one liners are classic.

Plus we love watching her transform into another being when on stage - can't wait to see how she'll do 'Fallin'' tonight! She jokingly told Dan & Young that she would do a cartwheel tonight, to which Young said, it would be perfect for singing 'Fallin'' to!

Here's the vid Izked shot right after the Top 13 show.

And here's the vid I recorded with her (sorry about the noisy kids down the hall :P) at last week's choreo session, with a sample of Fallin'.

Lastly, here's a look at Sylvia's Idol journey so far and her performance at the Piano Show that wowed everyone.

If you wanna know more Sylvia, click here for the Top24 profile I did for her previously.

Find Sylvia online :

xoxo, s.


  1. vote for sylvia baby, yeah..... (",)

  2. my oh my... I'm 1 decade older than her. Go for it MISS TOP TEN MATERIAL!

  3. Top 10 material, Sylvia? I say that is absolutely out of the question:) I say u can make it all the way to the finals!! Will be supporting and voting for u throughout this competition. People, c'mon let's continue to vote and vote for this talented and young lady.

    Make us proud, Sylvia:)

  4. I agree wif ken Lim, sing songs in Sylvia style.. maybe u were over focusing a bit but i guess it's to do wif the song choice also.. think u wan to present it the way it is...

    hope to see u next round :D

  5. Hey Syl, i love ur performance everytime.Keep up the great show! Oh yeah my heart beats so fast wen its time to annouce the results!i am keepin the votes coming!

  6. I hope Sylvia will win the title. I like her voice. She is the only Idol whose album I will buy. So I am going to start voting for her.

  7. I hope she does not win the title, no one will buy her album because her voice is soooooo ORDINARY! nothing special.

  8. Hello,
    Don't give so much credit to Sylvia okay, the other girl's are so much better vocally.

    The past two spectaculars where she had sung, Mercy and Falling she played it safe with the song. She skipped all the high notes.
    And last wednesday's performance she totally destroyed it. She ruined my favourite Guns & Roses song.

  9. What?! Sylvia doesn't have a distinct voice? Who the hell are u kidding! She has the most original voice in the competition! She has more range than most of the girl, although one girl 'attempt' to sing high note but fail miserably. At least she knows her voice and limitation. And she is quite entertaining to watch on the TV compared to others who tries too hard. She is natural.

  10. LOL. not distinct? maybe you should go review her previous performances. her alto is so good. and FYI, playing it safe is also a SMART move. better than trying sth out of her capabilities and messing everything up. and please she sang mercy with all the high notes what are you talking about? moreover, that was her first ever performance with stage lights, and a live audience - you gotta give her credit for that.


  11. Hey chill people,

    I think everyone should give credit to all the girls out there, not just their favourites only. it is also their first ever performance with stage lights, and a live audience too.


  12. OMG!

    What! I just read an article at the media forum that she smokes!
    Is that true? If it is, i wonder what does Singaporean think of an Idol who smokes?
    Is there anyone else who smokes besides Sylvia? summerr can you reply to this. Just wanted to know. Thanks

  13. to the latest comment above:
    Taufik used to smoke as well. but after he won the idol competition, he changed his ways and even fronted the No Smoking campaign. i dont know if she actually does smoke, but lifestyles can change you know? don't judge her because of that... singing still most impt!

  14. To all those Anonymous persons who do not like Sylvia... I happen to like her voice and her. The other girls are all kinda mehhh... to me. Tabitha's voice is shaky and still raw and needs lots of training. For some reason I cant connect with Fathin, Nurul, Malaque. Mae talks too much and irritates me.

    So if there are people who likes Sylvia, they have every right to. You have your favourites too right and we have ours...Sylvia. If you dont want to buy her album so be it but dont speak for others and say nobody will buy them. You are not God. You dont know what's in the future.

    Why dont you go to your favourite idol page and throw all your praises at her. Leave us Sylvia fans to do our part on her profile page, CAN?

  15. To that person who wrote about the smoking.

    What’s your objective? To dish out whatever dirt you can find on Sylvia and expose them so that people will see her in a different light and not vote for her? How low can you get.

    This is a singing competition. You are judged for your singing talent not lifestyle choices. Lifestyle choices can change anyway. People can change and become better persons.

    If Singaporeans are willing to listen to Adam Lambert’s music despite the fact that he is gay and has admitted to taking drugs and what not, I don’t see why they wouldn’t give Sylvia a chance. Unless they have a different set of moral standards for local and foreign artists, then I think they are just being hypocritical ...... and I think they are not.

  16. Hello,
    Lifestyle play a big part in becoming an idol too you know,
    If your lifestyle is screwed up how can you be an inspiration to the younger generation huh!
    Furthermore how many singaporeans do you think are listening to Adam Lambert's music, not many.

  17. While I'm not a smoker myself, I will still vote for Sylvia. In fact, I dislike Sylvia initally because I thought she was overrated by the judges. But after sometime, I think she is more likeable than Mae who seems to promote alot about herself and seems rather fake (if she's really marketable, she wouldn't have to try out for Australian Idol for 6 times and eventually still have to try out at Singapore Idol - in general, she is the least likeable of the girls). Well, I will be voting for Sylvia, Nurul, Tabitha, Fathin and Malaque whom I believe will be marketable through their good looks and voice with the potential to go far - I don't mind if they don't have the best vocal techniques which can be trained. Likeability and sincerity of the contestant are more important than his/her lifestyle matter. No point voting for someone who pretends to be good but ugly on the inside.

  18. To the 'Anonymous' who wrote that 'lifestyle plays...', just quit being a hypocrite - or if you're not one, you are just as worse as those homophobes who pick on Adam Lambert. Judge yourself before you judge others. Your comment just shows that you're simply jealous of Sylvia and have to find something to pick on her! Even though I am not Sylvia's fan, I'm not as shallow as you to stoop this low.

  19. I'm SO glad that you and Tabitha managed to be safe since I had voted knowing that they work !!! :) But I was also disappointed that both of you went to the unsafe group, and was keep my fingers crossed. I urge that we don't be complacent :(. You and Tabby are the BEST!!! Hope both of you make the final two.

  20. Hello,
    I dont believe in smoking either but you know what? Everyone makes mistakes. WE all make mistakes. Perhaps it was a mistake on her part and I don't think smoking is something so bad you'd call it 'screwed up'. Like anon mentioned above, Taufik was a smoker too but he changed. Bad lifestyles and habits CAN be changed. Give them a chance la. Don't judge them because of this. If everyone were to be judged and a stereotype placed on them the minute they make mistakes, I think most people here would fall under that category... Which I dont think is very reasonable.

    To Sylvia, you go girl. I hope your singing will reach out to a greater audience soon and everyone will see you for who you really are, your sincerity and your true desire to want to inspire others with your music.

  21. Yes, I definitely agree with the comment above. It's very shallow/hypocritical to judge someone just because of their bad habits (like diggin nose or smoking, etc) happened to be spotted by you. I think Sylvia has the sincerity to represent Singapore as a homegrown talent - her consistent performance is much more important than whether she smokes or not. I am more peeved with boring idols who enjoy self-promoting their ordinary persona. Initially, I don't like Sylvia as she was the judge's favourite - but my opinion changed after watching her performances and having observed that she seldom talks or promotes a lot about herself - this is the quality which has attracted me to her.

  22. Hey you idiots out there, instead of encouraging her to stop smoking, you guy's are just asking every else to stop talking about her bad habits!

  23. Go sylvia!!! i noe u can do it!!! show off ur talent n potential n keep those mouths of people hu doesnt lyks u shut!!! GO 4 IT!!! U will definitely bcome de next SINGAPORE IDOL!!! WOO!!!

  24. To that anonymous who called us idiots,

    if you want to share your views and criticize us so openly, at least write your name. Plus you don't have the right to call us idiots because you havent exactly done anything right either.

    And obviously being her fans, we'd want the best for her right. Obviously we'd encourage her to stop smoking if we can. But we have to think of a way to go about doing that. If she reads this, I hope she gets our good intentions too.

    So do you think that by spreading her bad habits around youre doing a good deed?

    Grow up lah.

  25. to the Anonymous person who call others 'Idiots' here - does this namecalling of others makes you any better than someone whom you happened to see smoking?

  26. Response to anonymous posted on Oct 7 at 2:38pm.

    HEY! how the hell do you know when people are ugly on the inside. Are you psychic? And for Mae, how can you say she's fake. I seriously disagree with that statement. If she's fake, she wouldn't admit about trying for Australian Idol 6 times. Now isn't that honesty!!!!!? What a fool. And she doesn't talk alot, the microphone is simply always passed over to her because she speaks well. If you are irritated, you must be someone who can't speak well either since you enjoy listening to the others who speak nonsense and out of the point to a question.

  27. If everybody has finished defending their idols, can we let this go back to being Sylvia's space please. You can talk about the other idols in the respective profiles, can? Thank u, thank u!

  28. u have what it takes to be an idol this year.kudos

  29. To Sylvia fans, I urge you to rock the votes for Sylvia while now I still have a tough choice to make between her and Tabitha. Please don't let some other contestants (better not mention names) to win by sympathy votes - we've been doing this for so many times since Project Superstar Season 1 - but this is NOT right - we should vote for the deserving talents - we have lost Nurul - don't let this happen to Sylvia. She has conquered my soul with her attitude. She has not disappointed me since "mercy". While she tend to make bold song choices that fail to compliment her vocal ability, we should at least give her props for not breezing through with safe song choices. She is idol-worthty, vote for her!!!

    Go Sylvia!!!

  30. Vote vote for sylvia! Among the finalist she has the only one in my opinion who has BOTH a good vocal range and distinct soulful voice which enables her to be bold with her song choices, and that's a sign of a true performer. She doesn't shy away from the vocally challenging notes by trying to rearrange a song and call it an 'original' rendition. Her stage presence is natural and she owns the stage when she performs. And she is pretty on screen and in person too! What else does Singapore want? If she make it all the way to the final and represent Singapore in Asian Idol, I have no doubt Singapore will clinch the title again for the second time.

    - elixir

  31. Elixir, I think you're so spot on! You have expressed my thoughts much better than I would have. Kudos to your comment. Indeed, we need to vote wisely.

  32. I totally agree with the above comments up there (: It's rather hard to put into words, but I hope Singapore recognizes talent. She seems like a person who's always willing to improve herself, taking comments from fans (even though we may not even be musically inclined). She seems humble too. Vote wisely people, let's see her in the Top 4 OR FURTHER.

  33. to the anon just above me, I agree with you especially about the humble part. More humble than that Tabitha at least.

  34. to the anonymous hu said losers, wat makes u tink WE r losers?? i tink u r comlimenting ur self... loser... gd job..

  35. everybodyyy!! did you see summer's post? we should work hard to send in songs that we think sylvia can manage well so that she would be able to showcase her full potential for spectacular nine! COME ON! let's brainstorm and throw out some ideas.

  36. sylvia is damn awesome (: am liking her more and more every week.

  37. Oh yeah AWESOME her ass!

  38. Even though i love Sylvia, i find her so irritating. She is projecting the same old style over and over again: running around the stage like a monkey. I think i am gonna switch my votes to Mae she deserve it!
    No offence Sylvia.

  39. To Miller, I can understand why you have bad taste. Since you bring up Mae here, I'm gonna be really honest - Mae has been inconsistent with lack of appeal and X factor - and it's also irritating to see more of her face on TV than other contestants. This is so obvious. I'm sorry that I much prefer Sylvia and other girls, I rather vote for some of guys instead of Mae who has been so overrated.

  40. Hey Miller, no need to vote for Mae as I 100% believe the judges will save her - because they tried to find excuse for her lousy performance on Wednesday 21 October 2009 - Dick Lee asked Mae "Mae, are you sick?" after she butchered Mariah Carey's Hero throughout her performance which is in fact the worst among all other contestants' - if you think it was good, you must be tone-deaf. My critic is definitely founded. And you know what? Duane Ho's 'O' Levels are coming on the 26th Oct - but he was still able to pull off an awesome performance - while Mae was too eager to explain that she was sick.

    Anyway, it's very rude of you to come to Sylvia's fan blog to mention Mae whom you're being delusional to think still deserve to win.

    The truth is, many of us including myself prefer to listen to Sylvia's soulful voice and we can connect with her singing. In fact, I don't like Sylvia in the earlier rounds until her singing mesmerised me and she has subsequently proven to me that Ken was right about her and she's worthy of my votes - she does not have to try, because she is really a talented singer.

  41. I enjoy Sylvia's performances so far, and she seems very likeable. She's naturally attractive also because she talk less and has a very cool nature. I love her personality and voice :) Sylvia FTW!!!

  42. I would also like to add, Singapore Idol will be boring without Sylvia. So Sylvia fans, I urge you to keep voting for Sylvia.

  43. Yeah my early favourites were people like Mae, Amira but honestly, these 2 singers haven't really reached my expectations of them. I thought Mae had awesome vocal techniques in the auditions and piano show but she has really failed to bring that shine back to any of the spectacular rounds. And to Miller, she has not been running around like a monkey! Did you watch her last performance...?

    Anyway, I can safely tell you that she is really trying her best to improve herself. She takes viewers' and fans' criticisms very seriously and I believe she'll improve. She deserves mine and our votes. (: To the fans who are still checking this page regularly, please dont get complacent k, keep voting.

  44. Miller, your comment is unwelcomed here.

  45. This ia a lady who is someone that can go very far and it's so sad that Singaporeans do not seem to think so and prefer the boys instead.
    Ken Lim has the foresight from the very beginning and he has not been wrong about contestants since the first season. I respect his views and I agree with him that Sylvia should be someone that we should root for.

  46. Hi Sylvia all the best this Wed
    Hope you pull through

  47. Sylvia, I've decided you're the best of the lot! Your voice is really good and powerful - you sound different in every song, you are soulful (like Dick pointed out) and though initially you were slightly restrained/not really emoting with your eyes, your rendition of Warwick Avenue was amazing. It was heartfelt and it moved me. So don't lose confidence. You just need to pick the right songs. And don't take this the wrong way, but you look sweeter with a fringe. So work it next week! Yeah!

  48. SYLVIA!
    ALL THE BEST!<33

  49. Sylvia.
    You are safe but you need to watch for your singing.I am a fan of yours,but I just want to point out that you really play too safe every week.But,I hope you made it to top3.All the best for you.God blesses you.

  50. whats up with the people who is dirtying this page with their critism!!! come on already!!! this page is suppose to be filled with nice stuff about Slyvia and to encourage her more... if you would like to comment awful stuff about her, most probably your life is dull or you have no life. after scanning through all the comments, i was really pissed off with the 'hate' comments which are painful to read if i were Slyvia. please spare a thought and stop posting such comments and if you really hate Slyvia please save your time by not entering this page.

    i mean what is it to hate such a kind and delicate person. i mean did she ever do you wrong???or maybe it is because you are jealous that she has an amazing voice,figure and great looks!!!!

    and if she ever read this, it might loosen her self-esteem? Spare a THOUGHT for others if not for yourself.

  51. SYLVIA,
    You rock to the maximum.
    I will support you forever!!!

  52. Congrats to making it in to TOP3&4!!!(:
    You are such a talented singer.
    It would be a loss for everyone if Singapore lose this talented idol liked you.
    Your singing is just...

    And I mean it(:

  53. Hi Syvia,
    Your are my Singapore idol! While browsing thru u-tube, I heard the great sentimental song "Beautiful World" sung by Loius Armstrong, Dean Martin, Rod Stewart, Celine Dion, each of them have in their own style. I would be most thrilled to hear your version of this beautiful song. As Dick said; it's been a long time since ppl in Sgp has seen, heard and enjoyed such a beautiful and talented singer like you.
    Another suggestion is you have "it" so flaunt it. (Ken's advice for u to take more risk?) but be mindful of Florence's advice too (don't be irritatingly bashful?)
    THANK YOU for entertaining me so your God-given talents!

  54. Thanks for the memories Sylvia. You are my Singapore Idol!

  55. Sorry, the song is "Wonderful World"...:))

  56. Hey Sylvia, i love your voice and your humbility. You are a sincere person and it's not just and act to win the Singapore Idol title. We love you.

  57. Hey everybody, please, we have to vote vote vote like mad tomorrow for our humble n talented sylvia, now even more that taby and charles have been informed that they are in the bottom 2 their fans will be voting like crazy to push their votes up. We can do it. C'mon fans of sylvia, she's not secured at the top 3 yet. We have to vote more than we ever did b4. We can do it! :)

  58. hey sylvia, you're the most talented, nice, sincere and most beautiful person not only outside but inside too in this competition and i truely believe you're the most suitable person to represent singapore. You're humble and not arrogant at all even in the midst of popularity and i believe that you will remain humble even after all this craze.

  59. Thats of course for the talented and humble Sylvia.She is liked,a very filial girl who wanted to win the idol to earn money to decrease her daddy's burden.We should vote more for her.
    C'mon everyone!
    She is the idol already.
    Thank you.

  60. Yeh everybody!!! Pls vote vote vote for sylvia. We need more people like her representing Singapore. Talented, smart, beatiful, humble.... n everything nice and sweet. Pls vote!

  61. To the annon above,
    "Pls vote!"
    is not enough(:
    You should say,"Vote MORE for her!"
    Also,congratulations to Sylvia in making it in to TOP 3.

    She ought to be the Singapore idol.
    Fans of SYLVIA;
    please,please,please vote more for her.
    We wont know if she could remain next week.
    Her position is still not that secure.
    I felt that the judgers love Tabby more than Sylvia.
    But Tabitha isnt really that great.
    She is just...
    (Meaning those good points)
    vote more for her.
    Thank you.

  62. Hey people. It's now down to bottom 3. Please please please vote for sylvia and sezali. We need the deserving humble ones to be in top 2 and get the arrogant out. Please! Please! Please!

  63. To the annon above,
    you dont have the rights to judge Sylvia.We are just stating facts about her.And,hello,we knew this is a singapore idol,it is about singing.We
    just felt that Sylvia remain humble after she made it in to top3,not being too arrogant of herself. Whats wrong with that?
    Also,Sylvia is talented in singing.You have no rights to critisize that.We vote for her is purely because of her good vocal voice.Not trying purposely to make Tabitha lose purposely.
    Please,if you are not a fan of Sylvia,then please dont come here saying bad comments about her.Would you be happy if i did so to tabitha's fan board?

  64. I disgree w Sakinah.
    We are not trying to vote for Sylvia just to make Tabitha lose.We all have seen it,and Sylvia has proven it,that her voice is just great.
    Thats why people are voting more for her to let
    her made it in.We are not jealous of Tabitha's voice.We just felt that Sylvia's voice is better
    than Tabitha's.
    Dont you know that different people have different views? :)
    even if we didnt vote for her,
    she would still be in the finalist.
    Could you please get that clear?

    Fans of Sylvia out there,
    we must vote more for our Sylvia to be in and safe.
    She is really talented in singing,
    which I guess all of you knew that.
    So,please please please,
    vote more for her!
    Her position isnt secure yet.
    If you didnt vote for her,it would be a loss.
    So please vote/vote more for her.
    Your votes will be appreciated(:

  65. What's wrong in being humble sakina????? What's wrong with you???? Weren't you brought up to be humble and compassionate???? If you weren't, i'm sorry. This is why even more we need sylvia. To teach our youngsters that you need to be humble and kind and compassionate even if you're beautiful.

  66. Sylvia is definitely talented. Talented and humble. That's a perfect combination.

  67. Yah.
    Agreed with anonymous above.
    Sylvia is just a natural talented singer.
    Add ons,
    if you mean humble isnt good,then what is then?
    Being arrogant?I doubt so(:


  69. i think tabby would really be the our singapore idol!! we love her lots right? tabby.. go on.. don giv up!! we will always support you!! :D

  70. Err,excuse me?
    This is a SYLVIA board,not Tabitha's.

  71. hey nth against you or tabby but go to tabbys page to promote her not sylvias. thank you so much !

  72. Sylvia, thank you for giving me so much joy and happiness after watching your soulful soothing voice again. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind who my Singapore Idol is.
    3 cheers for our next Singapore IDOL, SYLVIA RATONEL!
    HIP HIP..........SYLVIA!
    HIP HIP..........SYLVIA!!
    HIP HIP .........SYLVIA!!!

  73. LOLLLLL, i can't believe I'm actually giving comment here, feel so honored ^^. Sylvia Ratonel, you go for it girl! You got what it takes and I'm sure you're gonna make us proud next week. :D . Nothing's gonna make you down! U gotta be proud of urself sylvia! Ur the top 3! I really hope you and sezairi can make it for the finalist, then I will be speechless for who to vote. GO FOR IT GIRL! With lots of love,
    Your humble fans. <:

  74. Hi,Sylvia!
    Congrats to mkaing it in to tOp3! :)
    Hope to see you and Sezairi in the fnalist too.
    Same as the anon abov,I will also not know which one to chose-.-
    But Sylvia,you rocks.
    You definitely have the singing talent within you.

  75. YES!!!! Sylvia N Sezaili for top 2!!!!

    Vote!! Vote!!! Vote!!

  76. Love you lots sylvia. All the best next week!

    Hope the judges will be fair this time and give you songs that are suitable for you!!!!!!

  77. Truth and nothing but the TRUTHDecember 4, 2009 at 2:34 PM

    Hi Sylvia,

    You were great this week, and you definitely move and dance better than Tabitha. You are a natural on stage. The judges were jus trying to get more votes for their favourite(we know who THAT IS). Never be discouraged, we are backing you 100%.

  78. i believe dat sylvia did vrrrry well during de "step-up and dance" wk!!! she was such a natural onstage n sang beautifully, except when she sang "i don't need a man", she screwed up towards the end.... however, i wld b supporting sylvia ALL DE WAY!!! SHE'S SOOOOOOOOOOOO GONNA B OUR NXT SINGAPORE IDOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! VOTE LYK MAD, GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^^

  79. Yeah,
    uue rocks ttm:D
    3 CHEERS and 3 CHEERS and 3 CHEERS
    for SYLVIA,
    All the best.
    Go for it,Singapore Idol girl!!!

  80. Sylvia, you're just great. Once you talk to me abt being an idol. N you are our Singapore idol
    now. I bet u. You are the idol my dear.
    All the best.... Prayers for you to win
    You are the best! DEFINATELY VOTE 4 U!!!

  81. i'm shocked that slyvia is 21! I thought you're 25 honey. well, it's a compliment from me yea, sophisticated lady! All the best hunny!

    You rock!

  82. See my prediction never go wrong.... Slyvia I know honey it is YOU!. The next Singapore IDOL!
    You were so sweet to invite all your fans for pot

  83. Congrats to making it in to the finals,Sylvia ^ ^

  84. Go for it Sylvia luv! You will make it. Absolutely no doubt about it. Just do what you always do: Sing your heart out. Thank you!

  85. Sylvia idol,
    you rocks.Keep up the great job:O

  86. Can i just request that the fans here just talk about Sylvia, and not the other idols. You can say good things about Sylvia, but must you say bad things about the other idols? Each and every idol in the competition are here because they are talented. And each of them have their good points too. I hope those of you who criticised the other idols would take back what you had said.

  87. We said that is purely because the idol might have some flaws within him/her.
    Sylvia is just plain good.

  88. Awesome , I Totally Like Her Voice , Mesmerized In Her Performance . Hope She Win The Final .

  89. Great voice in you,
    Singapore definitely make e very right choice in puttin' you in the finals !

  90. Omg,Sylvia,though your not the idol,you will be the idol to me forever! ;)
    God bless you forever.

  91. Congratulations, Sylvia. No matter what, you are the Singapore Idol -- for those people who knows music. I'm sure, you will make it to the top in everything you'll do.

  92. we will support your album to be released...

  93. Even though you didn't win at least now you are FAMOUS! You can basicaly do whatever you want in the 'music space' or make your own album just like Adam Lambert in American Idol! :)

  94. First, congrats. Although you didn't win, you will do well. Second, are you born and bred Singaporean, or ex-Filipino?

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