Wednesday, October 7, 2009

VOTE VOTE VOTE Spectacular 3

Singapore Idol is BOOMZ :)
Love this!

Awesome trailer right? LOL!

Well, it's 8pm people...
Y'all know what THAT means - yes its time to whip out those phones and start voting like crazy. Alternatively, sit back and enjoy the Asian Feast that's about to unfold ....AND THEN VOTE LIKE CRAZY at 930! (I normally do the latter:), cos I feel the need to make an 'informed' vote based on their performances - makes sense right?)

Voting numbers are on the left sidebar. Do refer to the post just before this one for big prints (and video references to their songs) if you can't see the small print.

I'm already at the studio, so keep yourselves updated with whats goin' on backstage via my tweets/twitpics!

Plus, ex-contestant Ryan Santoso-Lee will be playing 'judge' tonight (for fun!) and will be updating his Tumblr account live from the studio. Check out Judge Ryry's critiques here as the Asian night unfolds.

xoxo, s.

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